Woody stared intently at the checker board. Most of the red pieces were gone. On the other side, Buzz tapped his fingers impatiently. "So move."

"Hold your horses," Woody said, still staring at the board. "I'm thinking…"

"Thinking?" Buzz repeated in scorn. "You've got one move left! Just hurry up so I can take your piece!"

Woody frowned. "Not necessarily! There might be a way out!" He started to study the board again. "I've just gotta find it."

Buzz sighed as the Cowboy searched. Slowly, he slid his fingers under the checker board. The checkers began to slip as the board tilted. "Hey!" Woody cried as all the pieces scattered to the ground. "Buzz!"


"Ooh…" Woody growled and pointed. "You did that on purpose!"

Buzz acted aghast at the accusation. "Me? Me?"

"Yes you! You knew I was going to find another move and beat you!"

"Oh please!" Buzz argued. "You had one checker! Face it, you were beat!"

Before Woody could fire off a sarcastic remark, a female voice interrupted. "Buzz tip the board again?" Jessie walked up behind the Space Ranger and gave him a hug around the neck. "You goofball!"

"Cheating goofball." Woody muttered. Buzz gave him a dirty look. Jessie began to chuckle. "What?"

"You two!" She answered. "Sometimes it's hard to believe you're buddies!"

"Tell me about it."

"Well, you don't seem to have anything in common! I mean, Buzz is so strong and athletic…" She tickled where his right ear would be. With his eyes half closed, Buzz smiled a silly smile and let out a giggle. Woody rolled his eyes. "And you…" Jessie said to him. "Well, you're kind of a dork."

"Gee, thanks Jessie."

"Well, it's true! How'd you guys get to be best friends anyway?"

Panic flashed on Buzz's face. "Well," said Woody. "As a matter of fact…" Suddenly Buzz was right next to him. He slung an arm around Woody and dragged him close.

"We just clicked that's all!" He said quickly. "You know how some people just get along! Like you and Bo!"

Woody looked at him in disbelief. "Excuse me?"

"C'mon Woody!" Buzz said through his teeth as he grinned. "Tell Jessie that we've always been friends! Go on! Tell her, Buddy!"

"Uh…" Woody looked at Jessie, who was waiting expectantly. "Sure. 'Kay."

"Great!" Buzz said, letting go of Woody so that the Cowboy dropped to the floor. "We're all friends here! Yes sir!"

While Jessie was listening, Bullseye had crept up behind her. Suddenly, he grabbed her hat in his teeth and took off running. "Hey!" Jessie's hands flew to her bare head as she turned. Bullseye was waiting, still holding onto to the hat as he wagged his tag.

"Oh you!" Jessie said with a grin. To the horse's delight, she ran after him. "Give that back!"

As she gave chase, Woody sat up and adjusted his hat. "Are you using the wrong batteries? We didn't click! We hated each other!"

Buzz paused before replying. "I didn't hate you."

Woody raised his brows in surprise. "You didn't?"

"Hate is kind of a strong word. I disliked you immensely, and you made me angry, but I don't think I hated you per say."

"Oh. Well, uh, what can I say?" Woody shrugged. "Thanks." He changed the subject. "So why did you tell Jessie that we've always been friends?"

"Well…" Buzz avoided eye contact. "You know…If she finds out we didn't get along, then she'll want to know why. And if she finds out why…"

"Oh," said Woody in understanding. "It's that whole deluded thing again. You know Buzz, you're going to have to tell her sooner or later."

"No way."

Meanwhile, Jessie was searching for her horse friend. "I'm gonna find ya! I'm gonna find ya!" She sang.

"There are just some things I don't want Jessie to know." Jessie's ears perked up at the sound of her name. She hid behind the toy chest.

"Like Mrs. Nesbit!" Woody said in a teasing voice. Buzz punched his arm. "Ow!"

"I told you never to bring that up!"

Woody rubbed his arm. "Oh I guess I can't go telling Jessie about it either?"

"Woody, I'm serious! Jessie can never learn about Mrs. Nesbit! Never!"

"Don't you think you're overreacting?"

"No!" Said Buzz. "Promise me that you won't tell her!"

Woody sighed. "Relax, Buddy. I'm not going to tell her about Mrs. Nesbit. Or anything else."

"Thank you."

"But you should. You're dating her now, you should come clean."

"I know," Buzz said with a sigh. He flopped on his back and stared at the ceiling. "But I just…can't."

Behind the toy box, Jessie pondered over everything she heard. "Mrs. Nesbit?"