Buzz and Jessie sat across from each other on each side of the checker board. Buzz grinned. "I think I got you beat, Cowgirl."

"Nuh uh!"

Buzz picked up a checker. "Just watch this!" He started to put it down. "Check…" Suddenly the board began to tip. "What the…" Buzz watched as the pieces crashed to the floor. He looked at Jessie. She was grinning.


"You…" Buzz stood up slowly. "I'm gonna get you, Cowgirl!" Jessie shrieked as he ran across the board and scooped her up. She laughed hysterically, her feet kicking as he tickled her stomach.

"Play nice, Girls!" Woody teased as he walked past.

Buzz smiled at Jessie. "I always play nice."

Jessie smiled back shyly. "Maybe someday you can show me…"

"Oh?" Buzz's face turned bright red. "Ooooh…"

Jessie wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck and rested her head on his shoulder. "But maybe not for awhile…"