I got a new idea for a fanfic and here I am posting it. This first chapter may suck but bear with me.

Not A Stranger:

I'm not a stranger;

I stood next to the throne in which Aro was seated in. Aro to my right and Caius next to my left. I felt so much at home here, in the Volturi, a coven that I was once tried to be protected from.

How stranger it was all back then when I was still human. That previous life of mine was a complete stranger to me, I could get comfortable with it close by but never fully comfortable enough to embrace the moments of it all. Which is the other thing; I couldn't remember anything from that humane lifetime. It had been thirty years since I had been turned. And of my own choice, one of the very few facts that I could remember.

Aro had asked Demetri to turn me as soon as he'd find me. I was told that I had went to them first to ask them to turn me but I was turned down at first. Then Demetri was sent out to find me. And just in time since it was described that I had been packing my bags.

I had suffered for thirty years trying to find out what had made me go to the Volturi, how I knew of them, and why I had been packing my bags since I was just eighteen and still in high school.

It was like a big secret no one wanted to tell me. But that would change when my human birthday was going to come. I had begged Demetri to tell me and after a long time of pleading he told me he'd ask Aro, Caius and Marcus if I could be told more about my past.

Whenever I brought up the subject I'd be let down by everyone having to go do errands. I had slightly given up when I found out that no one wanted to tell me because they thought that I'd leave to search for the thing that I had been fascinated by before. With that I wondered if I had had any lover that died, it would have explained why I was packing my bags. And that maybe he was a vampire, which would explain how I knew of the Volturi. But I was also told that no one wanted to hurt me because of how my human life had been coming apart, tearing me limb from limb in the process.

I wasn't so much as ungrateful about being turned because I had gotten so many friends and got to meet more of my kind as they came to visit Volterra to see the Volturi. But I was always curious as to how I was broken in my humane life, and possibly by whom.

"Master Aro, we have a guest," came Heidi's silken voice. I turned my head slightly to look at Aro, to see his expression. He looked delighted at the prospect of meeting someone new or else seeing an old friend.

Heidi came closet towards Aro and away from the door that she had come through. And after her stepped in a handsome adolescent not far from my age. His hair looked like it was wind swept and it seemed to look the colour of bronze. His figure was tall and fairly built for a vampire. He had no top on, his chest pale and marble looking like all vampires. His face was one of awaited torture but with a little bit of surprise.

His eyes were what held my attention the most. His gorgeous honey colored eyes. They looked like they were awaking from a dull dream and coming back to a blissful dream. They were so different from mine or any other vampires that I have ever seen.

He rang a bell or reminiscence. He looked so familiar yet I couldn't point my finger on a specific moment of time that I've actually seen him in. Maybe he looked like one of the many vampires that I had seen but I knew that I would have remembered if I had seen him before.

Maybe in my huma-

"Ahh, Edward! What brings you back here after the last time? Especially like that..." Aro knew this person and I was curious to know who he was so I touched my hand to his to ask a silent question about the beautiful stranger.

"My dear, this is Edward. I see you have a little reminder of someone just like him...Edward this is Bella, the newest member of the Volturi guard." Aro smiled triumphantly at Edward.

I noticed that as soon as Aro mentioned Edward to me everyone in the room went stiff beyond the normal way of vampires and looked uneasy. What did they know that I didn't? Would I even be answered?

I heard a growl emit from Edward's chest. I looked quizzically at the bronze haired vampire but instead Aro answered me. I forgot that he hadn't let my hand go,"Edwards gift is to read minds and I believe that he has found something that he doesn't like in my mind. Well, step forward, Edward, we shall talk silently.

Edward took a few step forward before he stood at the steps of the little podium we were on and Aro got up and went the rest of the way to him. Their hands touched and I knew that they may talk on forever like that.

I felt my power prowl to life, begging me to set it loose on Edward, to give an excuse for them to talk aloud. One side of my gift was to block any and every power off from their holder, to create shields, anything that blocked something, illusion or not. The other side was the more dangerous than the other. A power so simliar to Jane's, though not an illusion. The problem was that I if I were to ever get passionate that I may concenter my power into the moment. I was afraid to get too close to those types of moments with anyone.

When Aro had found out about my gift he was so happy to have me join. He knew exactly what I could do and in the midst of feeling like an unnatural creature, one who would be feared by everyone, he helped me out of that worry, letting me know that I was one of the supernatural and that I'd never feel left out because in our immortal lives we have a chance to catch our life time mates. Of course, there are the incidents where our mates may die. Marcus was a victim of such a horrible site, his mate had died, and even though I may not have been as tight with Marcus as with the others but I still felt that spot of sadness devoted to him in my heart.

"Bella, dear, please take down the shield, this conversation is not for anyones ears except for Edward's and mine." I hadn't even noticed that my shield had gone up, and I only faintly heard Aro's voice tell me to take my shield down. Someone nudged me in my left arm and I noted that I was still standing in my former position next to the thrones. Caius was still nudging me, not really wanting me to take it down because he wanted to hear the whole conversation even though he would later on.

"Please! Can I just say one thing to her?!" Edward's voice was a bell ringing, echoing in the room -or rather in my ears- just waiting for me to remember where I may have heard the beautiful boys voice before.

"Edward, you have caused grave grief for her. Hard to forget completely in this lifetime, but I see that I can be proven wrong by that since you seem to be doing the exact same act only for a different girl. Have you no mind to think with? One of the guard had found her in a horrible state, after se had come to us first, begging. She has forgotten and moved on, trying to have a happy life even though it'd be happier with you because of you know what... But I just can't hurt her that way, she's like a daughter to me...like my guard, a child of mine. So no, now please go on your way." Aro's tight and clipped voice had a ring of finality in it.

Edward looked pained and I was about to make my way to him before Caius' hand reached out to grab mine. I looked to him to see if I could find some answers for the questions running through my mind.

"Demetri, please take Bella, Alec and Jane upstairs to their chambers." So this wasn't anything about me, then. Or maybe that's what Aro wanted me to think. Possibly.

Edward looked at me with the face of a crippled old man. He was so familiar yet my mind seemed to play tricks, telling me that I couldn't have seen such a male vampire without remembering.

I watched as Demetri walked towards me and when he reached me he asked for my hand silently and pulled me out the doors of the spacious chamber with Alec and Jane on out heels.

"Bella, no!" Edward sounded like he knew me for a much longer period than just a few minutes in which we had met. I turned my head to look at him and saw a horribly pained look on his face.

"Come on, Bella," Demetri whispered quietly enough so that no one else heard. I could only nod but I dragged my feet.

"Please, Bella, just listen to me!" Edward's voice was dull and pleading. What could he possibly want to say to me if we just met?

"Now, Edward, please!" Aro's voice was stern and double timbre. I saw that Aro's face was one of disapprobation and annoyance. I felt an instinct that told me to shock Edward for bringing such a look upon dear Aro's face.

Demetri tugged on my arm and pulled me out the door while Alec and Jane were indubitably pushing me. I knew that this may be the only way that I could find out about myself, my past.

Just as the doors of the throne chamber shut and we were in the hallway leading to my room I whirled around quickly and shocked Alec and Jane, just enough to leave them in no state to run after me or stop me. I turned back around to shock Demetri but he was harder. The past years I had been practicing my powers with him and sometimes on him so he may have been used to the awful shock.

I layed pressure on and in a mile-second Demetri was on the ground, writhing in pain just like Alec and Jane.

"My apologies but I need to do this," with that I quickly and quietly ran back to the chamber but stopped short of the door. I listened in to the conversation that was wildly active in the throne chamber. I quickly dispersed Aro voice from Edward's since but were like silk and a bit alike.

"I don't want you to talk to her! Don't you think you have caused enough grief upon her? She came to us to beg us to turn her! In the end I sent out Demetri to do it. She's much happier not knowing or rather remembering you. Leave her have her peace, it's not as if you shall come back to her since you seem to have found your real mate. You thought Bella was your mate because her blood was better than anyone elses to you so you immediatly assumed so."

They were on about me, I knew that much anyway.

"Aro, I need to speak with her! I have a right. If she really wants to stay here then she will but if she wants to leave that is all up to her." Edward was talking about me leaving. Why would I do that? It was not like I had another coven that really wanted me. So did I have ties with this vampire after all? In my human life?

"She was human then, and you hurt her very deeply. What can you say to her if you don't even have the same feelings for her since you thought you did back then? Maybell would not be happy to share you. You have her now, and before you provoke us because you believe your mate is in a position Bella was in once before you should leave. I am sure that it is another misunderstanding. If not then you are free to come back here and have us fulfill your wishes. Until then I presume." Aro clearly wanted Edward to leave as soon as possible but Edward wasn't as determined to do so.

"Aro, let him see her, then if she's mad with him she'll do what she does best! If not..." Caius sounded very smug.

Suddenly a hand snaked our from behind me and pulled me back away from the door. Once the person let me go I turned to see Demetri looking like he just got out of bed while he was seriously hurt. Oh, no...

This time he reached for my hand and started to pull me towards the guards chambers.


Bella was left by Edward in Eclipse in this fanfic. You'll find out more about her past which she has obviously forgotten as the chapters go on.

Yes, Edward is doing the exact same act he did in New Moon for Bella except this time for a girl he thinks is his true mate.

Bella's powers can work for illusions and others. Her powers are her shields and mind blocks with a power very close to Jane's one but is more powerful depending on her mood and intensity. You shall find out why I gave her the second power later on.

This chapter begins thirty years after Bella is turned so she's forty-eight, and Edward is a hundred and thirty-nine I believe.