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"Yes!" Luke was already dressed and ready for school as he darted down the stairs around half seven in the morning, dumping his bag in the hallway, he hung his suit jacket on the stairs, and made his way into the kitchen. "Okay, it's one thirty, I've got it, you really need to stop worrying Alan," his mother, Sarah-Jane Smith, was talking happily on the phone.

"Hey mum," he greeted, far to bright to be a normal teen doing five A levels at this time in the morning.

She spun around, the phone receiver clutched to her chest. "Morning Luke!" she smiled, Luke made a beeline for the fridge.

"Who are you talking to mum?" he asked as he poured a bowl of cereal.

"Just a old friend," she replied.

"Sarah-Jane! I'm insulted!" an indigent voice replied down the phone. Luke was sure that he recognized the voice.

His mum wandered into the lounge, whilst he ate his breakfast. He suddenly remembered that he had a test later on that day, so pulled out his Biology notes, and scanned through them. He didn't need to revise for tests, but apparently it was normal to revise, so in a way, he had to. He strained his ears to listen to the conversation that his mum was having on the phone. Even though he knew that eavesdropping was rude, he really wanted to know what his mother was hiding from him. He heard the tail end of the conversation.

"No, it's fine, I'll get her to call you as soon as we get back to mine... Nope, the boys don't have a clue," she sighed. "Alan, you really need to stop worrying. I promise that I will phone you. She can look after herself. All right, I'll call you later. Bye,"

She came back into the kitchen still smiling - Luke was intrigued.

"Who where you talking to?" he asked casually, putting his bowl into the sink, and grabbed his bag.

"Just a friend," she replied. "Come on, you've got to get too school, otherwise you'll be late."

"Are you hiding something from me?" he asked, knowing that through her smiling face she was hiding something.

"A good friend is visiting for a few days, I'm picking her up from the airport later on,"

"Okay," he kissed her cheek, and grabbed his lunch; he was about to leave the house.

"You've forgotten this," she held out of his Biology notes, and gratefully he took them.

"Thanks mum,"

He left the house, and walked down and out of Bannerman Road, his mind focused on who the "old friend" of his mothers was. He hoped it was something to do with Maria. He had only talked to her last night on the web cam, but he was missing her already - and it was driving him crazy. A voice dragged him out of his thoughts.

"Hey Luke!" he stopped and turned; it was his best friend Clyde. "What's up?" he gave him a slap on the back in greeting. Luke still didn't know why he did this, but he went along with it anyway.

"Mum's hiding something from me," he replied.


"She said that she was having a friend round, but she didn't tell me who it was."

"Don't worry about it mate, they could be really boring." They started to walk together down the road.

"Clyde, Luke!" a female voice brought them to a stop, and both turned to see a sixteen and half year old girl running towards them. Rani.

Luke smiled, and ruffled his hair. "It's confusing me," he explained.

"What is?" Rani asked interested.

"Sarah-Jane's keeping something from Luke, and he doesn't know what it is,"

"Don't worry about it!" Rani smiled - seemingly in a very good mood.

"That's what I told him!" Clyde agreed. Luke realized that every time that Rani was around Clyde he seemed to brighten up, maybe he fancied her... he would have to ask him about that later.

"Guess what?" Rani asked, obviously wanted them both to pay in dept attention.

"What?" they both replied.

"Mum told me this morning that my cousins are coming over, and we're seeing Wicked in West End this weekend!" she did a little bounce, obviously excited.

"What are your cousins like?" Luke asked interested.

"They're both crazy," she grinned.

"More than you?" Clyde laughed. Rani slapped his shoulder slightly and shoved him off the pavement.

"Have you revised for the Biology test today?"

"What?" She replied and froze, obviously not happy about the sudden test.

"The one on the human circulatory system,"


"Mrs Blake told us if we didn't get over fifty percent we have to retake it next Tuesday night after school."

"Please Luke! You've got to help me study, I've got a important date Tuesday, and I can't miss it!"

"Okay," the boy replied, completely happy to help out his friend. He looked at Clyde's watch. "We've got twenty minuets and 30 seconds if we hurry,"

"Right!" Rani grabbed his arm, and Luke was pulled into a sprinting walk along side her. He cast a desperate help me, glance towards his best friend.

Clyde burst out laughing. "And you thought that we only had aliens to worry about."

Checking her watch Sarah-Jane smiled, it read 1:20pm - she had plenty of time. Bouncing on her heals she glanced up at the arrivals board hanging on the wall. Washington DC - 1:30 - On Time. Good she was on time. Her mobile buzzed, as she received a text message.

She had touched down, and they where finally going to see each other again.

"How did you find the test?" Luke asked, as he sat down in the six form dining room with his two friends. The glower from Rani told it all. The teen blinked and pulled out his lunch.

"I'm lucky if I scraped a C let alone a A," she replied glumly.

"I think I wrote to much on the question about how the heart works, you know, the bicuspid and tricuspid valves?"

"Y'know that's a time when you stop talking a sentence before you finish?" Clyde grinned at his friend, (and Luke knew he was joking), pulling out his fresh chip batch and taking a bite. Luke's mobile buzzed as he received a text. Quickly he flicked it open and read it, Clyde leaned over interested.

"Mum says she's going to be late tonight, she's researching for the article about the missing girls."

Rani's eyes' widened in surprise. "That's a pretty big story."

"The one about the girls goin' missing?" Clyde interjected.

"Yeah, she's still a journalist," Luke reminded them. Sometimes it was hard to think that his mother had a normal job, as well as saving the world ultimate numbers of times.

"Even though - we still chase aliens. She's got a double life!" he grinned.

"Do you think aliens are involved?" Rani asked excitement evident in her voice.

"We're not sure, but we've got Mr. Smith to run scan the internet, and the MI6 but nothings come up so far,"

"You scanned MI6, isn't that illegal?" asked Rani.

"Not if they don't know about it!" Clyde grinned. He turned towards Luke. "What about Torchwood or UNIT?"

"Mum doesn't like either of them, very much, though I think that's she's okay with Torchwood Cardiff,"

"I wonder why," Clyde looked at him, pulling his thoughtful face, though the affect was ruined as he was chewing a mouthful of food.

"Hasn't it got a really hot, guy running it?"

"You mean Captain Jack," Luke corrected her.

"Your mums got a picture of a group of people on her wall. The hottest one's the one in the old army uniform."

"Yeah that's Jack. His motto is 'shagging anything with a pulse', though he's got a boyfriend at the moment."

Rani sighed. "Well I'm always there as the rebound."

"Hey, Luke," a group of four boys sidled up towards their table. Luke was sure that he saw Clyde's eye twitch. "Clyde we haven't seen you around the park recently." Luke tried to hide a wince as one of them dug their elbow in his spine, and shut his eyes, as there was a flash of irritant pain, Rani saw his fist clench.

"I try not to hang around with retards like you," Clyde replied to the comment.

"Why do you hang around with this dork then?" The 'main man' asked grinning, slapping his hand on Luke's shoulder in a patronizingly greeting fashion. The receiver didn't wince, even from the flash of pain shot through the damaged muscle, he hadn't told anybody about the incident last week when they'd pushed him up against the lockers - hard. If anybody told you that you couldn't be bullied in six form, well - they were wrong.

"Hey Rani," the leader greeted, a smirk written on his face. "Drop these losers, we've got better things to do,"

"I doubt it," she replied.

"Back off," Luke growled through gritted teeth.

"Or what?" the other smirked. "You'll run to mummy?"

Clyde's fist clenched, no one talked to Luke or about Sarah-Jane like that.

"Please," came the drawled insult. "Your mum's old enough to be-"

"Shut up and back off!" Luke finally lost his temper. Ignoring his half eaten lunch he grabbed his bag.

"Luke!" Clyde called desperately as the other boy stormed out of the dining room; their quarrel had now turned a few heads.

"I'll be in the library," he murmured, pushing through the group of boys, and out into the corridor.

Seeing that there was one problem down the leader of the group - a good-looking boy with black hair and glinting blue eyes - turned to Rani. "Hey Rani," he drawled. "You busy tonight? Just me and you?"

"No thanks," Rani replied, packing her things away. "I'd rather not go out with a boy who's named after a bakers."

Greg laughed, and the others joined in. "You think that your so funny don't you Rani, but what happens when your Daddy isn't here to protect you?"

Clyde had finally snapped, and stood up. "She doesn't need protecting, especially from her Daddy," he sent her an apologetic look, full well knowing that she had a full black belt in martial arts, and could easily defend herself.

"I need to go," she made a lame excuse and pushed past the Greg and his mates, following the path that Luke had taken earlier.

And that was when Greg slapped her ass, hard enough to make a statement and to feel, but not to cause discomfort. Rani froze, and not letting anybody see her embarrassment (for it seemed like the whole six form was now focused on the scene playing out in front of them), she ducked her head, kicked him hard in the shin, and left, slamming the door behind her.

Clyde couldn't take it anymore, nobody did that to either of his friends.

So he brought back his fist and punched him.


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