Dear all,

I know this sounds kinda formal but this is how it's going down,

I'm putting Too Much and all my other stories on hiatus until my exams are over.

I hate doing this, but I feel that it has to be done. I'm going through a real rough patch at the moment and my OCD and Aspergus are flying out of the window. As I told a mate, I'm so stressed it seems surreal, at the moment it just feels like I'm watching my life on a screen and not actually in it!

Please don't flame me or complain, I understand that this will annoy some people, but after I heard about Liz Sladen, I was so shocked I haven't been able to write Too Much yet.

I hate to say this but Too Much is on a temporary break, and so are all my other fanfictions.

I'll remove this as soon as I start writing.

Thanks for following me through all of this and supporting me in my writing. But I know that exams are more important than fanfiction, and my life is going on hold until I get this section done.

I'm not sure when I'll update again but it should be some time in the summer holidays.

Thanks for the all the reviews and alerts.

This is not the end, only a break through the middle, and will be continued as soon as my exams are over and I get my life back on track.

Peace out, and work hard + hope you do well (if you're doing any type of exams like A2's or anything) *hint hint*

I will be back,

May the force (and luck) be with you