Full Main Cast

Kirk walked out of the turbolift, late, as usual, to see Pavlov Chekov in the captain's chair. "Mr. Chekov, out of the chair."

"Aye, sir. Sorry Keptin." The Russian went amiably to his own post and Kirk took his seat.

"Mr. Sulu, status report…"

The next day, Kirk came to the bridge late again. "Chekov!"

"Yes, Mr. Kuirk?" The Russian's smile was too innocent.


"I'm afraid, Mr. Kuirk, that I can't-"


"Aye, Keptin! Sorry!" Chekov scurried to his seat and Kirk resumed his.

It quickly became a game. A contest to see who could get into the captain's chair and be in there when Kirk came in, late, as always. "Sulu!" Another day. "Chekov!" Another day. "Uhura!" Another day. "Scotty!"

"Aye, Mr. Kirk?"

"You don't even work on the bridge."

"Your point being?"


"I'm afraid I cannae-"


"Aye, Captain." Scotty got up, holding up his hands in a gesture of peace.

The next day, Kirk came in; late, as always, and froze in the doorway as he looked at the person in his chair. "Spock?!"

"Yes, Captain?"

"Why are you in my chair?" Kirk asked. "Surely you're not conforming to this ridiculous game."

"Of course not, Captain. I was merely trying to prevent it from happening. You'll find that the crew is hesitant to go up against a Vulcan… even a half-Vulcan." Spock stood up and stepped aside, offering Kirk his chair. The captain smirked and took his chair.

"Mr. Spock, you're welcome to sit in my chair when I am not in here, if only to make sure no one else takes it."

"Thank you, Captain."

"Thank you, Mr. Spock."