He was jolted awake by the bloodcurdling shriek of his lover, and he sat up immediately, looking around.

"Nyota, what's wrong?"

"Killitkillitkillit!" Nyota screamed, pointing in horror to the tiny eight-legged creature.

"A spider? Nyota, honestly." Spock sighed. Nyota crawled into his lap, screaming loudly in his ear when the spider moved, and Spock winced, clapping a hand over the sensitive ear. "How am I to dispose of it if you are in my lap, Nyota?" He asked. She climbed onto a chair instead and Spock moved to pick up the arachnid. "It's cruel to kill something like this for no reason." He told her.

"Spock, if that thing is crawling around on the ship because you won't kill it, I will not get a moment's rest." Nyota promised him, cringing as it crawled over his hands. "Kill it!"

Spock sighed and set the spider on the ground, then carefully ground his shoe over it. "I hate senseless killing."

"I hate spiders."