Chapter 6

My chest felt heavy with trepidation as I weaved through the shiny cars and trucks parked in the student parking lot. I held my hand against my forehead in a salute to shield my sensitive eyes from the glaring, evil, and torturous rays of that damned sun. Didn't Trevor understand that it was a pain for me to walk all the way to the back of the parking lot? Of course, he had to park as far away from the other cars as possible, less his own shiny, expensive car got hit or scratched. Rich people…

Thankfully I was late enough to where the rest of the school was pretty much inside the building so I didn't have to worry about being hit. After all, teenagers can't drive to save their lives, or mine.

As I walked past the last row of cars, I spotted the sleek and flashy exterior of his car in the far right corner of the lot. My heart rate began to pick up and my feet walked in rhythm with my heartbeat. With one hand grasped around the strap of my black messenger bag I raised the other to toy with the locket he had bought for me yesterday.

Yanking the silver handle to the passenger door, I pulled it open only to see Trevor leaning over into the seat and looking up at me agitatedly. "Hurry. Get in the car."

Like a trained dog following its master's orders, I swiftly slid into the passenger seat and slammed closed the door. I looked over to see Trevor sigh in relief.

"Did anyone see you?" he asked, looking over at me.

I frowned. "Do they ever?"

He laughed, but he seemed to have calmed down more. What the hell was up with him? Again, that pulling fear began to whirl in my chest and I folded my arms across my ribcage so I could dig my black fingernails into my pale flesh. It was time to get to the point. I didn't walk around things, I stomped right through them.

"So what is it that you wanted Trevor? You're making me late for class."

"Oh yeah, cause I know that you're such a stickler for being on time for English," he retorted, smirking at me all knowingly. I grimaced.

"Stalker." I accused. "Do you have my entire schedule memorized or something?"

I was only joking when I asked so when he answered with a nonchalant "So what?" I was taken by surprise.

I looked at him with wide eyes. "What?"

I could tell that he was a little embarrassed because his cheeks were slightly pink. "Well, you didn't think that all those times we ran into each other were just coincidences, did you?"

"Well…yeah." I said honestly. I never even entertained the idea that all those times Trevor ran into me in the hallway were all planned. My stomach fluttered.

"Well they weren't."

"Thank you." I said, smiling at him.

He lifted a blonde eyebrow at me. "Thank you?"

I shrugged my black covered shoulders. "Well, it's kind of like a compliment when someone stalks you, I think. So thanks."

Trevor shook his head. "Okay, before you get too ahead of yourself, why don't you come out of dreamland Raven. I wasn't stalking you. I was going out of my way to harass you and on occasion, grope you, and you're gonna thank me for it?"

To this, I blushed. I guess I had forgotten about that part. "Why can't you just say 'you're welcome' and be done with it?"

I sent him an icy glare and he glared at me right back. We had now entered into a tense staring contest and he was going down. I puckered my un-blackened lips and furrowed my pencil thin eyebrows in concentration as I stared into his emerald eyes. I saw from the corner of my eye his mouth turn up in a suspicious smirk and I knew something was up. Seconds later, I gasped as a warm hand latched onto my boob.

With the strength of a superhero on steroids, I shoved him off of me.

"You lose." He announced triumphantly, declaring himself the winner of our little battle.

"You suck." I hissed back. "You can't just touch me wherever you feel like Trevor."

"Yes I can. You're mine, I can do whatever I want with you."

I gawked at him in disbelief. Was he serious? Did my triple pierced ears actually hear that for real or were there aliens interfering with the sound waves? "Obviously you've been possessed by some idiotic, pervert demon because there is no way that the sane Trevor would seriously say that to me."

He smiled. "I am sane and I did say that to you."

I narrowed my eyes at him and reached for the handle to open the door so I could leave. What an ass. "Go hump a soccer goal, Trevor."

Just as the door cracked open, Trevor grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me back in. "Raven," he whispered in my ear, pulling aside my hair. "I wasn't being serious."

I turned my head and looked at him, a little staggered at his closeness. "You were."

His catlike almond eyes looked up at me apologetically. "You really need to catch when I'm joking, Raven, or we're going to be fighting a lot."

"And that's new how?" I sighed, rolling my eyes.

Reaching over, Trevor grasped the handle to the still cracked door and slammed it closed. "Raven, I need to talk to you about something important and I'd prefer that you were in a good mood when I told you."

Suddenly, like a bullet through the heart, I was again filled with that poisonous anxiety. "I am in a good mood." I lied.

He studied my face quietly. I could tell he didn't believe me. "Give me a kiss."

I pulled my head back. "No."

He leaned in closer so that his nose was touching mine and I could feel his toothpaste-scented breath on my lips. "Can I kiss you?"

My mouth opened to release a shaky breath. "Yes."

This time, he pulled away. "No, I'd rather you kiss me."

I shook my head and looked down at my lap in embarrassment. I couldn't do it. It was always Trevor that initiated our kisses. I didn't have confidence that I'd be any good at kissing him. He's kissed so many other girls and was an expert at it and me…well, Trevor was my first kiss. Needless to say, I was scared of disappointing him. "I can't."

"You already have though," he argued, lifting my chin. He ran his thumb across my bottom lip.

"No, you kissed me. I've never kissed you."

"You've kissed me back though. It's the same thing, but you start it." He leaned in again waiting for me to kiss him. His green eyes looked up at me expectantly.

I wanted to run but I couldn't. Trevor had me pinned down in the seat. "Why does it matter who starts it?" I asked desperately.

"Because it's nice to feel wanted," Trevor whispered.

"I've already told you that I want you," I growled, starting to get frustrated.

"Yeah, but I want you to show me," he pleaded. I could tell he really wanted me to kiss him. I'd never seen him look so eager.

I bit my lower lip. "It's going to be super short and super lame so don't expect anything amazing."

His eyes lit up in excitement. Before he could utter a word I leaned forward and landed a short, dry, overly puckered kiss on his closed lips. A child's kiss.


I didn't want to look into his eyes because I feared the disappointment I would see in them.

"Sorry," I muttered. I felt like such a loser.

"For what?"

"For sucking. I'm sure any other girl would be able to kiss you the way you want to be kissed."

"But I don't want to be kissed by any other girl but you. And stop looking so sad, it's depressing." He laughed under his breath and kissed my forehead. "Believe me, it's not a bad thing that you're inexperienced."

"You're just saying that for brownie points."

"No, I'm serious. It's such a turn on knowing that I'm the first guy to show you all of these things," he responded gently.

"Things?" I asked curiously for clarification. "What things?"

The smirk returned to his gorgeous face and the apprehension I had felt earlier was replaced by a warm tingling pooling in my stomach. Inching forward, he placed his mouth next to my ear and ran the tip of his wet tongue across my earlobe, making me shiver. "Naughty things."

I giggled despite myself. Or maybe I was giggling because Trevor's slender fingers were now tickling my ribcage. Clenching my eyes shut, I slid down in the car seat as far as I could go to get away from his excited fingers. My own hands pressed against his chest and I brought one of my knees up and set it firmly against his hard stomach in a futile attempt to get him off of me. I was laughing so hard I felt like I was about to die.

"Tre…vor…STOP!" I squealed, tears beginning to form in my eyes and wetting my eyelashes. Now it was getting dangerous. If my make-up started running, he'd have hot hell to pay. "Please stop!"

"Why should I?" He asked amusedly from above. I cracked a moist eye open to see him smiling wildly above me, his golden blonde hair hanging in his face.

"I can't…breathe!" I gasped.

"That's not a good enough reason," he taunted, continuing to tickle me. "Maybe you can bribe me?"

I wracked my muddled brain for anything I could offer him. "I'll give you…my…rabbit foot…keychain!" I squeaked. My fingers by this point were digging into his shirt and I'm sure I was leaving scratches on his chest.

"Thanks, but no thanks," he said, rejecting my offer.

I was desperate and close to dying. I was laughing so hard and my stomach hurt so bad that I felt as if I could just pass out and never wake up. What did he want? What did I have that Trevor would want? And then I knew. That evil conniving bastard. "A kiss! I'll…give you…a kiss!" I choked out.

And then his fingers stilled and the air finally rushed in and out of my lungs at a natural steady pace. I coughed a little but I was okay. Just angry. "You're such a jerk."

While still above me, he leaned down so that his face was hovering over mine. "No, I'm just a genius. Now do it Raven or I'll tickle you again."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You wouldn't dare."

I felt his fingers dig into my ribs. "I definitely would my little monster freak."

I was fighting an already lost battle. Pushing back the fear and insecurity that had engulfed me earlier, I wrapped one of my hands around the back of his neck. As I began to pull his head down he resisted slightly. "With tongue."

Not replying, I lifted my head from the seat of the car and touched my lips to his just barely. Letting my instincts lead my way I took his upper lip into my mouth gently so that my lower lip rested in the crease of his mouth. I felt him smile against my lips and so I pressed on. Pulling away slightly, I licked my own lips before pressing them to his again. This time, instead of pulling away, I shyly pushed my tongue past his lips. The inside of my mouth began to moisten more as I tasted the salt of his lips on the tip of my tongue. His lips moved further apart against my mouth allowing my tongue to slide further into his until I could feel his smooth, wet, and warm tongue pressed against mine. I felt him sigh against my mouth and I retracted my tongue, only to slip it back in, this time swirling it around his.

Softly, I heard him moan, and then I was no longer the dominant one. With a passion I hadn't seen in him, he pushed me further down into the seat, kissing and nipping at my lips hungrily. My eyes popped open as I felt one of his hands move from my ribs to my breast and his thumb began to press and rub against a very sensitive area of my covered flesh.

Oh no.

Pulling away and pushing him off simultaneously, I gasped for air and looked up at him in a mixture of surprise and frustration. Judging by the look on his face when he noticed where his hand was I quickly deduced that he probably had no idea what he was doing.

Blushing, Trevor pulled his hand away awkwardly. "I hope you realize that you're a way better kisser then you give yourself credit for."

"Or you're just a horny teenager," I said.

"Only when around you."

I wouldn't exactly call the silence that followed that statement to be awkward but it definitely wasn't comfortable. As he finally moved himself off of me to where I could sit up and fix my disheveled hair, I glanced over at him to see him running a finger up and down the side of his steering wheel and a distant look on his face.

"Trevor, just spit it out already. I think you've beaten around the bush enough," I sighed. Honestly, I couldn't afford another tardy for first period but at this rate, it was definitely unavoidable.

Without looking at me he finally spit it out. "I think we should keep the fact that we're dating a secret."

A bone chilling cold rushed through me. "Repeat that please."

He shot a nervous look at me before returning his gaze to the steering wheel. "I just don't think it's the best idea right now. It's not the right time."

I looked out the window so I didn't have to look at him right now. What did this mean? Was he ashamed of me? Embarrassed? I mean, I guess it made sense. He was the hot popular jock at school that all the girls wanted and all the guys wanted to be. He had a reputation, a gigantic one. Of course he'd be embarrassed having someone like me hanging onto him. After all, it was weird. According to normal teenage standards, I was weird. But even though I understood his reasoning, it still hurt. I mean, I'm not like him. I could care less about what others thought of me, but then again…I didn't have much of a reputation. Regardless, either he was going to get over it and tell everyone or we were no longer dating. I had my pride.

"Screw you. There's nothing to keep a secret about Trevor because you and I are no longer dating," I growled angrily. My entire body was shaking. I felt myself on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Before I could open the car door, the lock shot down, trapping me inside. "Open the door, Trevor." I ordered, trying my best to keep my voice calm. I knew that if I showed even a sliver of my emotions right now, I'd completely explode and probably kill Trevor in the process.

"Let me explain, Raven." He said wearily.

"There's nothing to explain. You've made it obvious that you're embarrassed to be with me so you no longer have to worry about it. In fact, I'm doing you a favor. Now open the damn door before I rip it off."

"Look, this has been stressing me out for days now so please just listen. I swear, I'm not doing this because I'm ashamed of being with you. Will you just listen? Please?"

A small part of me—the part that didn't want to rip his head off right now—wanted to hear what he had to say. Taking a deep breath and temporarily swallowing my anger, I twisted around in my seat, folded my arms across my chest, lifted an intimidating eyebrow, and pinned him down with a steady glare. "You have one minute."

"So, I know this is going to sound unbelievably cocky but it has to be said." He looked at me cautiously. "But I'm super popular."

I rolled my eyes. "And let me guess—I'm damaging to your reputation?"

"I guess, but that's not what the problem is. I don't even care about that."

"Right." I interrupted scathingly. "Well if that's not the problem then what is?"

He sighed. "Well if you would just give me a second, I'll explain it to you."

He didn't continue but looked at me expectantly. Rolling my eyes, again, I gave in. "Fine. Go on."

"Well, as I'm sure you've noticed, there are more than a few girls at school that like me…"

"Yeah, the mentally insane."

"And I would prefer that you were included in that group." He continued.

I scowled. "We'll see."

"And I know you know which Jennifer I'm talking about when I say she'd go nuts if she found out you and I were together."

I couldn't believe this was what he was worried about. He didn't want to hurt Jennifer Warren's feelings? "And you care so much about her feelings because?"

"I don't care about her feelings, but I do care about what she'll do to you if she finds out about the two of us. Do you understand now?" He looked at me pleadingly and my anger waned. I looked down as he reached for one of my hands and grasped it firmly in his own. "I just don't want anyone to ruin this right now Raven."

"I can take care of some psycho cheerleader, Trevor."

"It's not like she's going to try and beat you up Raven. You don't know how conniving and low she is. She'll do everything in her power to tear us apart and she has a massive weapon to her advantage."

"And what would that be?" I asked curiously.

"My mom."

A small chuckle escaped my mouth and I swiftly brought my free hand up to stifle it. Was he really that scared of his own mother? I mean, sure, she was intimidating and whatever, but what could she possibly do? Ground him? "Oh no, not your mommy."

He sent me a slightly peeved look. "Do you know why my family is so rich?"

"Yeah, you only own the biggest real estate agency on this side of the state," I answered matter-of-factly.

"And your mom works for that agency," he added.

I raised my eyebrow higher. "So what?"

Now it was Trevor's turn to roll his eyes. "So basically, if my mom finds out that you and I are together and that I'm not making moves on Jennifer, your mom is pretty much out of a job."

Now I was very confused. "Slow down Speed Racer, I'm lost." He smirked. "What the heck do you mean 'if I'm not making moves on Jennifer'?"

Trevor grimaced. Obviously this was something he really didn't want to explain. "It shouldn't be a secret to you that my mom wants me to date Jennifer. I think it might have everything to do with the fact that she's pretty much a younger version of my mom."

"And also the complete opposite of me," I added, quite proud of the fact.

"And that," he agreed. "But more importantly, her family owns a large contracting business. In the eyes of my parents and her parents, we're a match made in real-estate heaven."

Now it made sense. "So if Jennifer found out that you and I were together she'd tell your parents?"

"And then my mom would get angry and fire your mother. That's pretty much how it'll go down if we don't keep our relationship under wraps." He finished, giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

I looked down at my fishnet covered knees as my brain processed this new predicament. There was no use trying to come up with an alternate plan. We had no choice. I had no choice. If I wanted to stay with Trevor and make sure that my mom kept her job as an agent in Mrs. Mitchell's company, then we had to keep our relationship a secret from everyone. No one could know, not even Becky.

"How long do we have to keep this a secret?" I asked quietly, picking at a pull in my stockings.

Trevor heaved a sigh. "There's no telling. I can promise you it's not going to be any time soon. We'll just have to bear with it for a while." He kissed the back of my hand reassuringly and my heart clenched.

"Does this mean we're not going on any dates anytime soon?"

"I'll try my best to think of something Raven. I'm not saying we can't see each other anymore, we just can't see each other while in front of others. But when no one's looking, we're free to do as we want. Think of it as if we're having a hot affair or something," he laughed, lightening the mood.

I smiled. "So I'm the other woman?"

I felt his warm lips press softly against my cheek. "Doesn't it make you excited?"

"Kind of," I admitted. "But the entire thing still sucks."

"Well, if it's too much for you to deal with you can always just break up with me," Trevor whispered, untangling his hand from mine. I quickly snatched it back. He smirked.

"Try not to be an idiot, Trevor. I know it's hard for you, but try."

I looked over at him and he touched his forehead to mine. "If we're going to do this successfully, we're going to have to revert to how we used to be around each other. To me, you're just the creepy monster chick that sleeps in cemeteries and raises the dead, okay?"

My smile widened. "And you're just the idiot soccer player who doesn't know how to tie his own shoes or make his bed."

"Now that sounds like a match made in heaven."

And strangely enough, it kind of did.

* * *

It hadn't quite hit me just how hard it was going to be to revert back to our old ways until lunch came around and I had to pass Trevor's crowded table without making eye contact with him or any other sign that I noticed his existence. It was very hard. Every fiber of my being wanted to see who he was sitting with, what his face looked like, what he was eating, to hear what he was talking about, and most of all, if Jennifer Warren was sitting with him. But my will was strong so as I pushed through the doors into the cafeteria, my Hello Batty lunchbox in hand, I glued my eyes to the back of Becky's head and didn't stray for a second.

I made the smart decision to sit with my back towards his table. There was no need to expose myself to temptation. "Hey Becky."

"What's up?" She said happily, gulping down a spoonful of chocolate pudding.

"Nothing interesting," I lied.

"Really? What did you do this weekend?" She asked, eating another spoonful.

I wracked my brains. Lying didn't have to be hard. I could just tell the truth while leaving out one major detail, like Trevor. "I just went to the mall, that's pretty much it."

"Did you buy anything?"

"Uhh, yeah, I got this necklace," I said, pointing at the chocker Trevor had bought for me.

Becky's eyes grew wide. "Wow. That's super pretty. Where'd you get it?"

No way in hell was I going to tell her that I got it at a lingerie boutique. "I don't remember. Some store or something. So uhh, where's Matt?" I asked, quick to change the subject. My lying skills could use some work.

Becky perked up upon hearing her beloved boyfriend's name. "He's over there talking to Trevor about their schedule this week for practice. They have a big game coming up on Friday so practice is going to be tough this week."

"Cool." I wanted to slap myself. Since when did I ever think anything relating to soccer and Trevor was 'cool'?

I don't think Becky heard my slip up though because just as I said it, Matt was making his way to our table with Trevor hot on his heels. I decided that then was a good time to open my lunchbox and play with my Fruit Rollup with the concentration of a surgeon doing open-heart surgery.

"Welcome back," Becky cooed as Matt leaned in and sweetly kissed her cheek. She giggled and I rolled my eyes. Really, they we're the most gag-worthy couple.

"Hey Raven," Matt greeted, kind as always.

"Hi," I said shortly, offering a quick smile and a glance at him. In that split second, I saw Trevor take the seat across from me and I returned my attention to my multi-colored, evidently fascinating, fruit snack.

"What? You're not gonna say hi to me Monster Girl? My feelings are hurt," I heard him say, his voice filled with perceptible false misery.

I lifted my eyes away from my uneaten snack to glare at him. "Why would I say hi to you?"

His green eyes lit up with excitement now that I was paying him attention. "Because you love me, that's why."

My mouth fell open in shock. "You wish, loser. You're nowhere near my type. Grow a brain and then we'll talk."

Trevor frowned but Becky jumped in before he could retort. "So Trevor, I was telling Raven about the game on Friday."

His gaze moved from my face to hers and the light in his eyes dimmed. "Oh yeah?"

Becky nodded. Her gaze lingered a little too long on his face which irked me before she looked at her own boyfriend. I needed to speak to Trevor later about controlling his sexy waves or it was going to become a major problem.

"You should come, Raven." Matt chimed in.

"Uhh…" I didn't know what to say. I couldn't remember what the old me would say in this situation. I mean, it wasn't Trevor that was asking me to come, it was Matt, so it was different, right? So I decided to buy myself some time. "Why?"

Matt shrugged his shoulders. "Well, Becky will be there and I'm sure she could use some company."

I wanted to laugh. The last time I went with Becky to a soccer game, she ditched me and left me alone to be harassed by two cheerleaders and my prince charming.

"Yeah, come Raven!" Becky exclaimed excitedly.

"I guess I could go for a little while…" I conceded. "Are you gonna give me a ride?" I looked at Becky expectantly but she avoided my eyes.

"Well…you see…me and Matt were kind of planning on going on a date after the game and he's giving me a ride so…." She took a super long sip from her Capri Sun.

"I can pick you up Raven, it's no big deal," Matt said. Jeeze, he really was too nice. "I mean, that is if you don't mind going with us afterwards?"

"Where are you going?"

"The movies." Becky and Matt answered simultaneously.

I bit my lip. "But won't I be a burden? I'd feel weird tagging along on your date." Being the third wheel was never fun and when around those two, it would be extremely, unbearably, and excruciatingly awkward.

"Don't worry, you won't be alone. Others will be there," Matt said, glancing suspiciously at Becky. 'Others'. How vague.

"Who else is going Becky?" I inquired, staring her down. There was no escape.

"Me," came the short reply from my one and only. Matt sent a weary look Trevor's way.

"He's going?" I said, pointing a thin finger at Trevor and looking from Matt to Becky for confirmation. This was the perfect opportunity. Trevor and me could go on a date together and we didn't even have to try. I only had to make it seem unwanted but at the same time unavoidable. All I needed was a little help from Trevor. Discreetly, I kicked Trevor beneath the table. From my peripheral I saw him twitch a little, but otherwise the move went unnoticed.

"Is that a problem Raven? Don't tell me my presence bothers you that much?" Trevor chided, leaning his elbow onto the table and resting his chin in the palm of his hand, framing his face beautifully. Oh yeah, those sexy waves were on full force.

"Please. I'll hardly notice you're there." I spat vehemently.

"So you're going?!" Becky squealed happily, grabbing my arm and shaking me.

I smiled, my eyes locking onto Trevor's before looking down at Becky. "I guess so."

Mission accomplished.

* * *

Fourth period finally reared its ugly head and there I sat, a few seats behind Trevor, waiting for us to be called up front to present our project. Due to our lack of work ethic over the weekend, our project turned out to be less than satisfactory, but I was confident that we would pass considering my partner was no other than the 'great' Trevor Mitchell.

When Mrs. Turner finally called us up, I did the exhausting task of turning off the classroom lights and Trevor had the honor of slipping in the DVD with our short but completed assignment. As our project played on the out of date TV set in the corner of the classroom, I folded my arms across my chest and tried to ignore the fact that Heather Ryan was staring at me.

When the lights switched back on and our presentation concluded, Trevor did an obnoxious bow and then soon received undeserved applause. I just walked myself back to my desk and tried not to fall asleep as the rest of the class presented their superior projects, although not as well acclaimed.

After class, I left with Becky as we walked down the hallway to the school exit on our way to her truck. I was kind of bummed because me and Trevor hardly exchanged more than a glance before we had to leave each other to go home. Yeah, we were definitely fooling everyone because there was no way we looked like we were dating.

"I was surprised at how well your project went, Raven. Did you and Trevor finally manage to put your differences aside and work together?" Becky asked.

"We didn't. It took all day just to create that three-minute sorry excuse for a project, Becky. It was torture." I groaned.

"Thank God it's over." Whispered a familiar voice.

I whipped around. Trevor was following closely behind us, his hands in his pockets and that smirk on his handsome face. My heart fluttered and my gloom lifted.

"Hey Trevor, what's up?" Becky asked happily.

"I just need to have a quick word with Raven if you don't mind," he said smoothly, grasping hold of my arm and pulling me away.

I looked at him wide eyed. "For what?"

"It's about our project. Mrs. Turner needs to ask us something," he answered. He looked back at Becky. "She'll be right back, this'll just take a second."

"O-okay…I'll be in the truck Raven."

"You better be."

I allowed Trevor to drag me wherever he was leading me until we wound up in an empty classroom, the only lighting coming from the windows. Once the door was closed I breathed a sigh of relief.

"I know I said this earlier but this really sucks Trevor."

"I know," he said, stepping closer to me and wrapping me in his arms. I felt so relaxed as I breathed in the smell of his spicy cologne and the softness of his shirt on my cheek was wonderful. I felt like a cradled baby being rocked to sleep. "We have to make this quick though. I told Becky you'd be right back and I don't need her to come looking. I just wanted to say bye. So…" He leaned down a pressed his warm lips to mine. I didn't have enough time to prepare myself and he took full advantage of my surprised state by slipping his tongue in. I mentally rolled my eyes but outwardly I was clinging to him like a koala on a tree. Just when I was really getting into our kiss, he pulled away and kissed the tip of my nose.

My heartbeat was erratic. "Woah. Why are you being so mushy? Are you sick or something?"

"No, I'm just trying to get up your skirt."

I pulled away from him. "And with that, I think I'll take my leave." I was only kidding, but I guess he took me seriously, because as I made to walk away he pulled me back to him so that I fell into his lap. We were now both seated in the same desk and my butt was pressed quite uncomfortably against his groin.

He nuzzled my neck. "We still have a couple of minutes and I haven't seen you all day."

"Then your eyes were closed because I remember seeing you plenty. And besides, we'll have tons of time to spend with each other on our date," I laughed, twisting around in his lap and placing my hands on his shoulders to keep my balance.

"Yeah but with Becky and Matt there it's not going to feel like a date," Trevor pouted.

I touched my finger to my lips in thought. "Well, I'm sure we can figure out some way to sneak off."

"And do what? They're our ride so whatever you want to do involves us walking."

I nodded. "Is that going to be a problem? Last time I checked, you were an athlete. A little stroll shouldn't bother you."

He sent me a loaded look. "You're planning something freaky aren't you?"

I smirked. "If I have to sit through your soccer game then you can accompany me on a paranormal investigation."

Trevor's green eyes all but fell out of his skull. "You're nuts."

Now it was my turn to pout. The thing was, I had this in the bag. I had sexy waves of my own. "So you're telling me that you don't want to be all alone with me in a dark, abandoned, fully-furnished house where no one can hear us?" I fluttered my eyelashes and traced a gentle line down the side of his neck. He gulped.

"Well, if you put it that way I guess I can deal with a couple of ghosts for a night…"

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Trevor Mitchell, I think it's only a matter of time before you join the dark side."

"Hardly. I'm only going because I can play with you," he responded, nipping at my neck and lowering his hands down my back.

"You're so unromantic, do you know that?" I asked, running my fingers through his hair as he continued to assault my neck with his teeth and tongue.

"I'm unromantic? You're the one who considers ghost hunting a date," he retorted. "Where is this house anyway?"

"On top of Benson Hill."

"Well can I ask one favor from you? Can you wear those tights that you have that go to here?" He asked, touching my mid-thigh.

I raised an eyebrow. "You want me to wear thigh highs? Why?"

Trevor's cheeks pinked. "I like them."

"What if I'm wearing pants?"

He frowned. "No pants. You better wear a dress. If not, I'm not going."

"You just want to see my underwear," I accused. Even though it was perverted, knowing that Trevor was so interested in my undergarments made me excited.

"I want to see more than just your underwear Raven," he said seductively.

"You'll see my fist if you don't stop," I growled.

I felt his chest rumble against mine as he laughed into my neck, his hot breath blowing across my skin. "You know, you're the only girl that has resisted me to the point that I'm about to explode. All of my old girlfriends by this point would be—

I held my hand over his mouth, one, because I really did not want to hear about his sexual exploits with other girls and, two, because there were voices talking outside the door of the classroom we were in. I put my finger over my lips in a silent command for Trevor to stay quiet and I climbed off of his lap.

"—'ve seen her. When her and Trevor got up to present, she looked so gross standing next to him it was almost comical. I can't believe she got to be his partner. Of all people. Poor Trevor."

There wasn't a doubt in my mind that that nasally voice belonged to Heather Ryan. Even though there was a thick wooden door separating us, I could practically see her with a hand on her hip and her other messing with her hair as she spewed whatever insults her simple mind could think up about me.

"Ugh, she's such a freak." Came the disgusted voice of Jennifer Warren. The clank of a locker opening followed her outburst. "I just want to push her into a tub of bleach."

I stepped closer to the door and my nimble fingers slowly turned the lock of the classroom. I had to make sure that neither Heather or Jennifer could walk into the classroom or Trevor and me would be exposed. How could we explain ourselves out of this situation? I pressed both my hands to the door and pressed my ear to the crack in order to hear them better. I wasn't offended, yet, but I was waiting for something that would get my blood boiling. I loved having more reasons to hate Jennifer and Heather. It made revenge all the more sweet.

"Seriously. Like, I just don't get the whole Goth thing. It's so creepy," Heather replied. I pictured her sticking her tongue out as if she were gagging.

"It's just an excuse for her to get away with dressing like a slut," Jennifer said. A hard frown fell across my lips. "She probably thinks Trevor likes her or something after he kissed her at the game. She's such an idiot. If she knew just how many girls he's kissed, she wouldn't consider herself so special. Being kissed by Trevor is the same as being waved at by anybody else. It only ever matters if he sleeps with you."

I felt as if someone had just thrown a bucket of cold water onto me. I was riveted to the spot and my mind was soaking in every word she spoke. It wasn't exactly what she was saying, but how she was saying it. It was as if she were implying that…

"But has he ever slept with anyone?" Heather asked curiously.

My heart skipped a beat in anticipation of Jennifer's answer. My fingers curled inwards against the door and my teeth clamped down on my bottom lip.

"No way. You're so lucky, Jennifer, oh my gosh," Heather gasped excitedly. The sound of a locker door slamming surprised me and I pulled my head away from the door.

Silence filled the classroom, and I couldn't bring myself to look at Trevor. I don't know why I was so surprised. I had always known that Trevor wasn't a virgin. He'd had way too many girlfriends and he was way too touchy-feely that the idea of him being innocent was ridiculous, but that didn't make it any easier to bear. Knowing the fact itself without the details, I could handle, but now that I knew one of the, what was likely many, faces of the girls he'd been with, I felt like crying. In fact, tears were welling in my eyes at that moment.


His soft voice cut through my thoughts like a knife in butter, and I suddenly became frantic and had the burning need to escape. "Um, Becky is waiting for me. I've got to go—bye."

I was out of that classroom like a bat out of hell, and within minutes, I was in the passenger seat of Becky's truck, gasping for breath and my sanity.

"Raven? What's wrong?" Becky asked concernedly, revving up the engine.

"Huh?" I asked in confusion.

"You're crying…did Trevor do something?" She asked as we pulled out of the school.

I wiped my face with my fingers. "Uh, no. Turns out that I didn't do as good as I thought on my project," I lied. I swear, all this lying was going to catch up to me.

Becky was silent the rest of the way to my house, which I was thankful for. It looked like I was in desperate need of another wallowing session as I thought about how Trevor has already had sex with a majority of the girls that ridiculed me on a daily basis. Suddenly I had so many questions I needed to ask him, and yet I was way too scared of the answers I would receive and of the look I would see on his face when he told me.

* * *

It was around eleven o'clock that night when I was lying on my bed in my black silk night shorts and black tank top watching Night of the Living Dead when I heard a light knocking on my window. Sitting up in my bed, I stared at my window in nervous fascination as the knocking continued. I was confused. After all, my bedroom was on the second story of my house…

Cautiously, I moved aside my purple curtains to reveal the strained face of Trevor hanging onto the branch of the tree beside my house. I gasped in surprise and opened my window to stick my head out. "What the hell are you doing you psycho?" I hissed in shock.

"Raven, move out of the way," he breathed. Obliging, I fell back onto my bed and watched as Trevor heaved himself halfway into my room, his legs thumping loudly against the side of my house as he climbed inside.

I stood from my bed and closed my window before whipping around to glare at Trevor who was brushing himself off. "Are you trying to wake up the whole house? What the hell are you doing here, Trevor?" I whispered angrily.

He didn't answer as he silently examined my room. "I expected at least a cauldron. This is quite disappointing, Raven," he commented just as quietly, sending me a teasing smile. He glanced at my television just in time to see a zombie attack a screaming girl and his smile faded. "What are you watching?"

"Night of the Living Dead. Now answer me, Trevor. Why are you here?" I demanded, stepping in front of the television so he was looking down at me.

His eyes studied mine. "You don't seem very happy to see me," he said disappointedly.

Guilt settled in my chest. Normally, I'd be elated that he had come to visit me, but after spending my whole afternoon thinking about him being with other girls, I was kind of really angry with him, which wasn't really fair. It wasn't as if he'd cheated on me. I was just jealous of his past and angry that I could never change it. I sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm just a little tired, so I'm kind of cranky."

I felt his fingers wind through mine and I smiled slightly. "Let's lay down then." He suggested, his voice holding no underlying plans to seduce me, and so I followed him as he stretched out onto my bed after taking off his shoes. I eyed him suspiciously as he held out his arms for me to crawl into, but I didn't ask any questions. I was tired of fighting with him for one day. Falling onto my bed, I curled my back against his chest and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I could feel his warmth seeping into me. Falling asleep like this would be much too easy.

"So, I'm pretty sure I already know, but I want to hear it from you anyways. What's wrong?" He whispered into my ear softly.

I sighed. "I don't feel like talking about it."

Trevor was silent for a few minutes. Even though the living dead were ripping open the stomach of a terrified teenager on my television, my mind was concentrated on the feel of Trevor's body pressed against my back and his hot breath on my ear. "Raven, I've never slept with Jennifer."

My heart thudded in my chest. I twisted my head to the side to look at him, my left shoulder hitting the center of his chest. "What? Then why did she…"

"She lied. She does that, Raven—a lot. She's just bitter that I haven't slept with her when she's given me so many opportunities to." His green eyes were glistening with honesty and I felt my sunken heart begin to inflate and float back upwards to the surface of happiness. "But, Raven, I'm still not a virgin."

I averted my eyes from his. "Yeah, I figured as much."

I felt him remove one of his hands from my stomach to place it on my cheek. I looked back into his eyes. "I'm sorry."

The regret in his eyes hit me as if I'd just been punched in the stomach and I felt out of breath. I didn't know what to say. "Trevor…"

"I want you to know that they meant nothing to me, Raven. I lost my virginity to some girl whose face I can barely remember. I've had sex with girls and I've dated girls that I didn't care about because I was bored. Raven," His whispered voice was verging on desperate and with every word I found it even more impossible to take my eyes away from his. "If I had known that one day you would be with me, something I had always thought would never happen, I would never have even looked at another girl. I never really have. Every day since we've been together I've beaten myself up knowing that if I hadn't been such an idiot, my first time could've been with you."

I felt my eyes moisten and I brought one of my hands up to wrap around the hand Trevor had on my stomach. Hearing his words and knowing that his feelings mirrored my own, I felt as if the connection between us had somehow grown stronger. "Trevor, you're always going to be an idiot, but that aside, I think it's stupid to worry about something that happened in the past. Of course, it would be nice if you weren't so much more experienced than me…"

"That seems to really bother you, I've noticed," he commented curiously.

I felt my cheeks heat. "I don't want you to compare me to other girls." My embarrassment heightened when he smirked at my confession. "Don't laugh, it's not funny," I growled.

"No, it's just that all other girls pale in comparison," Trevor whispered, his eyes leaving mine to wander down my body. When his emerald orbs returned to my face, a dangerous fire was dancing in them. "Raven, do you have any idea how attractive you are?"

"Trevor, do you have any idea how corny you are?" I breathed teasingly, although my heart was thudding anxiously in my chest. I looked down to see the hand he had on my stomach slowly making it's way upwards until it was lying on my upper ribcage, just below the fall of my breast. Thankfully his hand wasn't under my tank top.

"You're not wearing a bra?" I felt his fingertips dance quickly along the top curve of my breast stealthily. I was just as quick to catch hold of his wrist to stop him from touching me further.

My eyes met his, expecting to see some sort of reaction to me catching him doing something he shouldn't, but I was completely thrown off to see his face completely flustered and his mouth slightly agape with his strained breathing.


"Sorry, I just need to calm down," he exhaled, burying his face in the side of my neck and tightening his arm around my waist.

"Calm down?" I repeated, not sure as to why he was suddenly in this state. "What's wrong?"

"You know that thing that has been happening to me and I won't tell you what it is?" He asked me quietly, his breath hot against my neck.


"Would you like to know what it is?" His voice was deep and husky and my heart pounded painfully against my chest as his petal soft lips pressed against my neck. The hand that wasn't around my waist came up to brush aside my hair as the tip of his tongue trailed upwards to my earlobe. I shivered as he softly blew into my ear. "I'm so hard right now, it's unbearable."

Trevor slowly curved his hips forward against my bottom so that I could feel the hard bulge between his legs. I gasped. "Trevor…" I breathed warningly, although my entire body began to heat with sudden desire, signaled by the hardening of my nipples beneath my tank top and the warm liquid fire in my lower stomach.

"I promised you I wouldn't, and I won't," he said gently, returning his moist lips to my neck. "Just let me kiss you a little."

He lifted his head from my neck and looked down into my face pleadingly. And although I knew this was not a good idea, I could not say no, because I wanted him just as badly. Turning on the bed so that I was laying on my back, I supported myself up on my elbows and touched the tip of my nose to his, our breath mingling with the others. "Don't you dare break your promise, even if it seems that I want you to."

He nodded once slightly before sitting up and placing one of his legs between mine. His warm hand slid against my cheek as he brought our faces closer together, our eyes closing slowly with every passing second. "I told you I wouldn't…," His lips pressed softly against mine before he pulled away to tilt his head to the other side. "…not until…" His lips returned to mine, sucking softly, before pulling away for the last time. "…you say the magic words."

When his lips returned to mine, my mouth opened slightly to welcome the smooth entrance of his slick tongue. The force of our mouths colliding made my arms weak and I fell back into my pillows, my hands grasping desperately for the fabric of Trevor's shirt. His tongue assaulted my mouth hungrily before pulling out to lick beneath my chin, causing me to involuntarily arch my back so that my chest was pressed up into his. The movement caused my hips to sink further into the bed, away from his. To counteract this movement, Trevor thrust his hips forward and downward into mine, both of us gasping at the hard contact, our mouths breaking apart and leaving a string of saliva hanging between us from our lips.

The pressure of his hardened bulge pressed between my legs was amazing and I pulled my legs upwards so that my knees were sticking up in the air, encasing his hips between them.

"Ah," he breathed into my ear, rolling his hips forward against mine again. I sighed when I felt his soft hands slowly slide up the backs of my thighs until he reached my knees where he gripped them hard.

I groaned in slight discomfort when he pushed my legs forwards so that my knees were almost touching the mattress, but the position itself was wonderful. The backs of my knees were now resting on his broad shoulders so my legs hung over onto his back, and as he lowered himself back on top of me, his groin pressed harder into my now burning core.

Ever so slowly, he began to rock back and forth, rubbing himself gently against my thinly covered core. With every upward swing of his hips, his fingers would tighten briefly on my legs. My hands tugged the fabric of his shirt, not in an effort to take it off, but as something to hold onto as my body and mind were sent reeling to places exotic and dangerously addictive. Eventually, I found my own hips beginning to rock in time with his so that when he moved away from my body, I moved forward to meet him. The bottom halves of our bodies never broke contact.

As we continued to quietly rub against each other, a sore burning began to materialize between my legs where Trevor was fervently grinding himself into me. "Ah," I ground out through gritted teeth, my eyes clenching slightly. His movements halted.


"I think all of this is making me chafe." There went our hot and heavy atmosphere. While it was still pleasurable, having Trevor grind his zipper into my crotch was only comfortable for so long. "Maybe next time you should wear your soccer shorts." They were nice and silky which would suit this activity just fine.

Trevor looked down at me with a worried look on his face, his green eyes clouded. "I should go," he whispered quietly. His face looked pained.

"Should you?" I asked, not really wanting him to leave.

"It's really painful, Raven. I need to get rid of it and I can't do it here."

"Why not?" I asked, unthinkingly, my mind still foggy from before.

His cheeks flared a soft pink, but his eyes did not seem adverse to the idea. "You don't care if I jack-off in front of you?" He asked in flustered disbelief.

It was now my turn to be super embarrassed. "Well…it is my fault…and I can turn the television off so that I won't see anything…" I suggested. I couldn't believe I was actually agreeing to this.

He studied me a moment before leaning forward and kissing my lips softly. "Thank you, but no. I don't want the first time you see me cum being by my own hand."

"You don't?" I asked stupidly. My mind was in shock at the moment. I wasn't used to so many feelings at once. Between Trevor's wet kisses, his dirty words, his lustful gaze, and his hands on my body, I couldn't think straight at all.

He smirked. "I'd rather you see me cum when I'm inside of you."

My stomach flipped and the hand I had fisted in his shirt tightened as the area between my legs quivered in wet, heated want.

I felt him gently pull my hands away from his shirt before he climbed off of me to pull the covers over my body. I smiled sleepily at him when he laid a gentle kiss to my temple. I suddenly felt as if I were about to pass out. I just barely had any idea of what was going on around me. I closed my eyes when the television was turned off and yawned.

"Hey Raven?" I heard Trevor whisper quietly.


"What are the magic words again?" His voice sounded like a far off echo.

I burrowed my head into my pillow and sighed. "I love you," I mumbled, having no idea what I was really saying.

And because of the dark and the fact that at that point I was pretty much asleep, I couldn't see Trevor's blinding smile as he climbed out of my window.

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