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We lay in our meadow, my head on his chest, his cold perfect arms surrounding me. I could feel his chest move in unneeded breaths, breathing in the scent of me. That had worried me a bit at first, but he had assured me that I smelt "Delicious." Then he had laughed at my blush. I started slowly stroking my hand over his tense, shirt-less stomach.

Edward groaned, "You'll be the death of me, Bella."

"Does that mean that you want me to stop?" I asked, running my finger down the center of his abs.

"No, I'll die happy," he murmured running his fingers through my hair. I sighed, pulling myself up onto my elbows, looking down upon his perfect face. His lips tilted up at the corners as I traced my finger over them. His tongue flicked out, licking my pointer finger, which I jerked back with a gasp.

He burst into laughter at my shocked gaze. I glared at him while blushing furiously. Reaching out, he tugged me back down to his chest. "Don't pull yourself away from me," he murmured, brushing kisses on the top of my head. I sighed, it was so magical here. The sunlight trickled through the trees, bathing over us, turning Edwards smooth skin into diamonds.

I stared at him, entranced, "You're so beautiful." He laughed.

"No, my angel, you're the beautiful one." I snorted softly, the scorn showing on my face. He scowled at me, "You think I'm lying?" he asked.

I answered carefully, "Not lying, just too nice for your own good."

Before I could blink, I found myself lying on my back among the leaves. Edward held my hands above me in a firm grip as he braced himself over me. I blinked a couple of times, my mind still trying to process everything at a human speed. "Wow."

Edward looked down at me, his lips tilting in a predatory smile. "Say you're beautiful."

I gave him my innocent face, "You're beautiful."

His eyes narrowed and his head lowered, catching my lips. I lost my breath, taking in the sweetness of him. We could have been this way for hours and I wouldn't have noticed the time pass. For a second he pulled back, kissing up my neck and towards my ear. "Breath" he whispered. I shivered at the feel of his cool breath in my hear, as his lips met mine again.

After an immeasurable amount of time, he pulled back. "No," I mumbled, "Kiss me again," I tried to follow his lips.

He held me down easily, "Say Bella," he emphasized. "Is beautiful. Then I will kiss you."

For a few minutes, I tried to kiss him myself, but finally exasperated, "Bella is beautiful," I muttered angrily, "Now kiss me!"

He tilted his ear towards my lips, "Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you."

Glaring at him, I repeated, "Bella is beauti..." With one swoop, he caught my lips again. After a while, he pulled back, once again rolling so I was on top of his chest. I cuddled against him. "I love you."

I felt his lips tilt against my neck, "I'll love you forever, my beautiful angel."

And we lay like that watching the sunset until we were forced to abandon our lovers nest and start towards home.

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