Demonatra; an InuKag story

Sango set her soda on the table and stared at me wistfully, an obvious sign that she wanted something she knew I wouldn't like doing.

"You know," She said, twirling her thumbs idly, " I've been thinking. It's about time I got you that leather jacket you have been wanting."

"What do you want?" I asked. So typical.

"Just for you to babysit my friends kid today," Before I could object, she rushed on, "I can't make it. Mom decided it was time we spent more time together," My best friend groaned, "She's making me go on this strange family outing. Apperiently I spend to much time with my friends and she wants me to connect with the way life was when she was a kid." Sango put a sneer on her face, "We get to go read to the blind!"

"Who ever said America was free?" I rolled my eyes. She was such a drama queen.

"Uh," She leaned over the table toward me, "you could, if you said yes." I just looked at her. " Oh, please, please, whipped cream and cheery on top? With those stupid rainbow sprinkles you like so much? Please? It would mean the world to me!"

" Fine," I covered her mouth with a hand, "but only if it will get you to shut up." She through a pillow at me. "and you don't have to get me that leather jacket. I'll take three scoops of mint-chocolate chip ice-cream for every time I babysit for them, you, or anyone else you make me sit for. Got it?" she nodded. "so, who am I babysitting for, anyway?"

"Inuyasha Hatake, and his kids."

Miroku coughed around a drink of his soda, deciding now would be a good opportunity to join our conversation. "Inuyasha Hatake?"

"Yeah, whats wrong with that?" Sango asked, going immediately from offence to defense.

" More like who is that?" I chirped.

Miroku looked at me as if a great tragedy had suddenly struck and said, in all seriousness. "My best friend."

"Yes, Miroku," Sango rolled her eyes, "Because that explains everything."

" Yeah, well, this guy has a really bad temper." He shook his head mournfully, "Better watch that you don't get on his bad side, Kagome."

I knocked on the door, my palms sweating with an unreasonable nervousness. "Relax," I whispered to myself, "This is just another stupid job that you were roped into." When that didn't help, I clenched my fists, "Sango owes me big time."

The door opened and a little girl appeared in the frame of light, " Hi," I said as I bent down to secretly inspect the girl, "I'm Kagome, whats your name?" I held my hand out to her. She was sucking on her left thumb but put her right hand in mine.

"I'm Rin." She said, her tiny fingers curling around mine,"I'm three and a half!"

"No," I said in mock disbelief. "Your much to big to be three and a half." She grinned from ear to ear. "Is your daddy home?"

"Daddy's coming." It was then that I saw the door open further, and stood in time to see a full grown man with silver hair, golden eyes, and the cutest pointed dog ears I have ever seen.

"Who're are you?" Inuyasha asked.

"Uh, I'm Kagome," When that name didn't seem to trigger any bells I continued, "Um, Kagome Higurashi. Sango said she called." Still no sign of recognition and I was beginning to ramble, great. "She couldn't make it and she asked me to, er, replace her?" why did that sound like a question?

"She did." He looked me over and put a hand to his chin, smirking, "Huh, I thought she would have sent someone a little older."

"Excuse me, mister, but are you implying that I don't know how to do my job?" It wasn't even my job. I didn't even want to be there. So who cared weather or not that was what he was implying?

"Not at all." He frowned, "But I guess I'll have to wait and see wether or not that's what I should be implying." He waved the conversation away with a hand and motioned me inside. "You do know this is a babysitting job right?" Inuyasha shut the door and lead me down the hallway, "And that I have three kids to take care of?"

"Of course."

"Rin, Kohaku! Souta!" He called, turning to face me, "I'll introduce you to the kids and then I have to go, I'm already running late." The girl who'd answered the door appeared first, tugging on the hand of a boy a little older, but it wasn't long before another, and obviously older boy came running down the stairs to join his siblings. "You've already met Rin, so I wont introduce her. This is Kohaku," Inuyasha pointed to the tallest, " He's ten, and this is Souta," He pointed to the other little boy, "He's five."

"Hi." Kohaku gave a nervous little wave. He was tall for his age, already reaching Inuyasha's shoulder, with deep brown eyes and hair to match.

"Hey-low." Souta didn't wave, but his adorable voice was endearing enough. He was on the shorter side, maybe a few inches taller then Rin. His black eyes were still wide with an innocence only a child could muster, and his black hair was shaggy and floppy on his round, rosy face.

"Hello." Rin smiled up at me, her left hand glued to her face, and her right winding around my leg. She reached just above my knee with long black hair reaching down to her waist, and eyes the sort of milky chocolate that you'd expect to be on a child star, rather than a three year old in Demonatra. I glanced up at their father to find him glaring at our little contact.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing." he grunted. He walked into the kitchen and I fallowed, feeling that's what was expected. The kitchen was no bigger than the one at my house, white walls contradicting granite counter tops, and alpine wood cupboards. "Rin's allergic to nuts and mushrooms." He began, reaching for his suitcase, " Kohaku is allergic to nothing, as is Souta. We eat a lot of romen in this house," He glanced at me sheepishly, "the, uh, the kids love it." He scratched the back of his head.

"So, your saying all you eat is ramen?" I frowned. That was unhealthy beyond comparison.

"No. That's just a lot of what we eat."



"Nothing." And so the game neither of us new we were playing continued.

"Anyway," Inuyasha said, "I will be at work until one, I'll give you you're paycheck then." Inuyasha leaned down and kissed Rin, Souta and Kohaku, who protested loudly. "The emergency contact numbers are on the fridge," With a glare sent my way that made me sure that my belief that violence was not the answer would be severally challenged in this household, "I'm sure you know how to dial nine-one-one?" The look he was giving me told me that he really did wonder if I knew.

"Of course," I huffed, crossing my arms.

"Good," He smirked, "Rin's at bed by eight, Souta at nine, and Kohaku at nine-thirty. Rin's scared of the dark so make sure to leave the hall light on when she goes to bed, and Souta has troubles with the, um, er," Inuyasha glanced at his littlest son and frowned.

"He pees the bed." Kohaku informed, smiling devilishly.

"I do not!" Souta complained, a blush striking his cheeks.

"Do too!" Kohaku looked towards me, "You can smell It when you walk in his room."

"That's enough, guys. Kohaku is right on the first part. Souta does wet the bed," Inuyasha rubbed his temples.


"But his room does not smell. However, he gets one drink before he goes to bed, none during the night." He kissed the kids again and, very stressed out and without thinking, kissed my forehead too. "OK, That's it. Bye, have a wonderful night, kids. See you tomorrow." Inuyasha looked at me appalageticly and mouthed, "Sorry."

I lay on the couch at ten o-clock that night watching Reba and yawning tiredly. Reba had just tried to drink out of a plant when my eye's drifted closed and I fell asleep. . . .

Inuyasha got home at one thirty in the morning. 'I hope she doesn't mind my being half an hour late.' he opened his door with his key. 'smart girl, some don't even bother locking it.' He closed the door behind himself and set his suit case down by the cote peg. 'Where is that girl? Surly she heard the door?'

He walked into the living room, intending to turn the TV to Sci Fi, but noticed a certain sleeping babysitter. 'so, she fell asleep?' He smirked. 'Well I'm certainly not going to wake her up. Boys must have worn her out. Probably played hide n` seek till midnight.' He did pick her up however and walked up the stairs to his room. 'she can sleep here for tonight.' he thought. She snuggled her head in between his shoulder and neck and he groaned involuntarily. She had both her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs dangled from his left arm. His other arm wound around her waist in bridal style.

He layed her gently down on his bed and covered her up, sparing her one last glance before he went to go and get some bedding for himself and slept on the couch.

I woke up feeling the sun on my face and a kid in my arms. Rin. I gently untangled myself from her, realizing that I wasn't in my room. "What?" I looked around. I had never seen this room in my life.

The walls were a light shade of tan, fitting perfectly with the deep brown carpet, but contrasting with the black dresser and burgundy comforter.

Getting out of bed, I walked out the door to the stairs. I was still at inuyasha's. "I didn't go home last night?" I walked to the living room to get my shoes and purse and coat from where I left them. Inuyasha was sleeping on the couch with out a shirt. "Look away, just look away." and I did, kind of. I dug into my purse and pulled out a pencil and a paper.

(A/N) This is Deomatra's first revised chapter. So here's a little bit of fun to keep y'all entertained.

Did you know: That the title Demonatra had been on my mind for months before I even thought of conecting it with a story?

Did you know: That this chapter was named after a poem that I wrote in seventh grade called Forgotten Dreams?

Did you know: That Demonatra; An InuKag story was inspired by another story?

Did you know: That in the original first chapter, I also included what the note Kagome writes Inuyasha at the very end said, and that I didn't include the looks of the kids or any of the rooms in Inuyasha's house?