My sea foam green eyes opened at the very sliver of light that touched my face, causing a warm sensation to spread about it; killing th dak coldness that had overtaken me in sleep.

The rays continously spread until they began to lie across me like a blanket. Covering me in soft warmness that was comforting both in it's property of heat and light.

It felt like the great feeling when your on a horse, riding through the sand, heat on your back and the wild sensation that at some point, you may not still be on that horse, but instead on the ground; dead.

I let my eyes wander from the opened panels of the window though to the other side of my room.

Chavez sat in a lonely chair in the corner, twirling a knife thorugh his fingers before beginning to carve int a piece of wood once again, as he been doing previously I guessed.

He felt my stare I once again, guessed, as he looked up and then gave a sort of half-smile.

"Ah, Chivato, it's nice to see you awake again."

I looked at him blankly, had I been out that long? I couldn't of been. I remebered falling, then someone carrying me. After that? I didn't remember much other than a weird dream about my older cousin.

THe door creaked open and Doc, Dick, and Dirty Steve walked in, Charlie falling behind; came in just within second after they closed the door.

"Billy awake?" Doc asked as he squinted at me, I lowered my eyebrows at him, was he blind?

"Yes, just." Chavez replied as he threw the piece of wood down beside the chair he occupied and flipped his knife around some more before shoving it back into it's rightful holster.

"Is he..mostly concious?" Dick asked with a certain glint in his eye, eyebrows lowered in slightl determination.

"Ahhh...I'm not sure about that one.." CHavez admitted as he stood up and put his hands in his pockets.

I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat, as I sat up in the bed.

"Been out for a while I guess?" I managed to say quietly as I took notice that no shirt was found on my body. I glared at that fact immideatly, not at the men across the way but rather the skin that encased my bones.

"Two days." Charlie replied as he slipped his own dirty paws into his pants pockets and stood with his legs a little wider apart as he waited for a reaction.

"Ain't as bad as I thought." I replied thoughtfully after a minute or two before coughing and then looking away from my bare chest.

Dick took notice of my concern over clothing as cleared his own throat quickly. "Your fever was rising too high, you were hullicinating..we had to take your shirt and trousers off, I assure you your underwear is still in tact."

"On me?"


I nodded and with that in mind I pushed the covers off of my warm body and slid my legs around before I noticed that maybe that wasn't the best idea. I felt a wave of dizziness hit me like a ton of bricks before I put a hand to my forehead.

"You alright Chivato? You probably shouldn't moving too quick, the medicine I gave to you was not for the weak. It's a strong medicine, it'll run it's course for three nights more or so. In my village, we did not use that special concotion unless we thought the situation to be dire or the man was as strong as a bull."

"Which was it for Billy then Chaves y Chavez?" Charlie asked with a smile growing on his face.

"The situation was dire."

A short-lived round of laughter encased the room for a breif moment before things settled down once again to a soft hum where I sat on the bed, a half-smile planted on my face with an occasional eye roll.

Richard frowned and took slow steady steps to the younger man. "Billy..listen, about the Journal,"

"How much of it did ya' read?" I interupted.


"I said, how much of it, did ya' read?"

Dick looked at Billy, an eyebrpow raised and then with a shrugged shoulder he answered. "We finsihed the page you stopped on and then we didn't bother with it much more after that."

I lowered my eyebrows, even that was too much for me to be comfortable with.

"Well, Billy, listen. We, as in all of us here, wanna know just what really happened the day John brought you to us."

I looked up at them, a few nods around the room gave me proof that all of them wanted to know, not just the notorious leader of our small gang of regulators.

I scratched the bridge of my nose, "You all wanna know what happen?"

Everyone nodded once again, save for Chavez, and Dick who stood there, slight hope shining in their eyes for a spectacular story to answer a few of their questions.

I looked into Dick's eyes and sighed as I licked my lips and opened my mouth to speak. "Well, I never lied, I really did kill someone."

"We never doubted that Billy..we just wanna know what happened..exactly.." Steve replied, chewing much like a hoarse on his tobacco, as if it were fruit flavored gum.

I swallowed down a hard lump in my throat and sighed before I got to the edge of the bed, ready to begin.

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