I apologize for putting up an A/N, especially after this story has been complete for over two years (I can't even believe that!). No, it's not an announcement of a sequel, sorry. :( I just have to clear something up for those coming to this story now.

There has been a rash of new readers (hello!) to this story and I've been getting a lot of comments, questions, and PMs about Simon's Mark. I'd just like to clear up the confusion.

It's important to know that Rogue was started before Cassandra Clare even announced she would be writing beyond City of Glass. As far as any of us knew, COG was the end of the series. Rogue was written as a continuation of City of Glass (so, BEFORE any of the events in COFA.)

As many of you probably recall, in City of Glass, we had no idea what Simon's Mark did. In fact, while he was in the battle at the end, it did nothing. It didn't blow up any demons or anything, so there was no way for me to know what it did when writing Rogue. There was no mention of its power until City of Fallen Angels. This story was long completed before then, and I honestly didn't want to try and invent what it might do, so I left it as unknown.

Yes, I know what the Mark does now, but please just remember that Rogue is an alternate course to COFA, COLS, and COHF. It is not written in conjunction with them. It was written with only the knowledge given to us in COB, COA, and COG, so anything gained beyond those is not relevant here.

Thanks for reading! ~ddpjclaf