Leaving a Legacy

by WSJ

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Little game: Try to figure out who's speaking in each verse!


/^*^\ (Look! Terriermon and/or Calumon! Copywrited to me please.)

The time has come,

To say goodbye,

I leave my crest in you hands.

Take these wings I give you and learn to fly!

I too must go back where I belong,

I long to see Spiral Mountain again.

But I leave you with this; just one final song,

Know that we'll be with you forever.

I give you my love,

Yet my time has come as well.

So many memories...

So many enemies, and friends, fell...

I'll hand over to you all my supplies,

Take care of the rest,

Digimon and human alike,

But compared to Gomamon, they're only second best.

Never forget,

Knowledge is the key!

I hand to you my laptop,

So by learning you can see.

My crest also I give to you.

Although I'll admit you cannot use it.

But having it with you might give you some strength,

And maybe some of Palmon's wit.

Hope is all I have to give,

Maybe that's all you'll need...

Always give your heart the first choice,

And pay your Digimon heed.

Hope and I are bound up by fate,

I must follow him when we roam.

But I too have a gift to give,

Light, to find your way home.

I long to stay and fight with you,

Battle just once more...

But I must go home, like all the rest.

Here, these goggles have surprises in store.

Do you remember the old times?

How I long to go back...

That is the reason we leave you now,

Take this D-Terminal, handy if you need to give Courageous a whak!

This, I suppose, is goodbye.

But we'll live on inside you forever.

Just look at this kendo stick if you ever wonder why,

And remember us as we are now.

It took me so long to finally see truth,

We say farewell too soon.

But if you look at this Dark D-3,

And remember me,

My smile you'll see light up the room.

This is our farewell, our one final goodbye.

But our journey is never truely over,

Our legacy will forever live on.

We are the Chosen Ones, the Envied Few,

The humans of Digimon.

Yes, you'll stay in my heart forever,

You guys taught us so much.

That darkness never fully takes over,

How to love, and how to trust.

I'll make sure you're memory is never forgotten.

Farewell, for now, my friends.


Weeeee!!!!!!!!!! Let me know what you think! Oh yes, two things. 1), when I refur to them by only crest names, (Love, Light ect.) then I call Davis "Courageous", Yolei is "Lovely", and Cody is dubbed "Knowledgable". That takes care of any questions about Yolei's comment.

2) The speaker at the very end is whoever you want her/him to be. Me, you, the Tamers, their parents, whoever! I preferably like to think that it's me. = P

3) (Ok, so I can't count...) This was inspired by the Forever Project at Lelola.com. If you have extra time, go check it out! It's totally cool.