Alien vs. Predator: Deadly Origins

"Use your enemy's hand to catch a snake."
A Persian Proverb.

"He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,
And he who has an enemy will meet him everywhere."
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity.
But I know none, and therefore am no beast."
William Shakespeare, Richard III

Chapter 1: Discovery

Egypt, 3500 B.C.E.

A room is bathed in darkness. Stepping noises in the sand is heard outside of the abyss. Click! The room roared to life as a door opens. The room fills with light coming from an unforeseen torch. The walls are covered in hieroglyphic. One part of the wall shows armoured humanoids interacting with humans. Another image showing humans on sacrificial tables with some type of spider-like crab with tails attached to their face. The next image shows some type of snake bursting out of their chests. The final image depicted the weird-looking humanoid creatures, covered in strange armour, fighting a black, serpent-like humanoid monster. The whole wall was covered in what looked like a war between the two creatures.

The stepping noise in the sand continues. A shadow appears in the room in the shape of a man. A large, baise, stone container covered in odd line symbols is placed on a stone stand in the middle of the room by dark brown muscular hands. At the ends of the hands are clawed fingernails that are black in colour. The hands tap a button on the container. Beep! The lid twists clockwise. Click. The lid is sealed shut. The hands pull back away from the container. Stepping noises are made again but are now fading away. The door slid shut, bathing the room in darkness once again.

Egypt, 2010 C.E., just outside of Cairo

The room remains bathed in darkness for millennia. Soon noises are heard once again. The noise is muffled talking. Rumble! Light once again fills the room. Two men walk into the room. One is dress in khaki shorts, blue shirt with brown vest, and a hat. He was in his mid-twenties. The other is dressed in light brown pants and a white button shirt, and is holding a large flashlight. He was Egyptian, in his mid-forties. Dust floated around the room.

"You believe this to be the chamber of the gods?" he asked.

"Of course," De Rosa replied confidently. "It even says right there on the wall."

"Where Ramirez?"

"Here," he said pointing at the hieroglyphics on the mid-right section of the wall. "Just look at this room! It is so well preserved."

Ramirez looked all around the walls. His hands glide across every crack in the walls.

"Do you know what it says?" the guide asked.

"Somewhat. I can make out that these two things all over the walls were considered gods to these people. The serpents, as they are called, were evil gods that were hunted by these armoured gods. These gods would return here every 200 years to hunt these serpent demons. For these serpent demons to appear, humans must sacrifice themselves to the "layers". In exchange, the hunters helped these people build these pyramids and protected them from the evil gods. The hunters or Predators, not fully sure on the translation, were beings of great power that came from the skies in giant vessels. A very interesting legend, don't you think Mustafa?"

"A very interesting one indeed. What about that container in the center of the room? What do the symbols on it mean?"

Ramirez looked towards the stone stand. He became completely focused on the container.

"I have never seen such symbols before. They do not seem to match any culture I have come across before. Not Egyptian, Mayan or Aztec. This is going to get my research a great amount of funding and recognition."

"Only wish your big brother, Sebastian, was here to see what you have accomplish?" Mustafa asked.

"I miss him."

"How did he die again?"

"Weyland Industries didn't fully disclose what happened. He goes on an expedition to Antarctica, where apparently everyone dies except some survivalist by the name of, uh, Alexa Woods. Even Weyland himself was killed on the expedition, but you want to know what the weird thing is?"


"No bodies. Since then Alexa was checked into an asylum under suspicions of multiple homicide. She was completely delusional. She was going on about aliens and such, and serpents, hmm."

"What is it, Ramirez?"

"She described black serpent humanoid monsters and large armoured human-like aliens."


"Look at the wall."

Mustafa lifted a lantern and looked at the wall to see the exact creatures she described on the walls.

"You're not suggesting that she was telling the truth."

"No, not at all. I was just thinking out loud. Bring in the carrier so we can move this container. It must be worth a lot for historical significance."

* * * * *

Manhattan, New York, 2 weeks later

In an office, Private Investigator Colin Lambert lays his feet on his desk. He pushes his hat forward covering his eyes. A machine starts beeping on his desk. Colin pushes a button on the machine.

"If it's another woman thinking her husband is cheating on her," he said in a disgruntled tone, "I'm not interested."

"Alright," said the secretary.

Beep. The machine turned off.

Where have all the good assignments gone, he thought. Colin used to bust crime organizations, solve cases that baffled the local police. Taking cases such as photographing affairs just seems to belittle his reputation. Colin reached for his black coffee, and drank it greedily. He pulled up a newspaper. The headline read, "Egyptian Container Found! New Ancient Language!" Colin looked at the picture of the container. It was covered in very odd symbols. These symbols seem familiar, he thought.

He realized that the officer that his brother worked with, from Los Angelas described the exact same symbols in an alien craft. Officer Harrigan lost his job and his life after that assignment where Colin's brother died. Harrigan eventually drank himself to death. Remembering this sparked Colin's interest in the container. He read more of the article. The display of the container is supposed to take place at the Museum of Human Civilization.

"Jeana," he said speaking into the machine, "cancel any appointments I have tonight."

"Alright, Mr. Lambert."

* * * * *

Ramirez stood in front of a large crowd next to the container he found. Ramirez stood at the podium.

"Good evening everyone," he said. "Thank you all for coming to this opening of the new exhibit."

"On the dig at the pyramids, we found the Chamber of the Gods," Ramirez said. "This container has symbols on it that are still unknown for every culture. They don't match Egyptian, Aztec, Mayan, Greek or Harappan. The design of the room itself was also very different from Egyptian architecture. This leads us to the theory that a new unknown civilization may have influenced Egyptian culture, art, language and architecture. Something else that we found very interesting was that while the room itself dated to around the year 3500 B.C.E., the container dates back to 4500 B.C.E. Also we analyzed some metalic residue around the cracks of the container. This metal does not match any element on the periodic table of elements. The container is also able to prevent x-rays and CAT scans from entering inside the container. We only get a solid image just barely inside the container. This leads us to believe that the inside has been coated with or contains this metal. Also for some odd reason, the container omits warmth. We are still trying to figure out how this is possible but we currently believe that this metal is able to make an endothermic reaction. For the next few months we will try to find out more about the container. Any questions?"

Many hands came up.

"Yes you," Ramirez said pointing at a person in the middle.

"Any similarities between those symbols and any other cultures?"

"None that we know of," he replied. "Yes."

"Have you found out how to open the container?"

"No, we have not. Last question. Yes?"

"What is that on the front of the container?"

The projector immediately went to the image of some horrific creature. It stood in front of an oval-shaped object with its top open. Out of the top was a spider-like crab creature. Behind the oval-shape was a gigantic creature. It was bigger than the regular serpent creatures. It had four arms instead of two. Its tail spear was longer and sharper. Its head was horrifically large and was more flat and wide than the other serpent monster heads. Its head got wider towards the back. On its back were six spikes. Out from the base of the tail was a large sac of some sort which resembled a queen termite.

"Well we believe that this is the leader of the evil gods that the walls spoke of," Ramirez replied. "We believe that this god laid the evil lesser gods. Well I hate to keep everyone from the hors-d'ouevres, so enjoy!"

Everyone clapped loudly as Ramirez walked off the stage. While making his way to his lab, a man dressed in a light brown trench coat approached him.

"I'm not giving any interviews," Ramirez said.

"Good, because I'm not a reporter," Colin replied. "I'm Colin Lambert.

The two shoke hands.

"It just, I've heard of those symbols before."


"Yes. I think it may have a connection to how my brother died."

"Funny, cause I think that this may also have a connection to how my brother died."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. He died 5 years ago in an expedition to Anarctica."

"You mean the one where Weyland Industries president Charles Bishop Weyland died?"

"One and the same. We have much to talk about. Come with me to my lab."

* * * * *

"Coffee?" Ramirez asked.

"No, thanks."

"So how do you believe that this artifact has something to do with your brother?"

"Well, the only lead I have on my brother's killer is the testimony of a LA officer who drank himself to death and a female officer who went into seclusion. I'm not sure I want to believe what they say but before the last assignment my brother was on, these two were highly decorated and respected officers. Harrigan may have had anger issues with criminals but he was still good cops."

"What did he say?" Ramirez asked as he sat down on a stool.

"Well, he said that it was some alien race."


"Yeah. I don't believe it but something weird happened down in LA. People being hung upside down with their skin peeled off. They never caught who did it all. Harrigan said that he chased the killer, the Predator as he called it, all the way to its space ship. Inside were Aztec-like writings all over the walls. These Predators had weird armour and weapons like nothing we have never seen before. Look at this; I'm talking about aliens and such. You probably think I'm crazy."

"Not at all. You see it seems that aliens have a connection to my brother's death. My story is based on the testimony of the only survivor of that expedition, Alexa Woods. She said it dealt with aliens with weird armour and weapons, and aliens that are serpent-like."

Colin looked in surprise.

"I haven't shown anyone, but my colleagues, these photos," Ramirez said as he slide the photos to Colin.

Colin saw the exact creature described by Harrigan along with some crazy-looking, black, bipedal serpent.

"I don't want to jump to conclusions or sound crazy," Ramirez said cautiously, "but between you and me, maybe, just maybe, there is something more about the stories of how our brothers died."