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Prompt: Lucky Break

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I had always wanted a family of my own. Beautiful children living in a beautiful home, with a rich and successful husband, all of whom loved me. I had grown up distinctly middle class, but my parents had loved me enough to ensure that I knew all the good things of life. Many hours had been spent on posture, style, elocution, and decorum. I knew how to host the perfect party, how to greet and introduce people, and most importantly, how to be the trophy wife of any man's dreams. Best of all, I was also beautiful.

My beauty was nothing but a tool to obtain my goal, however. I knew that appearing in public perfectly groomed at all times was tantamount in securing the kind of husband that would fit my preconceived notions of what my future would entail. I knew Vera was jealous of me, with my fine dresses and many beaus, but in truth I was also a bit jealous of her with her doting husband and adorable little boy. She had what I wanted. But I didn't despair, because I knew I would get what she had soon, only better, for my home, husband and children would be grand.

Daddy was always talking recently about Royce King, Jr. who was taking over at the bank. He considered this fortunate for him, a new manager to impress who would hopefully see his value and promote him. Already daddy had met with him on numerous occasions and had been asked his opinions on operations. There was even talk around the dinner table about the fact that promotions would be announced in a few weeks and how he hoped his name would be on the list. In celebration of the possibility he bought me a new white dress. Yes, I was daddy's little girl, and I relished the role.

I remember the day daddy forgot his lunch. That was really unlike him, but I suppose even he could have a bad day. Mom asked me to take it to him, and that was fine. I had just been sitting and listening to the radio while reading Good Housekeeping magazine; I always loved the pictures of the adorable children on the cover. I had hopped up and grabbed the sack when mom told me that I should go change. "Always look your best when you go out into public," she would say, and following her direction I went and pinned up my hair and put on my new white dress.

Daddy was happy to see me and kept me at the bank for a few minutes, chatting with me about my day while he ate. There were a number of men at the bank, and I pranced around knowing they were all looking at me. They always did, and it made me feel even prettier. As soon as he was done he asked me to carry his trash out so he wouldn't have to worry about it, and I readily agreed. I knew what to do to make daddy want to buy me more pretty things. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as I left.

The next morning a dozen roses were delivered to my door. They were beautiful, long-stemmed and deep red. The note was so sweet, 'These roses are beautiful, but do not hold a candle to the Rose I saw yesterday. Please allow me to wait on you this evening.' It was signed by none other than Royce King, Jr. I was sure to send a note with my younger brother to the bank telling him that I would be happy to receive him.

The following few months have been heaven. So many parties, so many new, pretty dresses, and me always on Royce's arm. He's such a gentleman, holding my chair and introducing me to his associates as the prettiest Rose he has ever found. I was glad to see that he wasn't a heavy drinker, which would be so ugly in a man. He barely sipped the champagne that was always served to us wherever we went. I honestly didn't believe my life could be any more perfect, until this evening.

Royce had picked me up in his shiny new car. It was a Bugatti and all the rage. It was a shiny black with yellow streaks and everyone who saw us envied our luck. He had been so careful with my new dress as he closed the door behind me, and even though he complained about me covering my hair with a scarf as we drove to the restaurant, he was willing to allow it so it wouldn't be messed up in the wind. He had even ordered for me at dinner, and I enjoyed every bite! The surprise came with dessert.

It was a chocolate box filled with bonbons! He knew I loved rich chocolate, so this was very sweet. I knew I couldn't eat much, I had to preserve my figure after all, so he asked if he could choose one for me. Of course I said yes, and he picked out one from the side, wrapped in paper that was slightly different from the rest. Its shape was a bit odd as well, but I figured he had a reason. He handed it to me, and I unwrapped it carefully. This bonbon was quite odd, in that it seemed to be a shell with no filling, and was coming apart at a seam around the middle. I took the top off, and to my utter shock I saw an engagement ring with a huge diamond nestled inside.

I looked up to Royce with joy to see his smiling face. "Rose, my beautiful flower, will you marry me?" I knew it was soon, we had only known each other for a few months, but he was perfect. Handsome, rich, popular and able to provide me with the life I always dreamed of having. Naturally, I said yes.

And now, as I lie in bed, writing in my journal, I can't help but think over how incredibly lucky I am. I have everything I ever dreamed of, and knew that soon I would also be holding an adorable baby in my arms. I thought back to the day that daddy had forgotten his lunch. I was so glad he had. I just knew that I would always think of that day as the day I got my lucky break.

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