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This can't be! She can't be dead! Rosalie is just lying. She's trying to play with my head. This is all a sick joke! I whipped out my cell phone. I'll just call Be- her house and see for myself. She'll never have to know its me.


Ring. Come on. Pick up.

Ring. I was just about to hang up and try again, when someone answered.

"Hello?" I was so relieved, that it took me a minute to realize who answered. It was her. "Hello?" I realized that I was breathing heavy into the phone, with so much emotion. Apparently she heard and thought I was some pig. "I'm hanging up," she said abruptly. No! She can't! "Wait! I'm sorry. Uh, is this Isabella Swan?" "Yes," she said confused. "If you don't mind me asking who is this?" I smiled. She was always so polite. I had made my voice deeper, so she wouldn't recognize it. "This is Dr. Riley. I'm an over the phone therapist." I don't know why I said that. It just came out. "Oh," she said. "Well, I don't need a therapist." "Someone told me that you did," I lied. I knew what I was doing was very wrong, but I couldn't stop. And I wanted to hear her voice.

"Who did?" she demanded. "Anonymous." She sighed. "Alright, fine. Hang on a second." I waited. I could hear her in the background. "Jake, could you go home, please? Someone's on the phone, and I think It's gonna take a while." Jake? Who's Jake? Does she have a boyfriend?

I feel hurt and angry. Hurt, that she has already found someone else. Angry, that that someone else has her. I could hear a deep voice in the background. "Ah, come on Bells. We were gonna go cliff diving!" Cliff diving? Cliff diving?!? No way in hell is Bella cliff diving!! I told her not to do anything stupid and reckless!! She wouldn't even dare!!

"I'll go cliff diving with you tomorrow, I promise. Meet me at La Push at 2:00, okay?" I couldn't hear what he said, but I did hear a door close. "Sorry about that," she apologized. "My best friend was just here. Now, what did you want to talk about with me?" Uh, how about everything? "You're going cliff diving tomorrow?" I said, barely covering the anger in my voice. "Yes." "With who?" "My best friend, Jacob Black." "And where exactly does this Jacob Black live?" "Down in La Push, Washington." Dammit!! He's a werewolf!! I knew I heard his name before. "Have you been doing anything risky lately?" "What is this? Twenty Questions?" Still as stubborn as ever. "Please answer the question." "Fine! Yes, I've been partaking in risky behavior." "Such as?" "Riding a motorcycle, getting in fights with people who've been trying to kill me, that sort of thing. She was riding a motor cycle?!?! Getting in fights with people who've been trying to kill her?!?!

That's it!!! I used my regular voice. "Isabella Marie Swan!!! I TOLD you NOT to do ANYTHING STUPID OR RECKLESS!!!" She gasped. "Edward? Is that you?" "You're damn right it's me!! What do you mean you've been getting in fights with people who've been trying to get you?" "Uh, well. There was Laurent. Who, uh, tried to kill me. But, uh, Jacob saved me. Then I went to the gang who, uh, tried to kill me before. Victoria is, um, here in Forks. But, don't worry! The pack is looking after me. They-" "The pack??!!" The werewolves. Their taking care of me, so you don't have to worry." "BELLA!! DO YOU KNOW HOW UNSTABLE THEY ARE?!?!" "THEY WOULD NEVER HURT ME!!" She yelled back. "THEY CAN LOSE THEIR TEMPER AND HURT YOU!!!! THEN, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO?!?!" "LET ME WORRY ABOUT THAT!!!!" "YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM THEM, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!" "You can't stop me," I heard her mutter.

She didn't mean for me to hear, I know that for a fact. But, I did anyway. "WATCH ME!!!" I yelled. Then, before she could respond, I hung up.