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I watched as Bella stumbled into the room looking upset and angry. At first I wondered what had made her this way. Then I smelled wet dog and realized it was coming from her. She went to La Push, where those disgusting mongrels were! That's why Alice hadn't been able to see where Bella was at.

I watched as she fell asleep with her clothes still intact and frowned. She wasn't going to take a shower? She must really be upset if she doesn't really care about her hygiene.

What the hell did those dogs do to my Bella? If they hurt her, I swear I'll decapitate those low lives.

"Stupid…Jacob….overprotective, foolish…werewolves…" My angel muttered in her sleep. Her face was contorted into a mask of rage and I longed to wipe it off of her face. A creature as heavenly as her shouldn't be distressed in any way. Those dogs are going to pay for upsetting my angel. Especially this Jacob. I know I don't have any right to do that, but I frankly don't care!

I stared at this goddess sleeping until my phone vibrated in my pocket. I had to forcefully tare my eyes away from Bella to read the damn message.

Come home right away! I just had a vision that's going to make our plan…complicated. –A.

I stared at the message with a hard expression on my face. What could Alice possibly mean?

My phone vibrated again.

Don't just stand there like a dummy! Get your butt over here or else I'm going to make you go shopping with me and Rose tomorrow and you'll be holding our bags and purses! –A.

That got me moving. I stole one last glance at my saving grace before I jumped out of the window and into the night.

I ran to the house as fast as I could so Alice wouldn't make me shop with her and Barbie. (My secret nickname for her. Hey, she might as well be a Barbie doll. She looks like one and her head's full of hot air! It's a perfect match!)

Plus, I was curious. What complications could possibly affect our plan to win Bella back? I got my answer as soon as I stepped through the front door. The first thing I heard was," Those stupid dogs are going to go to Forks High and try to protect Bella from us! Can you believe it? Us! We should be the ones protecting Bella from them! Not the other way around!" Alice was practically dry sobbing at the end of her speech.

Jasper put his arm around Alice and tried to soothe her.

"Alice, darling, come on now. It'll be alright. We'll get Bella back in the end, don't you worry your pretty little head."

While Jasper tried to calm Alice down, I stood shocked.

"Don't look so flabbergasted you ass wipe!" I turned angrily at Rose. She glared back at me. "If we hadn't left, she wouldn't be friends with those little puppies. But, nooo! You just had to leave didn't you?"

Emmett chuckled. "Rosie, when you say little puppies are you talking about the size of their-"He promptly shut up after Rose glared hard at him.

"Never mind," he muttered.

"It's Bella's decision," Esme murmured. We all turned and looked at her and Carlisle.

"What?" Alice screeched. Both Esme and Carlisle cringed at her shriek. I think everyone in the room cringed. I know I did.

"Bella is her own person and she can make her own decisions. We are not going to force her to change her mind. We can try to change her mind, but that's it, alright?" Everyone nodded.

"We'll just have to try harder," Rose said, determinedly. Then she turned to glare at me. "Listen dumbass," she hissed.

"Language, Rose." Carlisle said sternly. Rose rolled her eyes and continued. "If we get her back into our family, don't pull this abandonment shit again, got it?" I glared at her.

"Just when I think you're getting smarter, Rose, you surprise me by turning into the dumb blonde I've known for at least a hundred years. It's funny that your body has matured, but your mind is still stuck at age three. You know, Bella's only been alive eighteen years and she's much more mature than y-"I was cut off when Rose tackled me to the ground screeching.

I turned to my family with pleading eyes to help me, but they didn't come to my rescue. Carlisle and Esme just shook their head, sighed and left the room. Emmett was cheering his wife on, Alice was planning another way to win Bella back and Jasper shrugged, walked to the television and turned it on football.

My last thought before Rose got off of me was, 'I can't believe I'm bringing Bella into this crazy family.'

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