Tales of the manipulated: Aizen Sousuke
Title: Abusive Compulsive
Genre: angst, abuse, psychological

summary –

What makes a person abuse another? What made Aizen abuse Gin? Explanations, revelations and an insight into the psyche, this is the story of Ichimaru Gin's abuse from Aizen's perspective. In which we will see just how unstable Aizen really is. Because as they say, it is far easier to simply denounce the evil doer than it is to try and understand him.

Mirror story to 'Manipulating the mentalist'. Scenes of graphic abuse and profanities throughout the whole thing. You were warned.

authors note/massive rant –

I don't own bleach. Again, anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Come on folks, I may be good, but I'm not THAT good.

This is the mirror story to 'Manipulating the mentalist' and the third instalment to my 'Tales of the manipulated'. This time from the abuser's point of view, so we can walk in his shoes for a bit. Again, this has scenes of graphic abuse, explicit content and some very bad language throughout – so not suitable for minors in the slightest. If you've read MTM and 'My imitated smile' you'll like this. Or at least I hope you will.

But this fic contains future plot wreckage for MTM. Or it will when I get further into it anyway.

Oh and also, screw my previous warnings with the yaoi. I don't know what happened with THE Kira fic when this whole thing began, but it all started off really tame and now look at it!

Ya know who I blame fer this? Yeah, my editor, Crazyfeatherhead. (who I hope accepts responsibility for being a very good bad influence on me by the way!) yes it's her fault. But she's been my rock throughout this whole thing, which was just awesome. Thankyou for looking after me and giving me crack and yaoi and such. And nii-sama too! (TheBurningDragon92), he's just been so supportive. In fact, they both have. Nii-sama making sure I ate right (because when I get involved in a big project I have a tendancy to overwork) giving me chocolate and pep talks, having writing sessions with me so I didn't feel like a complete loon, and even covering for my Gin&Cherry story while I was gone. And CFH sending me all the crack, yaoi, and Doctor Phill'ing me and telling me it was all going to be okay even when I thought it wasn't ever going to be ever, for all the late night plot talks and for putting up with me. Ahhh~ They're both really amazin'. They're both so awesome to me and I love em so much for it. Here's to hopefully many more beta'ing to come for the both of ya! (I beta nii-sama's stuff) What did I do to deserve you guys?! You're too good to me… and CFH, if you ever need yaoi, you just ask me kay?

so, now I've had my rant, do enjoy my story of Aizen's descent. My NaNoWriMo project for 2009 - 30 days of Dark and angsty Aizen. What I think is either sheer madness or pure genius. Or both. I think this has got to be my most controversial story yet. So hateful comments will NOT be appreciated. Be nice please people.

Hoping you'll like what ya read,


"Nothing is easier than to denounce the evil doer; Nothing more difficult than understanding him."
- Fyodor Dostoevsky

Prologue: From Aizen's perspective

Some might say he was sadistic, that he even enjoyed torturing people. Others would say that he had been tortured himself, so that's why he did the things he did. After all, don't the abused naturally become the abusers themselves? Ichimaru Gin was a perfect example of that. In fact Gin was probably the one who was hit the worst through the abuse, and there were many stories thrown around the soul society about him, and subsequently, Aizen as well.

However, as gruesome these stories were, they were usually wrong. There was another reason behind why Aizen did those terrible things.

Now you might think that Aizen enjoyed causing pain, especially the way he would hurt Ichimaru, both mentally and physically. And the way he reacted when Gin tried to befriend Kira meant that the abuse he inflicted just escalated. But it's not like he actually wanted to do those things. Not like he wanted to cause hurt. Never.

But he did.

He did it because he felt that he had to. Because he needed to. It was not because he enjoyed causing pain and hurting people, and being violent towards the ones closest to him. Not because he was sadistic and got pleasure out of it, not because he desired cruelty, or because he had a passion for it, but because he himself was suffering.

Contrary to the popular belief, Aizen was not abused. He was obsessive compulsive.

And he had a secret that would change everything. A dark sense of manipulation that would damage him so severely, and truly wreck the lives of those he cared about.

This is Aizen Sousuke, and this is his side of the story.

The story of how he became manipulated by his own mind.