My favourite versions of 'Poison' are by Groove Coverage and Alice Cooper. The other 'Remedy' is by Little Boots. I really like 'em. Good songs to dance to [what? it helped me with my writers block] Those songs were the inspiration here. You can probably tell once ya start reading. I forsee the plot getting more complex from here on out. Ah, bear with me please.

Chapter 15: Poison, Remedy

He sniffed, trying to steady his breaths again. God he needed a drink right about now. He just wanted to forget this whole damn thing. Drown it all out. Kill it. He buried his face in his hands and tried breathing in terribly unsteadily. This was stupid. This was really ridiculous. He'd lost his memory, he'd regained it again, uncovered all of the things that he'd tried to smother so long ago. But the hollow had other plans. It was like it said 'oh no, you don't get to be in that kind of loving relationship, you don't get to live your own life. Oh, and you don't get to start over with Gin either'.

But he was tired of it. He was both physically and mentally exhausted. And he couldn't care less about what happened any more. He just wanted to drown out the voice of it long enough to get some much needed sleep and rest his tired and aching bones. Give his wounds a chance to heal. Not that there would be much chance of that happening at this rate. At the rate he was going he would most likely bleed to death.

How he just wanted to forget everything.

Dragging up his trembling body, managed to stagger to the kitchen and pilfer all of the alcohol he could find. All of the bottles of gin, vodka, sake, and tequila he could find. He downed them all, saving the gin for last. It was enough to get himself drunk with, seeing as he was a real lightweight when it came to gin. He looked at the now empty bottle of gin intently, turning it over and over in his hand. Silently damning it straight to hell.

"Fuck it!"

He swore, slamming the clear bottle onto the floor so that it smashed into pieces. He watched the pieces scatter across the floor, still fuming with himself. Clutching his head again and groaning.

"Why does everything I touch go to shit? Why is everything going to hell?"

He couldn't take it any more. He just wanted to cry.

"What's wrong with me?"

That as the last thing he asked himself before collapsing onto the floor and falling into the sleep he wanted. Not that he could do much else. He couldn't move, he couldn't even think straight, he couldn't even fix it. Not this overly dramatic mess that had been created. He passed out, falling into a gin induced sleep. This being the second time that he had drunk himself to sleep.

Dreams were growing weird for him. Every dream vivid and real to him, every dream finding him acting differently. Having dreams of things he couldn't have, of things that he had had and lost. Of people he'd loved and lost. Similar dreams, similar experiences.

He again finds himself in his room, with everything looking exactly how it was. With all of the books on the shelves all perfectly aligned and everything how it was where he had left it. Everything was materialising around him slowly as he regained sense of it all as the temporary haze he was in seemed to lift from on top of him, everything refocusing from the outside inwards. Warmth was near to him, and he wanted to reach out for it. He wanted to reach out and touch that warmth. The illogicality of being able to physically hold warmth just completely bypassing him, for he knows that this kind of warmth can actually be touched and held. He wanted this warmth.

Things slowly materialised then. Then it became more than just a sensation of warmth, but the touch of skin, the feel of another body. It was weird, like being able to feel but not see clearly. For the scene before him was still materialising in front of him. Hands. Hands and arms wrapping themselves around this body, and another set of hands and arms working their way around his own body. Relieving any and all tension as they went snaking around him. Releasing all pain with a single touch. Causing the heart to beat faster with the heat emanating from it. Lips temporarily crash against lips resulting in a flirtatious laugh from the other. But the strange thing is, Aizen knows this laugh.

"Aizen chan…"

A smile materialises. His smile, Gin's smile.

A very surreal moment indeed. Aizen is holding him like a lover, squeezing him tightly and smiling like a wolf that has just claimed its territory.


Gin giggled flirtatiously, arms draping around Aizen's neck now.

"Whats yer poison?"

Aizen smirked his signature grin, smiling defiantly yet callously at his youthful and freshly claimed mate, grinning wildly as his pupils dilated, giving him a more feral and wild appearance.

"mmm, Gin…"

Tongues crash this time. Followed by soft moans and pleasured glances. Gin's tongue exploring the deepest parts of Aizen's mouth while sliding the shihakusho off of his shoulders. Aizen's handsworking downwards and resting themselves upon Gin's hips before doing likewise and removing slowly the clothes of the other. The both of them tumbling drunkenly onto the floor in a estranged tangle of arms and legs. Hands touching bare skin. On shoulders, chests, backs, necks. In the midst of so much heat and raptured breathing, a passion did burn there. A deep and intense passion. Indescribable emotion and many pent up angers that became unleashed when the both of them were together.

To Aizen, it was like listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture.

His very state of being getting carried away in the current of the toe curling sensations of touching and being touched. Getting swept up in to the moment as the both of them struggled to find dominance over their lover amid touches and pleasured moans. Legs and hips shifting to find their positions at the top and over the others hips.

Maybe it was the heat getting to him, but Aizen found himself submitting. This wasn't like him, but then again, nothing in this dream was like him. Nothing in this dream was likely to have happened, was it?

He didn't know, all he knew was that it was good.

He wouldn't lie; it did sting a little bit when he entered. Despite this being the second time, even if only in a dream, that he was the submissive partner. He groaned and clenched his teeth as Gin pushed into him, thoroughly enjoying every single second of his slight pain.

"Jeez, anyone'd think this were yer firs' time!" Gin teased, longingly tracing his fingers along the nape of Aizen's neck.

"An' ya call me a whore…"

Aizen moaned uncomfortably and Gin laughed to himself. Breathing in and out deeply into Aizen's ear and brushing his neck against his.

"I'll try an' be gentle with ya…" He said quietly then shoving his hips forward, forcing another moan from his Aizen, who was currently lying on his stomach and being thoroughly screwed. Not quite in the way he would have liked it, but he was being screwed nonetheless. Gin was taking full advantage of the position he was currently in, managing to elicit another mixture of pleasured and pained moans from him.

"Ugh… Oh gods!"

Gin's grin widened substantially with each violent and jerky movement with his hips. Watching as the sweat dripped from the body of his prey. Gazing down contentedly at his flushed face and heavy eyes, still grinning wildly. He was enjoying this.

But then again, wasn't that the point of this little drunken episode?

Or rather, spiking Aizen's drink?

Because there was no way in hell that he could manage to do this sober. He'd have his head lopped off if he even tried. And Gin decided that he rather liked having his head on his shoulders.

"So," he asked, thrusting himself harder into him. Excriating yet another cry from his lover.

"How's it feel… bein' th' submissive one?"

He thrust into him one last time before removing himself from Aizen's body, watching and leaning over him as he rolled onto his back to face Gin, still so full of the heat that had consumed him earlier. He was panting heavily, each breath laboured and yet very seemingly satisfied with the most recent occurrences.

Both males were now facing each other, Aizen beneath Gin at this stage. Gin was breathing silently in comparison to how Aizen was. Aizen was really out of breath now.

"Submissive one?"

And heaving himself up onto his knees, he then drew his gaze level with Gin's, their eyes met. Each transfixed with the other.


"I'll show you submissive." He said, half snarling with desire as he shoved Gin down onto the floor, so that he was lying on his back beneath Aizen's naked form. Only managing to take in a single breath before soft lips pressed against his own, and Aizen's tongue invaded Gin's mouth. He moaned gently as Aizen passionately kissed him, his tongue wrestling wildly and trying to regain dominance again.

Gin broke away, giving the slightest of grins.

"Hm, my my… cheatin' on yer lover… my you are naughty Aizen sama…" Gin laughed, "Oh, what's poor lil Izuru kun gonna say when he finds out wha' n' who you've been doin'?" He teased, half joking and half serious.

"I don't care…" Aizen replied, his voice soft and breathy as he gave Gin another deep kiss. Plunging his tongue into Gin's mouth again and exploring every inch of it. Moaning softly as Gin reciprocated the kiss. Aizen moved in deeper, feeling the heat of his body and the slight shivers that went through him. Good, he still showed at least a little bit of fear to his touch still.

Gin's hips shifted into a submissive position ready for him. He knew what would result if he didn't. He let Aizen enter without any fight.

"Not fighting me today?"

Gin laughed, half gasping with the pleasure. "Ha ahh, whatchya goin' on 'bout? This's our firs' time together aint it?"

Aizen looked at him, at his blushed face and blood red eyes. His pale skin and white hair that fell over his gorgeous eyes. Damn it

…why did he have to be so beautiful?

"I love you…"

"Wow… ya really are smashed."

Gin giggled, pulling Aizen in to his chest in a loving embrace, holding him as they both lay there entwined with each other. Body to body, soul to soul.

"That's my line…"

And you all thought that Gin was crazy…

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