A.D 2301

Krugis Republic

The sun hung above the war-torn city in the Krugis Republic, gunfire blazing and echoing across the battlefield. As child soldiers ran through the streets, firing machine guns at hulking, armoured mobile suits, a voice can be heard, speaking to them over a loudspeaker;

"This battle is a holy war in the name of God. We shall strike down the infidels who disrespect our traditions and lay waste to the land of God."

The mobile suits rained heavy fire on the city, walking through the rubble and remaining walls and over the corpses of children; soldiers believing they were fighting for a higher purpose. The last soldier still breathing; a ten year old boy named Soren Ibrahim leans against a wall, breathing heavily as the voices continues its message;

"We must not submit to the infidels."

Looking up, Soren sees the mobile suits firing on each other, exploding as their armour is pierced and their pilots are killed. Soren starts running, firing on mobile suits. One fires back, flinging Soren to the ground. He quickly gets back on his feet, finding more cover just before another mobile suit fires on him. As he tries to catch his breath, gripping his gun tightly, the voice continues to preach its message;

"By dying in battle, we shall be led into the presence of God!"

Soren looks up, and sees that he's run into the remains of someone's home. Broken furniture and plates litter the stone ground, but what catches Soren's eye is a little girl's doll, still intact.

"In this world," Soren says bitterly, "there is no God."

As the infidel mobile suits continue to rain fire over the city, one of the Krugis mobile suits fires missiles at them, blowing off one of the infidel mobile suit's arm's off. It turns around, quickly finds its target, and opened fire with a machine gun mounted under its head. The bullets tear through Soren's cover, and he quickly throws himself to the ground, narrowly avoiding the bullets. He quickly gets up and starts running through the streets as the voice's message repeats itself.

'In this world there IS no God!' Soren thinks to himself as he runs, panicked, through the streets. The mobile suits fire on him and he ducks down into a corner. Soren quickly looks around, and realises that he's trapped. A mobile suit found him and advanced slowly, pushing Soren deeper into the corner until he back hit the wall. He grips his gun tighter as the machine takes aim at him. But just before it can kill Soren, a pink shaft of light strikes the mobile suit, tearing through its armour and bringing it down. Soren gasps in surprise, his eyes wide as the mobile suit crashes into the ground. All over the city, pink shafts of light take down all the mobile suits still standing, and they all hit the ground, mangled by the light. Soren gets up and looks around quickly, searching for what had destroyed the mobile suits. He looks up, his gun at his side and sees a bright light, shaped like an angels wings.

His eyes widened as he looked at the light. The light moves, and reveals a grey and white mobile suit, more human looking than the ones that laid waste to Krugis, holding a gun. Was that what had shot the pink light and saved his life? The machine looked down on him, and he began to tremble. For the first time in a long time, Soren wondered if there was a God.


A.D 2307

AEU Orbital Elevator

AEU Military Testing Ground

Today was a special day. It saw the debut of the brand new AEU mobile suit, the AEU Enact. Equipped with a sonic knife and a linear rifle, this mobile suit was the pinnacle of AEU technology. It flew through the proving ground, dodging automated machine gun fire, taking out the targets bolted to the guns. The aqua-green mobile suit took down all the targets, showing off its amazing agility and accuracy to the gathered crowd of spectators, seated in the nearby stands. Not all of them came from the AEU nations though; one was a man with long brown hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a white suit. His name was Billy Katagiri, and he was a scientist from the Union. He looked on at the mobile suit with a small smile.

"So, this is the Enact," he said to himself, "the first AEU mobile suit that runs on solar energy."

"The development of the AEU's orbital elevator is definitely lagging," a new voice said, and Billy looked up to see a blonde man in a dark suit standing next to him. "They probably want to make up for that by making their mobile suits state-of-the-art."

"Well, look at this," Billy said, smiling. It was Graham Acker, a mobile suit pilot for the Union. "Should the ace of M-Squad be showing his face here?"

Graham laughed as he walked to a free seat next to Billy. "Of course I shouldn't be here," he said as he sat down. Both looked out at the new mobile suit as it performed some flips, demonstrating its manoeuvrability before settling down into a landing.

"You know, the AEU has got some nerve all right," Billy said to Graham, "announcing their new model at the same time as the Human Reform League's tenth anniversary ceremony."

Ignoring the statement, Graham asked Billy, "So what do you think of this machine anyway?"

"To be perfectly honest," Billy said, casting a sidelong look at Graham, "It's just a knockoff of our Flag model. Only the exterior design is original."

"YOU THERE, I CAN HEAR YOU!" a voice said loudly. It came from the Enact; the pilot was speaking using a loudspeaker. The cockpit opened and the pilot stood up, obviously annoyed. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? WELL? COME ON!"

Graham chuckled. "Well, at least it's got good sound pickup."

"I guess so," Billy said with a laugh.


High above the ground, alongside the massive orbital elevator, unknown to the spectators, a bright light looked to be in freefall. It was a mobile suit; coloured blue, white and red with a large metal sword connected to a small looking shield. The blade was folded backwards, running alongside the suit's arm. It had a green crystal on its forehead, and its eyes had a similar coloured crystal as well. No mouth, but the suit was more human-looking than most other designs. On its back, a clear engine, slightly conical in shape and emitting glowing green particles as the suit fell toward the ground. The mobile suit's pilot was wearing a blue pilot suit, with a blue helmet that had a purple tinted visor. As the mobile suit rocketed to the ground, the pilot activated his mission recorder.

"240082: Exia has target location in sight. Cease GN Particle dispersal upon arrival at target." On the mobile suit's HUD, an image of the Enact appeared. "Target confirmed; commencing first phase on schedule." The mobile suit's speed picked up as it came closer to the ground, and an AEU desk jockey spotted it with his eyes, seeing a bright light heading toward the ground.

"Captain, I've spotted an incoming silhouette!"


"It's at three o'clock sir," the jockey said, beginning a tracking sequence. Nothing came up at the location of the silhouette. 'What the hell?'

"Which squadron; this is an EXERCISE damn it! Warn them off!" The captain said as he stood up, slamming his hands on his desk.

Another jockey, to the captain's left, said "It's not showing up on our radar!" while typing frantically on his keyboard.

"There's nothing here sir," the jockey next to him said. But there was quite clearly something headed toward the AEU testing ground.

Desperately, the captain ordered them to get a visual on it. As their camera's focused, an image of the new mobile suit appeared on the screen. Everyone in the room gasped; this was a new model.

"Just what kind of a unit is that?" the captain asked no one in particular.


Far away, in an oval room filled with red light and multiple holographic readouts, an effeminate boy, no older than eighteen, floated in the centre. He was wearing a pilot suit like that of the mobile suit's pilot, but his was a dark purple. His skin was pale, and his purple hair hung just above his shoulders.

He opened his eyes and looked up at no one in particular, and whispered to himself, "It's begun."


Back at the testing ground, the pilot of the Enact was being told of the situation.

"What, an unknown?" he asked, "Why now of all times?" A short burst of static cut him off from his answers. He looked up, and surprise covered his face as he saw the mobile suit coming closer to them.

In the stands, Billy and Graham looked on at the new arrival as well as everyone else.

Billy was astounded to say the least when he said, "A mobile suit? Incredible, I didn't know they had another new model."

Graham was a bit more sceptical of the mobile suit. No way was it an AEU model; it looked too advanced. And why the hell would it come from the sky when it could just walk out of the hangers not too far away?

"That's not theirs," Graham said, but Billy didn't hear him. Graham's eyes narrowed when he saw the green particles coming out of the mobile suit's engine. "What is with that light?"

The new mobile suit came to a smooth landing and looked at the stands before turning toward the Enact. Everyone in the stands let out a collective breath, and an AEU official pulled out a com and tried to communicate with the Enact and its pilot.

"Enact, can you hear me Enact? Patrick?! Damn, I can't get through. What's going on here?"

Graham and Billy looked on at his attempts to get through to the Enact. "Communications are out," Graham said quietly, thinking hard. Maybe it had something to do with that light...

"Everyone," an AEU soldier said, "We've been advised to evacuate."

"It's NOT an AEU machine?" Billy asked loudly as everyone else began to get up and leave. "Well, whose is it?"

The pilot of the Enact quickly climbed back into the machine, the cockpit retracting into the chest of the mobile suit.

"Alright, just who the hell are you?" he asked the pilot of the new suit as he brought the Enact's systems online. "From the Union? Human Reform League? Well, either way: you're a party crasher and you weren't invited."

The Enact pilot brought the systems fully online, a yellow light crawling across the face of the Enact. "AND NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY THE PRICE!"

The AEU official who had tried to contact the Enact's pilot, halfway through evacuating, stopped and saw that the Enact was getting ready to fight the new mobile suit. "What the hell is that idiot doing out there? Doesn't he know how much it cost to develop that thing?"

Another official came up next to him, a smile on his face. "It's a good opportunity; it'll just raise the value of the Enact. After all, Patrick Colasaur is our military's top ace, right? His personality could use a little work though."

Inside the Enact, Patrick stared down the new mobile suit, which hadn't made a move in retaliation to the Enact powering up. "Hey you, do you have any idea who you're messing with here? I'm Patrick Colasaur of the AEU. I've never lost a mock-battle, coz I'm just that special." The Enact drew its sonic knife, which sent its vibrations through the air, making several spectators clutch at their ears. "SO DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU."

"That idiot!" the official yelled as the Enact began to charge at the new mobile suit.

"WELL, COME ON!" Patrick called out to the pilot of the new mobile suit.

The pilot of the new mobile suit didn't respond to his call. He wasn't here to take part in some pissing contest; he had a mission to complete here. Take down the AEU Enact.

"Exia, ready for target elimination," he said as he gripped the controls.

The Enact stabbed outward with its knife, and the mobile suit Exia's eyes flashed and it drew its sword, the blade folding outward into a combat ready position. Exia brought the weapon up and cut into the Enact, severing its hand.

"What the hell?" Graham exclaimed as the hand came free from the Enact, hitting the ground as the sonic knife it clutched died. The pilot of Exia didn't blink; but Patrick on the other hand, was enraged to say the least.

"You bastard, you don't get it do you?" Patrick brought the Enact's rifle up and fired, hitting the Exia in the chest. The charge from the linear rifle spread across Exia's chest, but all the pilot did was make the Exia twist and drew a pink beam saber.

As Patrick bragged "I'm special! I've had two thousand of these mock-battles!" The Exia quickly brought the Enact down by severing both of its arms and removing its head. Exia sheathed both its large sword and the beam saber, the Enact came crashing to the ground. The AEU officials were surprised to say the least; all that money into developing the Enact, and it was dispatched in only a few seconds by this new mobile weapon.

Graham wanted a closer look at this mobile suit. Glancing down, he saw someone with a pair of binoculars. "Excuse me," he said as he snatched them out of the man's hands, bringing them to his own eyes. When the guy began to complain, Graham cuts him off, saying, "I said excuse me."

Using the binoculars he looked over the mobile suit, looking over the sharp, angular design of the mobile suit. Graham had never seen anything like it, ever. He focused on the head of the suit, and found something interesting. Above the crystal in its forehead, there was a word engraved in block letters.

"GUN...DAM," Graham said slowly, lowering the binoculars as he did, "Is that the name of the mobile suit or something else?"

"A... gundam?" Billy asked, looking out at the now stationary mobile suit. Gundam...what else could this thing do?


The pilot of Exia began powering up the GN Drive, speaking more data into his mission recorder, "Exia, first phase complete; now proceeding to second phase." The reactor on the back of Exia began to glow as the pilot powered it up, the particles coming out of its back increasing in number. Exia lifted off of the ground and turned away from the crowd looking on at it and rose into the sky.

"Again with that light," Graham said, still curious about what caused that light.

Billy, on the other hand, had switched into his scientist mode. "How can it fly without a propulsion system?"

As the Gundam flew into the sky, Patrick climbed out of the Enact's cockpit, screaming for the Gundam. Graham looked down at the unfortunate ace of the AEU military, and was surprised that he had climbed out of that.

"That's pretty impressive," Graham said, "I guess the brand-new Enact deserves high marks for pilot safety." Looking up at the Gundam, Graham's eyes narrowed as he started talking to himself. "But that mobile suit is a whole other thing. Was this meant to hamper the AEU's military build up, or maybe it's just meant to be a warning. Whatever the case, there's no way the AEU is going to take something like this lying down."

Graham was right; an alarm began to sound, and the military began to sortie their Helion mobile suits to attack the Gundam. These mobile suits were able to change between a flight mode and a mobile suit mode, but right now they would use their strengths and go after the new mobile suit tin their flight mode, where they'd have the advantage. They scrambled two Helions from the ground, and they flew up to tail the Gundam.


Celestial Being
Transport Ship Ptolemaios

Up in space, the spaceship Ptolemy orbited the planet. The bridge crew monitored Exia's mission status. Without direct contact; they needed to keep radio silence for now between the Exia and the ship, they only had estimations on when Exia would move on with the plan.

"Ptolemy perimeter density, maintaining mission mode," one of Ptolemy's tactical operator, Christina Sierra said, keeping the mission data between everyone on the bridge. "Exia has past the scheduled operation time for first phase; it is most likely in the second phase now."

The ship's container ring began to move. The other tactical operator, Feldt Grace, began loading the containers contents to the Ptolemy's catapult deck.

"Container loading completed; moving Kyrios to catapult deck."

Kyrios, a jet-like mobile suit, began its descent into the catapult deck. Its pilot, a man by the name of Alleluiah Haptism was talking to himself. He was wearing an orange pilot suit, the same design as the Exia pilot's suit. As the suit was loaded, Alleluiah began talking to himself.

"A real battle Halleluiah," he said as he put on his helmet, "Just what you wanted. But this is depressing to me." Kyrios was placed inside the catapult's linear field as Feldt began moving through the procedures. A holographic readout stated CAUTION; the linear field hadn't been stabilised.

"Kyrios on catapult deck," she said as the Kyrios moved into position, "increasing linear catapult voltage from 230 to 520. Kyrios stabilised with linear field. Launch preparations complete. Transferring timing controls to Kyrios." The holographic readout switched from CAUTION to STANDBY, and Kyrios was in its final position for launching.

"Roger," Alleluiah confirmed, "I have control: Kyrios, now commencing operation." He clicked a button on his controls and pulled them back, activating the linear catapult and launching Kyrios into space. Stabilisers extended from Kyrios and with a burst of GN Particles from its engine, it shot off towards Heaven's Pillar, the HRL's Orbital Elevator.