As promised, a better summary: Lissa is your average 16-year-old, leading a life that could be considerably better: her crush since 6th grade doesn't seem to know she exists, all the popular girls hate her, and her parents are on the verge of divorce. Enter Adler, an aristocratic shapeshifter (Adler is eagle in german). They accidentally touch hands and bada bing, bada boom, true love! Only it takes longer than that. Please review!

Lissa POV

Lissa stared enviously across the hall at Kara, who was at that moment flirting outrageously with Jared, and sighed. She looked down at her own relatively curveless body, mentally comparing herself with Kara and her best friend Faith: with Kara's C-sups and big hips, long blonde hair and blue eyes, and Faith's perpetually tan skin and big, deep brown eyes, Lissa's barely-B's, tall, lean body, and brown hair with blue eyes, Lissa never felt like she could fit. She sighed again, and turned to retrieve her books from her locker. As she did so, someone slammed into her from the side, sending her sprawling. Lissa looked up furiously, expecting to see lyet another knuckle-headed jock hurrying away to a class he was probably failing. Instead, she found herself staring into a pair of concerned looking gold-flecked, green eyes. The gorgeous orbs proved themselves to belong to an equally handsome face: tan, lean, with cheekbones that would drive a sculptor nuts and a strong, slightly curved nose, which was framed by thick, wavy, tawny hair with blonde highlights. His mouth seemed incongruous with the rest of the face; it was soft, and sensuous. And it was opening as if to speak.

Adler POV

"Hey, are you alright?" Adler asked the human he'd bowled over. It was a girl, pretty, with long dark brown hair and vivid blue eyes. Eyes which were now staring into his with a mixture of annoyance and reproach. He knelt to help pick up her books, looking at her the whole time. She really was lovely –an oval face, with her eyes framed by thick dark lashes, and a smattering of freckles across her nose. She had an athlete's body, long and slimly muscled, but with breasts just large enough to be appreciated. Lost in thought, Adler didn't notice that they were reaching for the last book at the same time. And then their fingers brushed.

Fireworks exploded all through Adler's body, centering around the place where his hand had touched hers. He reeled back, catching himself with one hand, and staring intently at the other. The girl who'd caused this bizarre reaction was gazing at her own hand, with fear and wonder fighting for control of her expressive face.

"What the –" Adler muttered, concentrating on the face of the human –a mortal!–

who had triggered the fireworks. Her eyes raised to his, as full of questions as he was sure his own were.

"What the hell was that?!" she asked angrily, glaring at him, "What's with the buzzer?" She seemed just as confused as he was, but was attempting to cover it up with a tough front.

"I… I don't know," he said quietly, "that's never happened before…"

"You know what –just stay away from me! First you knock me down, then totally electrocute me? Jerk!" With the last furious statement, she turned, eyes flashing, and strode down the hall. Adler stared after her, thinking.