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Lissa strode quickly through the crowded hallways, struggling to control seemingly unstoppable tears. She did not know why she was this upset anyway- it was just some asshole who likes ruining peoples' days by crashing into them and then electrocuting them with a stupid buzzer. Lissa stared down at her palm, which was still tingling a little. It was strange, but somehow she had a feeling that maybe the boy hadn't been looking to hurt her, as he had looked just as confused as she felt. Just -what EVER. I just need to go…home. But home wasn't a place Lissa wanted to be right now. Julie, her stepmother, would probably be on the phone with another irritating friend, discussing some upcoming party or other, and her idiot son Joseph would be sprawled in front of the TV. Joseph was home school- "He's too brilliant a boy to be wasted on the classroom!" Julie said, but as far as Lissa could tell all he did was play video games and download illegal porn on his laptop. Maybe I'll go to the park, she thought. This seemed to be a better alternative; the park was usually quiet this time of day, with only a few elderly couples or joggers with dogs. It was warm enough, anyway. Lissa quietly slipped through one of the exit doors, heading into the juniors' parking lot where her Civic was parked.

Once Lissa pulled into the parking lot of the park, she grabbed her gym bag from the back seat, and trotted lightly to the public bathrooms to change into running gear. Slipping into shorts, running socks, sports bra- Oh shit, I forgot a shirt- she realized, and shoes, she left the rest of her clothes in her car and began a jog on the trails through the woods surrounding the park.

An hour later, it was starting to get dark, and Lissa changed directions, taking a shortcut directly through the woods back to the park. As she neared the nearly empty parking lot, Lissa heard voices through the woods. They were coming nearer to her, and were nearly to her when she recognized them as boys from her school- Derek and Jason, both starters on the football team, and the two of them barely had enough combined brains to fill a teaspoon. Lissa quickened her pace, not sure why she was suddenly nervous, and jumped what felt like two feet in the air when they started addressing her.

"Hey baby-" "Hey! You! You with the nice ass!"

Lissa felt her cheeks redden as the comments continue, the voices coming closer and closer until a rough hand grabbed her shoulder from behind. She twisted, terrified, and stared into the leering face of Jason West.

"You never answered us. Playing hard to get?"

Lissa shook her head mutely, silently struggling to pull her shoulder out of his grip. Jason's hand was huge and beefy, his sausage fingers digging into her collarbone.

"You a mute or what?" Derek caught up to them, peering over Jason's shoulder and grinning like an idiot. Lissa could smell alcohol on his breath.

"Nah- she's just shy. You shy, baby girl?" Jason laughed, putting his face closer to hers, obviously relishing her fear. Lissa jerked her arm as hard as she could, pulling it from his grip. Jason grimaced and grabbed her arm again, keeping hold as Lissa tried in vain to pull away. She felt something in her shoulder pop, and cried out in pain.

"There, see? She's not mute. That's a cute little scream you've got there, baby. And you know what? I bet we're gonna hear it a lot more tonight." Jason glanced back at Derek, who moved behind Lissa, pinning her arms behind her back.

"Let go of me!" Lissa finally found her voice, a feeble squeak as she tried to wrench herself from the football player's grip. They only chuckled, Derek twisting her arm until she whimpered. Jason moved forward, putting his hot hands around her waist. Lissa's eyes popped wide and she twisted her head frantically as Jason tilted his head, leaning in toward her. Derek released her hands, but kept them pinned behind her as he reached around her, fumbling at the waistline of her shorts.

Lissa suddenly had a flashback to 9th grade PE- self defense training! - and how to release from a bear hug. She pushed with all her strength against Dereks broad stomach, giving her enough room to stomp his toe in her spikes. He howled and released her, and she jerked free from Jason's grip, turning and sprinting toward her car. She could hear the boys behind her, and she was slowed down from her apparently dislocated arm. Lissa had nearly reached her car when a huge foot stepped on the back of her achilles, bringing Lissa down to her knees. She hopelessly struck behind her with her fists, but strong arms wrapped around her waist, pinning her to the ground. Jason-or Derek?- rolled her over, kneeling over her waist, and bending down to her face. Lissa could hear herself pleading, crying incomprehensible things. Her cries fell on deaf ears. Jason was on top of her, and he smelled like beer and mean and she was struggling beneath him, but he had his arm across her throat and her vision was going black. No-no- Please God let this not be happening. Please! NO! Lissa's thoughts were tumbling together like the building blocks she had used as a kid, and she knew this was happening and there was not way to stop it and oh, God she was scared, and she couldn't see.

Suddenly, a flying shape slammed into Jason, knocking him away from Lissa. She sprawled on the ground, gasping like a fish as her vision came back. It was dark enough that she could only see the rough outline of someone- who was it?- pummeling Jason to the ground as Derek ran screaming like a little girl into the woods. Jason was on the ground, and the figure was kneeling over her, helping her up.

"What- who- who are you?" she gasped, coming to her feet and swinging her injured arm against her car door, wincing in pain.

"Shut up," the- the- what should she call him?- replied, pulling her door open and roughly thrusting her inside. It shoved the keys into the ignition and started the car, "Just…drive home. Fast. Now. Don't stop."

Lissa obeyed mindlessly pulling away from the parking lot and into the road, keeping her head blank until she pulled safely into her driveway, and the warm lights within

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