I Love My Mommy!

Summary: While Edwards going off to collage Esme and Edward miss each other terribly, they have a very, special bond, and they decide to communicate other ways without Carlisle knowing secretly.

"Oh sweetie, I don't want to see you go", cried Esme grabbing on to Edward and latching on tightly.

"Awe, Mom please don't cry, I'll be home soon, you won't even notice I'm gone"; I winked at her, and finished giving her the hug.

She sniffled a bit more and wiped at her eyes, while Carlisle came up to give me a hug, "Son, I'm glad you're taking such a big step in your life, I know it's important to you", he whispered in my ear.

"Yeah dad, it really is", I said, and hugged him back.

"I'll come back home as soon as they let me, you know West Point is a military school and they try to help you get used to being away for a while, so I don't know if I'll be home for many holidays, but I will get away when I can, you mean the world to me, you're my parents! I absolutely love you both with all my heart and soul and I'm going to miss you dearly. They said we could use the computers, so just use the webcams I got use and we should be set, you can see how I'm doing and I can check on you all."

"Ok Edward, I love you too, you're my only baby, and we better talk every day", she said still sniffling and dabbing her eyes.

"Same here son, I love you and I want you to enjoy your time spent there", he sighed," I remember when you were a little tot just playing with your little GI Joes, now you're going to be a GI Joe, make sure you send me some pictures of the new friends you make there and call us when anything is wrong, we'd stop all we were doing for you champ, I'm going to load up your stuff in the car while Esme spends a little more time with you, I know how close you guys are." He gave me one last pat on the back and went to the door to get my luggage.

"Mommy, I'm going to miss you so much", I whined.

"Shh", she told me while running her fingers across my hardening member, "We're going to talk every day and you're going to show me everything you've learned every day." She started to unzip my pants and pull out my cock, "Mom, do we have time for a quickie?" I asked, I desperately wanted to be inside her before I went.

"Of Corse we do sweetie", she said stoking my cock a little before she let me go. "I'm going to tell Carlisle we're going to be in the room and I'm going to spend a little more time before you leave." "Ok baby, hurry back", I said. "I don't know how much longer I can wait" I grabbed my cock and started to pump myself as her eyes widened and she ran and told dad. I always felt a little guilty for making my mom cheat on dad, with her own son at that! But we have his undeniable connection that just makes her and I so much closer then we probably should be. Just the thought of her tight, wet pussy turns me on; I started to pump myself a little bit harder until she walked back in panting from her run.

She ran with me up the stairs and locked my door, she pushed me to the bed and told me to strip, she did the same. I sat naked on the bed, cock fully erect as she stood nude in front of me. She began walking towards me, and I scooted back until my back hit the headboard. Esme climbed up and straddled me, and I had to hit my head against the head board to stop from screaming out in pleasure. Esme bounced up and down on my cock. "Oh Edward, yea baby, mm help mama out some hmm?" she panted out. I grabbed her hips and bounced her harder, I was approaching my climax and I had to know if she was to because I don't think I can hold it any longer, "Ugh, mom, where are you… are.. are you close, I need to cum, cum deep inside you", she moaned quietly and began fingering herself while I continued to bounce her, she whimpered and told me she was about to cum, I felt her clenching tighter around my cock. I felt her bite into my shoulder as she reached her peak; I followed right after crying out her name quietly in my childhood room.

She rested against me and caught her breath as I did the same. "I'm going to miss you mom", I mumbled in her hair. "I'm going to miss you too cup cake, love you." She said. "Love you to" and I gave her one last lingering kiss on the lips before she got up and started to get dressed again. I looked through my cloths and found some shorts and a t shirt to wear as comfortable attire for the road. She walked out and I walked closely behind. Dad was in the kitchen on the phone, I guess talking to the hospital.

I went over to him gave him one last huge, hugged my mother once more and kissed her on the lips as my dad was facing the other direction, I grabbed my keys and silently walked out the door. The purr of the engine to my pretty Volvo, was a good distraction until I started seeing, red hair everywhere, it reminded me of mom, I missed her already, and I haven't even been driving an hour, I'm glad I only have two more until I make it to the school. I don't think I can stand seeing anymore redheads.

2 Hours Later

I was at the school, I got the key to the room from the front office and went to go meet my roommates,
I walked in to find rather big guy, in his uniform, from what I could see so far he had short brown hair, rather big mussels and he had to be at least 6'5, he smiled at me as I walked in, and held out his hand, "the name's McCarthy , you must be Mr. Cullen" he asked, I nodded, I also noticed he had the dimples of a little 5 year old and baby blue eyes any chick would kill for. "That's correct, but you can call me Edward", I said in hopefully a matter that wouldn't have him scream at me.

"Okay then Edward, my name is Emmet, and you can call me Emmet!" Then he gave me a big cheeky grin. Our introductions were interrupted when a blond haired fellow walked in struggling with his bags, I went over to help him, and then jumped back unexpectedly when he threw everything on the floor suddenly.

He looked up and apologized quickly, "I'm sorry to scare you, I'm bunking with you guys, I'm Jasper Whitlock, and you are?" he asked and held out his hand. This one had wavy blond hair and green eyes, almost predatory like, he seemed to be just an inch shorter than myself. "Edward, Edward Cullen." I said surely and shook the hand offered to me. He smiled widely and shut the door, and then he picked up his bags and walked away to the bunks. I grabbed my bags and did the same, so this is going to be my life now, I wondered to myself , sat my bags by my bunk and laid down, I'd unpack tomorrow I'm rather tired and I really missed my mom, as I started to drift off I saw her and I holding hands walking along the beach, happily in love with each other.

A/N: hey guys, I wasn't expecting this story to come out like this at all, I was just going to make it a humor story, but the muse kicked brain to the curve and well… this popped out, I hope you like it, review and tell me your thoughts and I'll tell you mine.