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It's been about three years since me and mom moved from Forks. And I have to say, I don't regret that decision at all, and I honestly wish I would have done it sooner instead of keeping it a secret. Esme and I get along with everybody! When we first got there, everyone was wary, trying to see through us to make sure we were there to cause a ruckus and make a fuss about what goes on in their little town. We told them what happened to us in our old place and they welcomed us with open arms. They even let me and ma come over different houses for dinner! So of course we hold that same courtesy, nobody's a stranger down here. I think I've made more friends here in Abbeville, Georgia then my whole life in Forks.

I bet you're like. What happened to Alabama? Well. Turns out it wasn't as hillbilly as we thought it was and those weren't twin boys. That was a boy and a random girl with the same haircut. Once we got in town and told them what happened and they ran us out of town faster than we could say "" not that that took long or anything but you know… I kinda got stuck on the 'califrag' part. So nope didn't take us long at all.

But enough with all that, I guess you're also wondering, how me and ma's relationship is going? Well… I'll tell you one thing; the sex is only getting better as she gets older! You'd think shed wind down! But not my mom, she still rides my dick as if it's the last time she'll ever get it, I'm not complaining. Not one bit, nope. So we are still going strong, and it only gets stronger as we spend time together, I never felt that awkwardness with her that I thought I'd feel one day. She's just regular ole' mom to me; My baby, my lover. Not to mention she's not having to keep the figure that Carlisle made her keep, so she's not concerned with eating that healthy anymore, my baby girl got curves! Boy! I swear she's even sexier and then grabbing on to her hips as we fuck. Mm.

As for me though, I got even taller, any my shoulders are broadening, I look like a big man. With a big ass dick. I'm letting my bread grow out as me makes me look much older and more mature. It's also a plus that mom digs the scruff. My fashion style has changed too, I'm finding myself with nothing but plaid. Mom doesn't mind that either, she bought me several sets of suspenders because I looked like a lumberjack. Apparently she likes lumberjacks. Because she had me find a log big enough to hold us, and fuck her doggy style outside…my freaky girl.

Guess what else we had to do? And as much as we didn't want too, me and mom had to change our relationship, in the job force you can't put on your application that your emergency contact was your mom…and your spouse. So we legally had that changed in court, and then I started looking for jobs. sometimes people see us and look at our last names and our resemblances, I shake it off and reply that 'spending time with your lover all the time can make you look like them' you can tell they don't fully believe it, but they accept it. They don't believe a young whippersnapper like me can know how to treat an older lady. I do though. That's just out of state though, everyone home already knows. Speaking of change! We got married! I Edward Anthony Cullen took my mother, Esme Mommy Cullen to be my wife. For sickness and health, she has a big ass diamond ring that I bought for her. I got it with grandpa's inheritance money. But yeah, we even called up dad and let him know, I didn't think he'd come, but he did. I was shocked as well as mom, but he brought that bimbo, turns out he married her! Say what? It's all good though, he left me mom so I don't care.

Once dad left Forks for Chicago, he ran into some problems, he actually had to stay with us for a month; he couldn't bring that home wrecker though. I wouldn't allow it. He was fired from his job for neglect; apparently he was too busy talking shit about us, to remember to turn in his resignation. Oops. But it turns out his grandpa left him inheritance money too! Not as much as me though haha. But yea, he's living back in Chicago on old money, he has no problems, neither do I.

OH! Let me tell you some gossip about Forks! It turns out that old biddy Mrs. Cope up and left Forks without telling anyone. That's funny because she moved to my town, I don't think she knew that until she saw me and mom making out on the porch. She yelled "Esme! Edward? Is that you?" it took us a minute to reply because mom was killing me with some killer good tongue. Apparently she's a voyeur because she ran on our porch and started watching us until Esme finally stopped molesting my mouth and replied to The Cope. "Yes it is me! What are you doing here?" The Cope responded with a "cool beans" so she sat down and decided to inform us on what's been going on in Forks since we left. Turns out that hypocrite Bella Swan was sleeping with her dad Charlie the whole time! That bitch, and she was disgusted at me and my mom? Whatever. But anyway they got ran out of town, and Renee Bella's mom was declared to be a poor thing to have her family have left her, no one knew she was sleeping with the gardener though. She fails to mention that if anyone ever brings up the subject.

The Cope also lets us know that Emmett and Jasper Dropped out of military school to be lovers and moved to New York, that was shocking but, I was so sure Rose had her cum covered face wrapped around Emmett's dick so much they'd never break up, turns out that was just a cover up, and Rosalie had a penis, Alice ran away from home declaring forks to be a crazy town. I'm still stuck on the Rosalie having a penis part… do you think she fucked Emmett? Nahh… I don't know.

But enough with what's been going on, let's get to what's happening at the present moment!

"Oh yes baby please!" I exclaimed to Esme, she's teasing me. Sitting above me rubbing my hard cock back and forth over her clitoris. I'm lying in our king sized bed, suffering. I can't do anything. She tied me up, so I'm spread eagle with ropes binding my arms and legs against the poles. Just when I was about to beg again, impaled herself on my dick and I did something a freaking virgin would do. I came on impact. Shit that felt so good, but I'm so embarrassed! I turned my face away from Esme's as all the blood left my dick and went right to my face. Unfortunately my eyes also started watering and I started crying like a little pussy.

But because she's my girl she didn't care, she kissed away my tears and kissed my lips. I apologized, she didn't care. She slowly started to rock on my limp member since she never moved. I hissed because I was sensitive, but after a moment little Ed was coming back to life. Baby girl smiled as she felt me harden inside her, and then she got faster. I closed my eyes a bit my lip, I thrust as hard as I could with my bound limbs. Then I opened them and watched her full breast as they bounced up and down. "Lean down baby, I want to suck your titties. She leaned down and I ravished her breast. I nibbled on her nipples and she moaned load, they got harder, my cock got harder too, my balls tightened up too. "Edwaaaaard, Yes baby I love your dick! I love when you're hard for me" I like when she talks dirty to me, makes me want to listen to the song 'Talk Dirty to Me' . I love her pussy, her soft, slick, tight, wet, pussy. I never fear that I'd run out of words to describe this woman in my bed. She's so amazing. She perfect, she's my wife, my love my… oh shit she's cumming on my dick! Shit that's tight, fuck fuck fuck, my face contorts as my juice leaves my cock and spurts into her pussy. Esms's face is flushed. Her 'O' face is beautiful, I know I'd die a happy man if that was the last thing I ever saw. She slumped on me, and lazily kissed me. I lazily kissed her back. She started to doze off, and as cute as she looked right now, I had to get her up. Im starting to feel the rope burn. "baby? Could you untie me please?" her eyes widened as if she honestly forgot I was tied up. She lifted he tired naked body up and untied each rope. I happily lifted the covers and held her in my arms. She laid her head on my chest and looked at me sleepily.

I love you baby, and I'm so happy to have you in my life, I know I'll never ever find a love like you. You make my world complete. She mumbled me too. I just smiled and kissed her forehead and we drifted off, happy together and in love.


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