Chapter Twenty Seven (Final Chapter)

After a few more rounds of amazing love making, I convinced Emmett to let me go over to the Cullen's home one more time. He understands what my intentions are; he just doesn't think it will have the desired effect that I want.

But the truth is, I don't even know what I really want to say. But it's too late now because Emmett and I already left my house and we're driving up the familiar circular driveway. I sort of wish I could back track now, but I can't.

When we pull up, The Cullen's are already outside waiting for us. Alice is standing in front, next to Carlisle while Rosalie and Edward stand solemnly in the back. Jasper is off to the side feeling calm and Esme looks like she's having another internal battle.

They don't look like ferocious Vampires at all. They look like humans do right before a funeral.

Emmett and I exit my truck and walk over to them, taking our sweet time. I think we both are kind of dreading what I have to say… whatever it is. Alice stares at me, her eyes unwavering as she takes in the post sex glow. I know she seen it just as I know Jasper can feel it. No matter how tense I am, I can still feel Emmett all over me and I can only imagine what they are thinking as they take in my scent.

"Emmett." Carlisle nods. "And Bella... Apparently you don't listen to well to instructions."

"A bad habit of mine... Look, I just want you to know that I'm sorry for all that I've put you through but I do love Emmett very much. He will always be your son and as your son, I hope you will stick by him and support the decision he made. I'm not asking you for me. I'm asking you for him."

Carlisle doesn't say anything and when I look over towards Esme, I notice her consoling the ever so bitter Rosalie. That makes me feel guilty because the only thing I've ever done was tear her precious family apart. But I would be lying if I said that Rosalie didn't have any part in the destruction with her failing marriage.

"Bella." Emmett smiles while taking my hand. "My family understands. As much as they hate it, they get it. I will go wherever you go now. If the family decides to stay in Forks and you want to leave, I leave with you. If they go and you stay, I'm going to stay with you. That's already been decided."

Ignoring my sudden gasp, he turns towards Carlisle who looks a bit taken back as well. "I'll forever be a Cullen but… I'm going to stay with Bella no matter what you decide. I know you guys have been talking about leaving but… I can't. Not unless Bella comes with us, but I don't see that happening anytime soon."

"Emmett." I say wide eyed. "I love you so very much but I will not keep you away from your---."

"Bella, stop." he grins. "Wherever you go, I go."

"Bella." I look up to see Rosalie walking towards us. She doesn't look angry or hurt… just utterly sad.

I wonder if she's going to pull a fast one on me and snap my neck as soon as she gets close.

"I think… I think I see it now." She admits softly as she reaches me.

"What do you see?" I whisper confused.

"No matter how hard I denied it, you captivated us all. Whether it was your humanity or your beauty or for simply being you… you just did. Emmett always saw the real you and I hated that. Edward protected you, I hated you, but Emmett loved you for you.

I'm a very vain person and when Edward didn't want me or didn't find me attractive, I was angry. When I found Emmett and he thought God had sent me to him, I was so…wow, I don't even know the feeling.

He taught me how to love in a certain way but I guess it wasn't true love. My mate is still somewhat out there. I could never make him feel like you do. Just… please take care of him. He's a good guy and deserves the utmost happiness."

"Emmett…" she says smiling lovingly at him. "I will always love you. You were my first love. And…" her voice cracks and I wait for the tears that will never fall to come. "I'm sorry I was cruel to you. I'm sorry I couldn't be Bella."

"Please remember, Rosie… that this has nothing to do with humanity, okay?" he says gently.

"Yeah." she nods, her lips quivering.

"And Ill never forget you. You were my first for a lot of shit, babe." He chuckles. "Who taught me how to take down a bear huh? You did and you're so kick ass at it."

His tone is somewhat playful and I look away from their moment. No matter what, they still need their proper goodbye. Everyone knows Rosalie is sensitive to certain things and he knows that the best out of everyone. He's giving her some comfort and that makes me love him even more… even if she is a raging bitch 99% of the time.

"We'll see each other soon, right?" she smiles.

"For sure!" He says hapiily then his eyesbrows knit together in confusion. "Wait, where are you going?"

Gotta love him.

"Maybe to the Amazon?" she shrugs, glumly. "At least just for a while. I always loved it there."

"Awesome." He grins. "And thank you. I know this isn't easy for you. And for what it's worht... I'm sorry, too."

She smiles and kisses his cheek quickly before she dashes back into the house at inhuman speed, leaving the rest of us outside.

"We'll be going to Alaska." Carlisle says, breaking the silence. "We all need to adjust to the new circumstances and we accept your choices. Sometime in the future, when we're ready… maybe we can all live together again."

I expected as much. Sort of.

"I don't need to say anything." Edward says from the back. "Bella and I said what we had to say already. Hope you live happily ever after. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you."

With that he goes in the house and I can hear classical music being played within seconds from his stereo system. Edward and I won't have a civil conversation for a long time but I'm okay with that.

"Alice…" I begin as I look at my ex best friend. "Maybe one day, you and I could…."

"I don't think so." She says curtly.

"Alright…." I sigh. "Well, you're the fortune teller….Speaking of… what have you seen?"

"It's been a bit murky." She says tersely avoiding eye contact.

"Right. Because, I was told to never bet against you and for the first time…." I say grinning. "You were wrong."

"I wasn't wrong." She huffs, folding her arms across her chest and glaring at me.

"You were so very wrong." I think I'm enjoying this a little too much. I just want to stick my tongue out like a petulant child but I wont.

"Bella." She growls.

"Fine, fine." I say giving up and holding in a laugh. "I will never say it again."


"I bet against you and you were wrong!" I burst out laughing at the look on her face.

"For all that is Carlisle!" she curses.

"C'mon, Belly…"Emmett says chuckling. "Let's get out of here. I'll take you to a movie."

"A movie? What kind?"

"There's a new show playing. Something about Vampires. Should be interesting."

"Only you Emmett." I chuckle.

I get inside my truck and watch as he hugs Esme, Carlisle, Alice and Jasper goodbye. While they're gone in Alaska and who knows where else, Emmett and I will be here… in Forks.

I got what I wanted. I bet against Alice and won and I'm so glad that I became an Amnesiac. Otherwise, who knew how long it would have taken for me to fall for Emmett. I'd still be wining about Edward; enduring endless torture from Alice's shopping sprees and watching my beloved man get emotionally abused by some blonde Barbie.

Yeah, I guess it's good every once in a while to get that fresh start. I'm glad I blacked out from the life I was living because I don't think I was really living at all now that I think about it. I woke up from that dark black hole and realized what I was missing: Emmett.

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