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*Rated T for Teen

Summary: Christmas is just around the corner, and Seto and Joey are at it again – this time as a couple with a newly adopted pair of five-year-old twins. And they want this to be the best Christmas ever…but can it?

Finding a Christmas Tree

The first thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me is finding a Christmas tree.

Seto wasn't particularly fond of Christmas, per say. No. He just never had the opportunity to take part in the holiday with a real family.

Both he and Joey had gotten together immediately after high school and with a thirteen-year-old Mokuba in tow, they'd decided to adopt a pair of twins named Kai and Jovi; they were five. They'd finally come into their home the first day of December and were welcomed with loving arms.

And Joey was determined to make this the best Christmas possible, even dragging Seto into his plans to ensure all of them had a wonderful holiday season.

The five of them were currently standing in a Christmas Tree Lot. But this wasn't any Christmas Tree Lot. Here, you could chop down your own tree.

And a pissed off Seto Kaiba was holding the axe.

"Just pick a damn tree already!" he barked.

"But we can't pick any tree," piped up Jovi, sending her adoptive father a glare that matched his own, her brown hair billowing and blue eyes flaring up.

"Yeah! It has to be the best tree!" added Kai excitedly, joy lighting up in his amber eyes, blond hair bouncing as he jumped in excitement.

"Come on, Seto. Get in the Christmas spirit," urged Mokuba as he wandered off with the twins, in search of the perfect tree. He was just as jubilant as they were.

Joey came up beside Seto and intertwined their fingers as he grasped his hand. Giving it a gentle squeeze, he said, "Seto, let them have their fun. This isn't somethin' ya do every year. It's our first Christmas together as a family."

Seto frowned for a time before sighing. "You're right. I'm sorry, Puppy. It's just…I've never had a Christmas like this before, so everything's new and I'm not sure if I know what to do."

Leaning up, Joey kissed him lightly on the lips, causing his Dragon to groan. "You've done pretty well with our relationship so far."

Seto suddenly got a mischievous smirk on his face. "Do you think we'd get kicked out if we made love in the tree lot? That might help me get in the holiday spirit."

Joey's face flashed red. "Ya per—"

"Here!" Joey was prevented from finishing his sentence by Kai's cry of delight.

"Looks like they found a tree," said Joey, leading Seto in the direction of the ruckus.

"It's about time," Seto grumbled under his breath.

When they turned around the bend, both Seto and Joey halted in their tracks.

"You've gotta be shitting me. There's no way in hell I'm chopping that thing down!" Seto roared, pointing at the twenty foot tree.

"Then get a chainsaw," suggested Jovi as if it were the most obvious solution, "because this is the best tree."

"Can we get it? Please?" begged Kai, giving Seto puppy eyes. It seemed Kai had three accomplices, because now he had a total of four pairs of puppy eyes turned on him.

"Fine. Fine! We'll get the damn tree," he answered, stomping off to get a chainsaw.

Kaiba Mansion(Living Room)

They'd finally managed to get the confounded tree into the living room. They needed a total of ten people just to stand the tree up. Thankfully, they had a really high ceiling. And as soon as the tree was upright, everyone had set about decorating it. Even Seto!

"Okay! Let's turn off the lights!" shouted Kai excitedly.

As Joey turned off the lights, Mokuba flipped the switch that turned the lights on the tree.

Everyone stood in awe of the breathtaking presence of it. Red and gold ribbons and ornaments glittered and sparkled as the white lights danced about the tree. It was truly magnificent to behold.

After staring at the tree for some time, Joey finally broke the silence when he noticed the yawning twins.

"I thinks it's time for bed," said Joey as he lifted a small child in each arm with ease. "Are ya comin', Seto?"

"I'll…be there in a bit," he replied.

Joey smiled at him knowingly and left the room with the dozing off children.

Seto watched them go and turned back to face the tree, thinking. Getting a tree, putting it up, decorating it, and seeing the efforts of their hard work paid off felt…spectacular. He could definitely see himself doing this every year. It actually made him happy, especially when he got to share it with the ones he loved.

Stepping away from the tree, he left the living room with a smile on his face, only to immediately stop in his tracks. The happiness he'd been feeling earlier was gone.

"Who the hell is going to get all of these fucking pine needles off my floor?" he roared. His voice echoed throughout the mansion. Everyone had disappeared.

Seto took back what he'd thought earlier. Next year, they were getting a synthetic tree.

End Drabble