Viewtiful Spud

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Chapter One:

The moon was high in the sky at Chang's campsite, where the ex-council member had attempted to use the chi of the American Dragon to resurrect her dark master, The Dark Dragon. Unfortunately for Chang, but fortunately for anyone else, the attempt had failed. Or had it?

A hook attached to a crane dangled in the air, right above the spot where The Dark Dragon had been felled. On the hook, a small amount of blood slid down to the end and started to drop to the ground. There was a very small splash as the blood touched the ground, right where The Dark Dragon had been defeated.

A rumbling started to come from underneath the ground, causing a small quake. A moment later, chunks of the earth were tossed to the side as a large black and blue dragon burst through the ground with a mighty roar. And as the number one threat to the Magical World roared with rage, the small boulders covering the entrance to the nearest cave were blasted away as ex-council member Chang lowered her staff as Bananas B jumped onto her shoulder.

Chang lifted off of the ground and flew over to her dark master, who turned to face her. "My loyal servant…" The Dark Dragon spoke as Chang kneeled in the presence of the number one threat to the Magical World.

"My master…" Chang spoke slowly and respectfully. "Welcome back…" Chang stopped as she looked up to shoot a glare to Bananas B, as the monkey started to open his mouth. As the helper monkey closed his mouth and hopped off of Chang's shoulder, Chang rose. "Master, not that you need them…but when I prepared the spell, I added some extra ingredients…"

"What kind of ingredients?" The Dark Dragon narrowed his eyes.

"…Special ingredients…" Chang finished. "I have imbued you with new dark magic. You shall now be able to destroy that blasted American Dragon! He is the one responsible, master! He must be destroyed!"

"Patience, Chang…" The Dark Dragon grinned. "I have a plan, and I need you to prepare this plan. The American Dragon will willingly join me this time…"


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