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Prompt: Lucky Break
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, all characters belong to their respective owners.

Three months after manila envelopes, stamps, essays, goldenrods, nail biting, the excruciating slip of paper against my fingers and the clacking as it landed into the metal of my mailbox—the results came.

It started right after Christmas. Brochures for Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western came from all around the area. Charlie tried to convince me to go close to home; an education was just as good from down the road—three miles from my old high school.

The point of growing up was to get away from the confinements of childhood. In order to grow older you need not only physically evolve, but to have that mental fear come with you, follow you around like a dark shadow in the corridors of your mind. I believed that with all my heart and never once doubted that fear forced children to grow up faster. I'd had a good dose of it in my lifetime.

Two days after Christmas, clad in my flannel polka dot pajamas, I tiptoed through the ankle high snow for the mail. The metal stuck to my fingers when I pulled it open and hissing, I picked out the pieces of mail.

A small white envelope was at the top, the letter told me that my application was reviewed; I was a valued member of society and that by setting my goals for college I was making a better life for myself.

Two more similar letters came before the New Year, with each finely printed, mechanical decline of my education I grew more and more hopeless.

"Don't worry," Edward had said. "Good things come with time."

I'd gotten acceptances from the only schools that mattered. Everything close by was all that was important.

So by the time February came around and Edward had gotten all of his acceptance packets, I was more than a little downtrodden. Of course I was happy for him, but then again my jealousy and anger towards his century of knowledge and ease of getting into any college he wanted.

I absolutely refused to allow Edward to assist me with getting into college. I denied his money, threatening decade long grudges, revenge of the worst magnitude and when I was sure none of that affected him, cried my eyes out.

It was an uneventful Wednesday afternoon, snow was coming down lightly making the windows frost. I drew pictures on the front door while waiting for Edward to come and pick me up. I was looking forward to getting out of the house after being stuck inside for two days.

While wrapped my scarf comfortably around my shoulders I heard the motor of an engine and perked up. Instead of the sleek silver I expected to round the corner, a white vehicle from the post office stopped in front of my house.

Charlie had fallen asleep on the couch, remote balanced on his belly that was peeking out at the bottom of his white shirt. I pursed my lips and pulled my scarf over my nose and mouth.

Briskly running to the mailbox I waved off the postal worker. There were pieces of junk mail, some magazines for Charlie, a letter from my mother—a purple envelope with a sparkly stamp—and, oh!

In the back, crammed behind a thick box from the bookstore was a white envelope.

My excitement for my book was overshadowed by my curiosity for the envelope. It was addressed to Isabella M. Swan, and when I flicked my nail under the seam and gasped. My name was on a different piece of paper followed by 'congratulations' and 'we're happy to have you as a part of our community' but my eyes had glazed over in tears.


I whipped around, shoving the paper in Edward's face, tears of joy streaming down my face. He eyed my face, then the paper before grinning back.

He stepped forward as I threw my arms around his neck, laughing together.

"I did it," I whispered.

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