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Anyways here's the story:


The city was in festival mode, the streets were lined with booths and attractions full of staff getting ready for the real deal later that night and preparing them for the onslaught of children and childish adults, one of which being the Emperor.

Ryuuki was hyped up for the festival that night and could help but prance around the entire palace grabbing random officials who walked by and dancing with them and taking flowers out of vases and giving them out to the women in the palace. The Emperor was well known for his strange antics but this was beyond comprehension. Ryuuki was only freed from his blissful state when his so-called lover hit him over the head with a book.

"What are you doing, idiot?" Shuurei questioned through her teeth, annoyed and embarrassed by her lover.

"Shuurei!" Ryuuki was even brighter than before and promptly lifted Shuurei up into his arms.

"I-idiot! Put me down." Ryuuki reluctantly put her down and Shuurei had to regain composure from the sudden lift. "Seriously, you'll shock me half to death if you keep that up." Ryuuki could only grin at this and give Shuurei a peck on the cheek.

"Where's Kibou?"

"Oh, he's in his room right now, he's ill and the doctor suggested he be left alone."

"No way!" Ryuuki started to run on the spot and bite his nails, half of him wanted to quickly run to his side but the doctor had said not to.

Shuurei giggled. "Idiot, just go." She tapped him on the back and instantly Ryuuki ran off.

The hall outside Kibou's room was completely quiet except for one old man writing something in a book, Ryuuki guessed this was the doctor. Ryuuki coughed into his hand to get his attention, the doctor's head darted upwards.

"Ah, your highness, I thought you'd come."

"How is he?"

"Kibou? He's fine, just resting now. To be honest we don't actually know what's wrong we've assumed it's either some unknown bug but he's improving and will be up in a short while, nothing big. Please excuse me Your Majesty." Ryuuki thanked the doctor and he hurried away.

Just as Ryuuki was about to open the door it was slammed open in his face.

"Idiot, you were told to leave me alone." Kibou said roughly, his hair was dishevelled and he was covered in sweat obviously sick.

"Kibou!" Ryuuki shouted worriedly and hugged the boy.

"Baka! What if it's contagious? Get off." Kibou shoved him off. "I'm fine, see, I'm up and moving, I'll be able to leave in a little while so go away." Kibou tried to close the door on his father but Ryuuki caught it and being much stronger than his son, he kept it open.

"That's good to hear." He smiled and Kibou couldn't help but smile slightly too. "If you are feeling better later then let's go to the festival, all three of us, 'kay?"

Kibou nodded and Ryuuki gave him one last hug before leaving him alone.

Ryuuki ran into Kouyuu and Shuuei almost straight away. "Hey, I heard the little brat's sick, what's he got?" Kibou asked.

"They don't know, it's some unknown bug."

"Do you think he could've been poisoned?" Shuuei added.

Ryuuki was suddenly worried. "No way why would he be- oh, right." He started to pace, trying to think. "Shuuei, Kouyuu, can you guys look into this, I want to be sure."

"Of course." The replied and bowed as Ryuuki left.

"So, let me get this right. You think I'm in danger?" Kouyuu nodded, Kibou just scoffed. "Are you kidding me? Your security is so uptight here, there's no way I could be poisoned."

"But just in case, we want to be safe."

"Whatever, so I just need to chose a few people I trust to be in charge of any areas that could be dangerous right?" They nodded. Kibou smirked. "I know just the girls."

He instantly left his chamber and although he had just woken up he still had the decency to have changed into proper attire, although his hair was awfully messy.

He headed straight for the kitchen and when his targets came into sight he quickly thought of something. He grabbed an egg out of a basket near his feet and chucked it up and down in his hand smirking, before pegging it at the girl cleaning a large bowl at the basin.

She spun around seething in anger. "What little asshole did-" Fujiko looked surprised. "Oh."

Kibou chuckled. "Come on, stop it with this 'polite' act, I know you really want to belt me one in the face right now. Why don't you?"

"But your-"

"What? A prince? I don't see any princes here; all I see is a guy starting an egg fight with his friend." He leant down and picked up another egg "Come on, don't make me say I missed you."

Fujiko smirked. "Ya little brat, I'll get you one for that." Grabbing an egg from a passer-by, in one smooth motion chucked it and smashed it right on Kibou's head. At the oldest girl's snap, the two younger girls enthusiastically joined in.

"Your highness, what is it with you and being filthy, I can't even see your skin under all this egg." One of the chamber maids said. "Quickly, let's get you cleaned up and away from such bad influences." The chamber maid shot a glare at the three girls.

"Wait a second, you can stop caring for me from now on, these girls will be in charge of my meals and my quarters. Right girls?" He looked up at the dumbstruck faces of his friends. "Of course such responsibility must mean their lodgings must also be upgraded as well as meals etcetera. Reasonably deal might I say." He smirked. "You may leave." He gestured to the chamber maid who quickly hurried off to inform everyone else.

"Uh, Kibou? W-why would you-?"

"Apparently there's a poison threat towards me, I just wanted to be taken care of by people I trust." He smiled at them.

Fujiko smiled confidently. "You can count on us."

It had started to get dark and the festival out in town was underway, Ryuuki and Shuurei decided they'd go anyway even without Kibou. Just as they were getting into the carriage they were called.

"Mama! Wait!" Kibou came darting down the stairs and swiftly hoped into the carriage. "I'm not going to leave you alone with him." He glared at Ryuuki and even though he was half his size, Ryuuki gulped, Kibou instantly brightened and smiled.

"You look healthy again." Ryuuki stated.

"But rushed, your hair's a total bird's nest! Come here." Shuurei beckoned to Kibou who made his way over to his mother and she started untangling the knots in his hair. They were jerked forwards once the carriage started moving and they headed towards town.

When the carriage stopped, Ryuuki was practically bouncing up and down with excitement and as soon as the door opened he rushed outside. "So cool!" He said with sparkles in his eyes.

"What are you, ten? Even Kibou doesn't act so childish like-"

"So cool!" Shuurei was cut off by the exact same words Ryuuki had said just a second ago.

Shuurei and Ryuuki just looked at each other and laughed.

Both father and son were competing for Shuurei's attention and were pulling her separate directions until she had to yell at them. "Boys, we'll take it in turns. Ryuuki, where do you want to go?" Ryuuki's eyes brightened and he grinned. He didn't answer but instead ran off in one direction. "Ah, Ryuuki!"

Seconds later he ran back and knelt down to Kibou and tied a mask so it sat on the side of his head. "Hehe, you look so adorable."

"Aww." Immediately groups of women crowded around Kibou calling him cute.

"What the hell did you do?" He yelled, his face was a dark red and he untied the mask to inspect it. The mask was cute to say the least; a light blue kitten design was carved into it, whiskers and all.

"It kind of reminded me of your personality, you're like a cat; you don't like people getting close so you draw your claws and scare them away." Ryuuki scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

Kibou was so joyful that his father knew him well that he smiled brightly without a second thought. He didn't expect Ryuuki to suddenly hug him tightly. "And you're so adorable when you open up!"

Kibou's smile dropped and Ryuuki's doting father scene was cut short when Kibou kicked him hard in the gut. "Pervert." He muttered blankly. "Come one mama, let's go over there." He grabbed his mother who was currently laughing loudly and pulled her off.

"Ki-bou." Ryuuki whimpered.

Ryuuki had finally got up and followed them, after an hour's worth of wandering the festival, they all adorned bright new masks and other nick-nacks. Kibou was clutching his cat mask to his chest the entire time, not once putting it down even when they ate.

Ryuuki chuckled and Kibou shot a glare at him. "What?"

"I didn't expect you to keep it, and you're treasuring it so much."

Kibou brushed a bright red and looked away. "It's just a waste to throw it away is all, like I would treasure anything from you." Kibou shot defensively.

"Oh really, if I do recall you still have that cherry blossom branch I gave you a few weeks ago in your room don't you." Ryuuki teased.

Shuurei had wandered off with an old friend she met up with and now it was just the two boys having a childish fight as they made their way through the crowds.

"Hey there cutie." A woman around her late thirties said to Kibou. "You're so adorable, I love the mask. Here, for being so cute." She handed him a candied apple.

"Ah, thank you." He muttered and ran off after Ryuuki who was further ahead.

"Um, father? Can we please sit down? I'm not feeling well."

"Of course." Ryuuki quickly rushed him over to a small crate which lay on the ground to use as a make shift seat. "Has your fever come back?" He placed the back of his hand to Kibou's forehead. "It's hot, and you're sweating too. I'll go find Shuurei and we'll head back. Since you can't walk I'll carry you."

He lifted up Kibou but he groaned and kept banging on Ryuuki's chest to be let down. "Too sick to be even carried, huh?" Ryuuki looked from side to side. "She shouldn't be too far off and it's less crowded here, I'll be gone for a minute Kibou, stay here." He quickly ran off after that.

"Ugh, this hurts." Kibou muttered to himself, suddenly he winced and felt something trickle down his chin. He raised his hand up to his chin and inspected what was there.


Suddenly a hand came from behind and covered Kibou's mouth. Panicking he wiggle around but the man's other arm was securely holding his body; he managed to knock the hand off his mouth for a moment. "PAPA!" He screamed before the hand returned and he blacked out.

"Kibou?! Kibou?!" Ryuuki yelled in search of his son. He heard someone call 'papa' and he swore it sounded like Kibou, but Kibou would never call him that, could he be wrong.

He swiftly made his way over to where he left Kibou.

The only thing there though was the cat mask.

Covered in blood.

I'm horrible.

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