Author's Forward:

I have spent years on this project and to my dismay it is still not finished. However, for the first time in a very long time I am finally shuffling my documents back around to this project in the hopes that I may find the drive to write and (as a long term goal) finish this story once and for all. To all of my readers: I am sorry for taking so long to complete this story, but it is my hope that this rewrite will improve the plot and characters exponentially. Thank you for reading my story and offering your feedback. I truly appreciate it and hope to hear from more of you.

As of this moment in time: the prologue is the only piece rewritten. Anything beyond that is still old.

Thank you and enjoy.


"Ah," Duke Rufus Barma sighed. "Thou hast been considerably troublesome to encapsulate for a fair being, but fret not; thy imprisonment may only be temporary." He waited for an answer but none came. "If thou is to give me what I desire most." Again he waited for some form of social reciprocation, but none came. "I desire the information that is hidden behind thine eyes, knowledge bound to thine inner memories." Another pause occurred and still no voice spoke back. It was at this point in time that the Duke realized the dark cold eyes drilling into his own would never offer their joint voice without proper motivation. "T'would be a pain to retract those memories by force. It shall require the worst and most troublesome of methods which I can promise no safety from. My chain can cause thy mind to die of shock if I so choose." He leaned closer to his captive's eyes and saw a small flash of emotion, but it was so quickly detained that he was unable to distinguish it between fear or anger.

"But," Duke Barma continued, "If thy knowledge is given to me I may offer thee a plethora of rewards." He let a grin climb slyly upon his face as he continued to speak at her. He offered her a lecture of the long and poetic nature. He expressed that he may allow her to be his servant and even ventured as far as to guarantee her the safety from her fears as well as the power of a chain for her to combat them. It was a stretch to offer her such vast greatness, but he yearned for this child to give up her knowledge. He felt a compulsion to discover her information about why she was the only soul left near so much illegal contractor activity. "What says thou?" He asked at the end of his long winded speech. The young woman looked away from him as she twisted in her chains and then suddenly lurched toward him spiting into his face. Her eyes filled with anger as they locked onto his grey iris' that betrayed the Duke's sudden feelings of disgust. "Insolent child!" He barked as he used a sleeve to wipe away the saliva. "I fear not thine empty rage." He shook with a bit of his own anger and jerked an arm out. He pointed a fan at her neck and looked down upon her tattered and confined appearance. Her frame was forcibly bent against the wooden chair and as she struggled she only managed to look more and more inhuman. The Duke, though obviously in a position of dominance, felt a wave of powerful inferiority as he continued to hold onto the stare between them.

"Thy aura is compelling," He said quietly. "Even if thou is hiding thy true self from me, I may not ignore the scent of power radiating through thy very being." As he finished the girl struggled again and reared back her head to wind up for another loathsome action, but the Duke tipped her chair back causing the child to choke on her own saliva. She coughed and sputtered as he sat her back up. He waited for the noise to quiet down before daring to speak again. "'Till thou shalt speak thy soul shall be captive."

With those words Rufus Barma set himself up for years upon years of holding onto a brooding half-willed woman who withstood all forms of interrogation with unbroken silence. She would slowly acclimate into his household as a secret. A broken soul who's only proof of existence was the sight of another servant entering her dim imprisonment bellow the household as they changed shifts. Time would tick by ever so slowly before Rufus would hear the first words out of her mouth. Words that would change the course of his dealings with this darkened madness of a girl as she told him; "I want a Chain."