Time to see how a Christmas story will turn out, shall we? Enjoy.

Getting ready for the Holidays

In the Team Underworld HQ, the team was getting ready for the holidays with their friends. Well, since most people in the Underworld hates Christmas, they had to celebrate at the HQ on the surface, which was in Long Island, New York.

The normally pitch black building was now covered with red, green and yellow Christmas lights, and helping putting them up was Sari Sumdac, a dark skinned girl with glowing blue eyes and a yellow dress, along with a Santa Claus hat on her red hair.

Along with her was Ginormica, a 49-foot tall woman with silver hair, brown eyes, a black jumpsuit with some pockets on them, along with dark skin. She was holding a giant wad of lights as Sari put them on the house.

Inside, the whole Team Underworld team was putting up decorations for the whole building. Zak Saturday, a dark skinned kid with brown eyes and a black-and-white mullet hairstyle with a orange shirt with a large 'S' on it, and also a pair of jeans, was making the his friends; Fiskerton (a ape-cat thing) and Komodo (a dark green Komodo Dragon) were trying to put some popcorn on some string, but Komodo keeps eating the popcorn off of it.

Then the large lizard got hit on the head by a pink wand with a heart on the top of it. "Don't eat the ornaments, you over sized lizard." said Yukari, who was wearing a Christmas themed dress and also a Santa hat where her normal one should be. "We need those for the tree, and where is it anyway?" she asked herself, looking around where it should be at.

Then suddenly it was being brought in by DJ, a pitch-black skinned teen with brown hair and glowing green eyes, along with a Christmas-themed robe. "Got it right here." He said.

He smiled as his brother, Moa, a red haired pre-teen with cat ears and tail, along with a red shirt and jeans, and also red eyes with cat silts in them, smiled as well. The two were carrying in a large pine tree, as they set it down.

"Well, that's it, moa." Said Moa, smiling as his tail moved a bit.

Then a few people came in. The one in the front was DJ's friend, Kitten Hachi-Chan, who was a dark skinned girl with long white hair in a braid, a light blue school uniform and also a Christmas hat on her head, along with a light blue sphere on a string. "This is a cool party." Said Kitten, smiling

Next to her was Haru Tsunami, a young man with blond hair in Dedara-style, a Linkin Park shirt, blue pants, blue eyes, and also a green stone around his neck, which had a leaf on it. "You said it, dude."

Next to him was Tanuki Tsuyoikaze,who was a young goth girl with long black hair, a ebony cloak over her, green eyes with purple eye liner over her eyes, pale skin, and also Gothic Christmas-like clothing (a picture of a zombie elf on her shirt is seen), along with a white gray gem with a picture of a tornado on it. "I guess so." she said, shrugging.

"Ah come on, you have to admit this is cool." said the boy next to her, who was her boyfriend, Dairo Mizugiwa. He had wavy black hair, dark green eyes, a orange shirt with a picture of Santa on it (with the words "Christmas is the Party Life" on it), blue jeans, along with a red jacket. A blue gem was around his neck, which also had a darker blue raindrop on it. Tanuki smiled at him.

Next to him, who was hanging out, was a pale skinned girl named Mirasuka Reibai who had dark red hair, green eyes, some freckles, and a scar on her arm, along with a red shirt a purple ribbon on it, along with a pair of jeans with a butterfly stitched onto a pocket, and also dark blue shoes. DJ chuckled a bit, seeing the two were next to each other, since they secretly like each other.

The next one was next to a long black haired girl with a school uniform (who was Katana). This one was a teen with brown hair, green eyes, a gray hoodie, a pair of black pants, and also blue glasses, and around his neck was a light gray Yin gem. This is Banjomaru Atamaotaku, a super genius and Katana's boyfriend. She smiled at him as he smiled back.

Next to him was a spiky blond (with some azure on the tips) haired teen named Kiva Safau, who had green eyes, a tye-dyed shirt, a pair of jeans with a split on the knee, along with black sneakers, and also a white gem around his neck (which represented Yang).

He is also Banjomaru's cousin, and he was messing around with B.O.B. (Who was a giant blue blob with a red eye), who was having fun with the surfer.

The last few was a pink haired girl wearing a yellow dress named Ookami Sorari (who was wearing a pink gem with a cloud on it) , a red head with blue eyes named Janera Moeteiru (who had a red gem with a picture of a fire ball on it), and two dragons named Scorpion and King (who each had two different gems).

Janera and Ookami went to Drac, who was a vampire with a black shirt and pants, along with a red and purple cape with a bat on his back, along with red eyes and sharp fangs. He smiled at his woman as Street Master, a silver-haired leather wearing teen with a silver colored mask with two eye holes for sight.

Next to a brown-furred, gold eyed werewolf named Will was a woman with purple hair, tanned skin, blue eyes, along with a light colored dress. This is Lotus Bella, his girlfriend.

DJ smiled since all of his friends were arriving quick, since they were the only ones that could come. Exedra was busy at a meeting and the Turtles wanted to spend time with their friends, and Ghost Rider....only God knows where he is.

Then a pair of arms coiled around him as he saw his girlfriend; Kurumu Kuruno, a blue haired succubus with a red Santa dress. At that sight made DJ blush a bit, making her giggle a bit. "Like it?" Asked Kurumu, smiling.

DJ just nods as Kitten and the other girls just giggle as the Autobots came in. Optimus smiles and says "Been awhile since we celebrated this Earth holiday with Sari."

Sari smiled as she says "Hey guys. Now we can start, as soon as our last guest come."

"Who's that?" asked Kitten, confused. The question was answered when two skeletons and a purple haired girl came in. One skeleton was very tall with a black tux and bat tie under a very thin version of Santa Claus's coat. This is Jack Skelington, a old friend of DJ's after the mission to his world.

Next to him was a young skeleton girl with long black hair tied with a red bow, one of her eyes being covered by a bang of black hair, a Santa-themed coat with a green and red scarf, along with a pair of jeans under a orange skirt. This is Skullgal94, another friend of DJ's from that same mission.

The last one with them was a girl with small fangs noticeable in her mouth, purple hair, redish eyes, a Santa coat with a blood red and black scarf, and also blue pants on. She smiled as SG says "Say hello to my friend Karin, she's a...." She looks at Karin as she walked up.

"I'm a unvampire." she said, getting their attention.

"An unvampire?" asked Kokoa, confused.

"As in I give blood instead of sucking it, and well....if I don't I get a explosive nose bleed, don't ask why." explained Karin, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

"Well, that's a bit different." Said Tsukune, rubbing the back of his head as well.

SG laughed a bit as she says "So, when do we start?"

"After we get the food ready to go." said Vexx, as he sharpen his claws.

Just then, Ronny the Rodent, wearing a Christmas sweater and scarf, came in with a bunch of snakes on his arms and tail, as he put them out on the table. "Done." Said the rodent, smiling a bit as Phantom flew in with the rest of the food.

Then a final knock is heard as a strange girl came in. She had spiky black hair with some red on the spikes, eyes that look like black voids with small white dots in them, dark skin, a biker outfit, along with a strange helmet under her arm. This is DevilGal01, DJ's and Moa's little sister. She says "Hey guys, did I miss the party?"

"Your right on time." Said Sari, smiling a bit. DJ chuckled a bit at that, not knowing what could ruin this party, but sadly, he didn't want to know.

End of Part 1

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