This fic is not an Annabelle / Ironhide pairing. There will be NONE, ABSOLUTELY NOT, ZERO Slash, Smut or sleaze. Not in this fic! She's a six year old little girl and he's ten thousand years old plus alien mechanical based life form for Pete's sake! He is her guardian and considers her as his own sparkling (kid). This fic touches on a true problem in our world, child abductions. What would the Transformers, especially Ironhide do, when this occurs in her area ? Not an angst / dark / horror fic. Do I write anything like that? Absolutely not.Just a mix of the two worlds, humans and Transformers. And here we go, Chapter 1


** Somerville Elementary, 1st Grade, Mrs. Wagner's Art class. Friday morning. **

The young blonde teacher clapped her hands to get the classes attention. The children quieted, looking forward. "Today we are working with flexible plastics. You know them as shrinky dinks. Make whatever you want, color it then we can bake it for you to keep."

She held up a plastic square painted with a butterfly then showed the same design much smaller, shaped, hooked and hanging on a necklace chain.

"You can make a charm, pin, and key chain, whatever you want. Just make sure it is something you really want. Our budget is limited and we can only do this one time. "

In the middle of the third row, Annabelle Lennox chewed her bottom lip, trying to decide. Somehow she knew a certain black truck, like the one she always drew, would not be a good idea. Then she smiled, grabbing the red and black markers. Fifteen minutes later, it was done. Dutifully, the child added it to the metal rack and joined the others in recess.

Mrs. Wagner looked over each design, stopping when she reached Annabelle's. "Finally, that child did something more normal. Though I'm not sure what that is. Seems sad somehow." Turning, she placed it in the portable oven with the others, watching the timer carefully.

** Lennox Family Farm, Watson County, 3:55 pm Friday **

Sarah Lennox waited at the end of the driveway, watching her daughter hop off the school bus. Automatically Sarah glanced over her child, making sure she was not injured and had the backpack, coat and anything else she had left that morning with. "How did school go honey?"

"Okay. We did stuff in art class. Carl pushed Jenny on the playground again and Mr. Wilkins was sick so Ms. Smith did story time. "

"Sounds like a busy day. Hungry?" her mom grinned, the apple and cheese snack waiting in the kitchen.

"I'm always hungry and growing," she copied Sam Witwicky's favorite phrase then giggled. "Are daddy and 'Hide home tomorrow as promised?"

"As far as I know," Sarah opened the front door, waiting for little feet to enter first. "Ironhide is babysitting Saturday night while daddy and I go to dinner."


"I thought you'd say that. Now get changed and washed up and I'll make spaghetti for dinner."

** Lennox Family Farm, Watson County, 7:20 pm Friday**

Annabelle snuck on sock feet into the kitchen, her shoes carefully left at the bottom of the staircase. Sarah's voice drifted in from her phone call in the living room.

"That's too bad. The Jennings seemed like such a happy couple. I tell you…" the sound of her voice faded as Sarah walked into the den.

The five year old slowly slid open the kitchen junk drawer and began riffling through it. Grinning triumphantly, she hid the tube of super glue in her pants pocket then slid the drawer closed. Creeping back, she picked up the shoes and slowly headed back up the stairs. Bedroom door closed, Annabelle flopped on her bed, giggling.

"Wait until I show 'Hide. " Smearing super glue over the back side of the shrinky dink, she lay down then turned on her right side. With her hand, she put the plastic piece on her left upper arm and pushed down. "Ewwww, feels gross. Smells too. "

Half an hour later, she sat up, and waited to see if the piece would fall. It didn't. "Just in case," she muttered, tying a gauze bandage around it. "Got to stay there until tomorrow." Annabelle tied her shoes on, grabbed her favorite animated DVD and snuck back downstairs. Her mom's voice could barely be heard through the den door. Loading the DVD into the player, she skipped way ahead to the best part and began watching.

The den door opened. "Annabelle, honey are you…oh, there you are. Sorry that call took so long. Want to help me decorate a cake for them coming home tomorrow?"

A delighted screaming child ran for the kitchen, answering in her own way.

** Lennox Family Farm, Watson County, 8:30 am Saturday **

"Annabelle, time to get up."

"Momma?" a soft voice echoed then gasped, as her memory returned and the child sat up. Excitedly, she pulled the bandage off her arm, glancing down then winced as the skin pulled a little. "Looks good. Wait until I show 'Hide."

Dressing rapidly, she practically shot down the stairs, trying to brush her hair and balance at the same time.

"Slow down there missy!" Mom commanded. "No running on the stairs."

"Dad does. I've seen him and Epps too," she countered.

Sarah frowned, knowing that was the truth. "Ironhide wouldn't want you running on the stairs. You fall and get hurt and he's liable to blow them up with his cannons."

"Uh huh, Daddy forbidded him to use his cannons on or around the house and no more shooting the critters either. Optimus told him too. I heard him. I like Optimus, can he come over too? Like on my birthday, 'cause that would be so cool! And he doesn't have to get me a present or nothing."

"It's forbid him not forbidded and present or anything," Sarah corrected the minute there was a pause for breath. "Now eat your cereal then you can help with chores. This farm doesn't run itself. I'm glad Will got the week off. I need him home." Intent on thoughts of her husband, she missed he small bulge under the girl's shirt sleeve.

To be continued…