A/N: I. Love. Brittany.

"It's a male duck." Nuff said.

Mike loved Brittany for several reasons. One time, he was waiting for her after Glee Club rehearsal; it was after they had discussed transportation for Artie to Sectionals. Brittany was helping him gather his things and Mike was hanging by the door when he heard her say, "Uhm, Artie? You know I'm, like, your friend, but…" She frowned as if the words that she wanted to say were too big for her comprehension.

"But what you said to Rachel— it was like, super-mean. I know that she's the most annoyingest girl in Glee and whatever but she tries really hard and she just wants people to like her. And when people say stuff like what you said to her, I'm pretty sure it just makes her all, you know, sad and stuff. Just, like, so you know."

As she joined Mike and linked her arm in his, he thought that he had the nicest, sweetest girlfriend in the whole world. He kissed her on the cheek and said, "I love you, babe."

She smiled. "Love you too."