Mike loved Brittany for several reasons. One time when they were in New York, he was at a hot dog stand trying to decide which to get (why did they even make cinnamon hot dogs?). He felt a familiar tapping on his shoulder and said, "Not now, Brit, I'm busy."

"Uhm, no, Mikey, you're really gonna wanna turn around."

"What? No, Brittany, hold on."

"Michael Chang you turn around this instant or I swear you won't ever personally see me in a cheerleading uniform again."

She meant business. He turned around, and there was Brittany…

With David Tennant.

David. Tennant.

The tenth Doctor from Doctor Who.

Mike's favorite Doctor.

"Hi, Mike. Brittany says you liked my show?" David said, smiling.

"I ran into him after he did some like Stephen King Shakespeare whatever play. I recognized him because you made me watch that stupid—sorry, Mr. Tennant—show one time at your house and I know you like him a lot, so, like, here he is."

Mike had long since been rendered incapable of speech. "I…"

"Wanna get a picture? Maybe we could grab a hot dog together? I'm free for a bit and I've always got time for fans." The actor seemed to be taking Mike's speechlessness in stride—it had obviously happened before.

Brittany whispered in David's ear and he smiled.

"Oh, by the way, Mike—allons-y."

And if Mike hadn't fainted, he would have proposed to Brittany right then and there.