Title: Scraped Knees and Puppy Dog Eyes

Author: DreamShadows aka obuletfury302 (lj)

Warnings: Schmoop

Disclaimer: Looks around her tiny dorm room. Nope, still not mine.

Summary: Sammy falls, Dean picks him back up.

A/N: Done per request of isallinyourmind on lj. Beta'ed by the awesome sendintheclowns!!


'Those eyes are gonna be the death of me, I swear!' Twelve year old Dean thought to himself, even as he was kneeling next to his seven year old brother.

Dean had known it was going to be bad as soon as he saw Sam catch his foot on the raised cement of the motel parking lot. Sam had been running after him at full tilt, laughing and not watching where he was going, eyes focused fully on Dean.

Sam looked up at Dean from his position on the ground, hands pushed up until just the fingers touched the ground, trying to keep pressure off the ragged scrapes that lined his palms. Tears dribbled down reddened cheeks, lower lip trembling.

"De-dean?" Sam whimpered, those eyes turned full force on the older boy.

"Shh, it's okay Sammy, just a few scrapes. You'll be okay." Dean soothed. He picked up Sam's hands and turned them over gently in his own hands, inspecting the damage. Dean drew in a deep hiss as he saw the jagged skin torn and bleeding, filled with little pebbles and dirt. "You got yourself good there, buddy."

Sam sniffled and nodded.

Dean stood and reached down, hooking his fingers under Sam's arms, pulling the younger boy up. "Up you come." Once standing, Sam wobbled, torn and bloody knees threatening to buckle.

Sam wrapped his arms around Dean's neck, and burrowed his nose into the taller boy's shoulder. Uncaring of any eyes, Dean wound his own arms around Sam, laying his cheek on top of his little brother's hair.

Reaching a hand up, he settled it on the back of Sam's neck and squeezed. "C'mon little brother, let's go show Dad, okay?" He whispered, steering Sam toward their room without letting the younger boy go.

Sam nodded into his shoulder, a softly croaked "okay" his only answer.

"That was an awesome fall Sammy, couldn' a done better m'self." Dean said, smiling softly when he heard Sam's wet snort.




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