Ziva entered the day after Thanksgiving to a large pine tree and all available surfaces festooned in red and green. Sighing, she got to work.

"Merry Christmas, Ziva."

"Shalom, McGee." She began twirling her Star of David necklace. A few hours later, the others arrived.

"Ziva! Feliz Navidad!"

"Shalom, Tony."

"Hey, Ziver."

"Shalom, Gibbs."

"Ziva, when does Hanukkah start?" The entire team stared at their boss, open-mouthed.

"It, um, begins December 11th and continues for 8 days. Why?"

"Just curious." He grabbed his coffee and entered the elevator.

Gibbs hit the button for the lab, thinking about his Mossad agent. He was surprised with more festive music than usual when the doors opened.

"It's Christmas in Hollywood, Santa's back up in the hood, so meet me under the mistletoe, let's fuck. It's Hanukkah in Inglewood, the dreidel's spinning in the hood, so meet me by the menorah, let's get drunk..." Abby was singing along, her voice fitting easily into the heavy bass beat.

"Abbs! I need to talk to you privately."

"What's up?"

"Ziva. All this Christmas talk might get on her nerves, y'know? Will you give me a hand with Hanukkah presents?"

"Oh my gosh, of course! I can't believe I forgot! First off, we need a menorah, but we can't light the candles or it'll set the smoke detectors off, so just another candle everyday- Oh! What if everyone gives her a candle with their present? That way it's like lighting another candle! Let's see, there's 8 days of Hanukkah, and there's you, me, Director Sheppard, Tony, McGee, Ducky, and Palmer. That's only seven, Gibbs, we're one short. What should we do?"

"I'll handle the last day, Abbs. Thanks for the help."

"Hey, Cynthia. Jenny in?"

"Agent Gibbs, the Director is-" He walked past the flustered secretary, and opened the door.

"Merry Christmas, Jen."

"Special Agent Gibbs, I am in a meeting! My door is to be used as such!"

"Merry Christmas, guys. May I speak with you privately, Madame Director?" He smiled at her glower. She stalked to a corner and spoke in barely hushed tones.

"This had better be damn important."

"It is. We need to wish Ziva a Happy Hanukkah."

"Jethro, what- oh."

"Yeah. Abby's working on ideas, but I figured I should remind you."

"Thank you, Special Agent Gibbs; I will get right on that. You are dismissed."

The team all looked up as Gibbs returned.

"I'm going out for coffee."

"But, boss." Tony objected. "You already have coffee!" Gibbs slowly walked over and took a long, silent sip. Ziva practically heard Tony's muscles tightening. Gibbs looked at the man, and dropped his nearly-full coffee cup the long metre into Tony's trash can, where it splashed and splattered.
"I'm going out for coffee." He repeated quietly.

"Yes, Boss!" Ziva grinned at how juvenile Tony could be. She learned early on that you do not annoy Gibbs.