Dedicated to Julie 507 for the great gift idea!

Ziva walked in, slightly downtrodden. Only a few more days of Hannukah. She laughed at herself. She had already gone over the math multiple times, and even if Palmer was giving her a present (which she doubted, they didn't interact all that often) there was still the last day of Hannukah. If Palmer wasn't getting her a gift, that left two empty days. She knew Gibbs would have planned for this, her boss was pretty scheduled. An hour into the day they got a tip on an old cold case. Ziva diligently did her job, trying to focus on the case and not what gift she would be receiving tonight. She again thanked Ducky for the music player when she spotted him.

She was just stretching her shoulders after leaning over the paperwork on the computer for so long, when she saw Abby skip over to the director's office. She felt a smile explode on her face. They all crowded around her desk and she glanced at Jenny and Palmer expectantly. Slightly embarrassed, Palmer handed her a thick envelope. She placed the candle in her Menorah and examined the gift card, for $20 worth of music for her new music player. She hugged the young man in thanks and headed home.

Sorry it's so short, guys. Not much I could do with Palmer.