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Chapter # 1: Complications

Lying on her side she closed her eyes in pain hoping the pain was just her baby practicing karate on her insides. Having gone through two pregnancies before, Laura Curtis thought she knew exactly what to expect with this third one. Boy was she ever wrong. Just 4 months into the pregnancy and the doctor put her on bed rest because her uterus was unable to carry her child properly. Though thinking back to the moment she realized another baby was on the way brought a smile to her face.


Coming out of the bathroom Laura was in a bit of a daze. Searching for her husband brought her to the front yard. "Darrel?"

"Yeah, hold on a minute Honey," Darrel Curtis answered distractedly. He was currently teaching his 7 year old son Darry Jr. how to change his bike chains while his youngest son, Soda Pop, watched on.

" You really need to hear this." Laura was starting to get a bit impatient. "Yeah, yeah, just give me a moment. Okay Darry where was I? Oh right so once the chain is loose…"

"DARYLL SHAYNNE CURTIS!" Laura burst out causing all three Curtis males to jump around.

"Yes Honey?" Darrel asked just a bit scared.

"Please come in the house. I have to tell you something important," she said stressing the word important so that Darrel knew she didn't want the whole neighborhood to know.

"Alright," Darry sighed "Sorry kiddos, I'll be right back."

Stepping in the house Darrel was a little scared seeing how nervous his wife looked. "Honey?"

Laura sat on the couch twiddling the hem of her apron in her hands. " Um, well Darrel..."

Darrel slowly blinked. Then he blinked again trying to process what his wife just said. "Come again?" he asked weakly.

"We're pregnant."

"Oh, yeah…that's what I thought you said" Darrel said, then promptly fainted.

End Flashback

A painful jab brought Laura out of her daydream. 'Oh God this isn't normal, please Oh God oh God, let my baby be safe.'

So absorbed in the pain she didn't notice when her sons came in the room.

"Is baby being bad?" Soda Pop asked as innocently as he could; which really wasn't that convincing considering that he wasn't really too fond of another baby coming along (ha-ha we all know these feelings are not gonna last).

"Mommy, are you okay?" asked little Darry, he was her oldest child and made it his duty to watch out for the family when his daddy was working.

"Oh! Darry please call your daddy. You remember the number, yes?"

"Yes Mommy." With that Darry rushed out the room to call his daddy, something wasn't right with mommy, and daddy will know how to make her better.

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