I eye the wrapped box that sits in my hands. It is roughly 22.5cm long, 14cm wide and 4.8cm high. Its wrapping is blue and it has green ribbon tied around it with a small bow on top. It is 113.5 grams in weight.

I look at Jim, who is beaming at me, which distracts me momentarily from my question. "What is the purpose for giving me a gift?"

"Well, it was supposed to be a birthday present, but your birthday's in, what? 30 days?"

"26.67 days."

His grin grows slightly. He always seems amused by my precision. "Right, in 26.67 days. I figured I'd give it to you a bit early since you could use them today."

I frown. "Given your last metaphysical and superstitious gifts, I cannot presume that this gift will be very useful."

"Just open it."

I pause before undoing the ribbon. Careful not to rip the paper, I peel back the glued tabs on one side of the present. I slide the box out of the wrapping. It is a simple brown paper box. I take off the lid. I raise an eyebrow and lift out a pair of black leather gloves lined with a brown fur that is very soft to the touch.

"I figured you normally get cold sometimes on away missions so you could use some gloves."

I give a small nod and suddenly feel a growing sense of gratitude that he would think of my well-being. "Where did you buy them?"

"I got them a couple of months ago on Argelius II."

I look at him suspiciously. The inhabitants of Argelius II are very hedonistic people who value pleasures so highly that they hire aliens to be their administrating officials because no native wishes to do the jobs themselves. "Are these gloves claimed to have any properties? Perhaps the leather is supposed to promote a healthy libido?"

Jim laughs. "No, no. They're just gloves. They did have a lot of oils and lotions that were supposed to heighten sexual gratification, but I figure I'm stimulating enough, and I don't need my First Officer going into a coma from overwhelming pleasure every time we have sex," he says with a sly smirk.

I raise an eyebrow. "Indeed," I agree simply, causing him to laugh. Stroking his ego gives him about as much pleasure as stroking other pieces of his being. "Then I thank you."

He leans to kiss be but my room's comm. whistles. He sighs and pulls away. I answer. "Spock here."

"Kirk. Sickbay. Now. Or you're grounded." Dr. McCoy's agitated voice suddenly comes through loudly before cutting the connection.

"What am I, five?" Jim grumbles. "How can he ground me in space from going to the ground?"

I have never heard the expression of 'grounding' someone, and although I can deduce the meaning, I do not know how to respond to his question so I ignore it. "You need the inoculation against native diseases and stimulants against hypothermia. You cannot avoid it. I suggest you do not delay your arrival to Sickbay before Dr. McCoy proceeds with his… threat."

"Yeah," he groans. He pecks me on the cheek. "I'll see ya in the transporter room."

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