Warning: Chapter rated M for explicit sexual scenes and language.

I do not remember quite how the negotiations ended. I assume for the better, as I think I recall everyone, both the natives and crew, was smiling when we stood at the transporter point. I am not completely certain. Which is troublesome, but not surprising, as I had been chanting Vulcan mantras in my head for the last… hour or so. My internal clock had been one of the first things to go.

I had to restrain myself from bolting out of the transporter room when we materialized back onto the Enterprise. Instead, I… walked with purpose. I could hear Jim giving rushed orders to the crewmen awaiting our return before quickly following after me. I refused to look at him in the turbo lift or during the walk towards the officers' quarters. I needed to wait; I did not wish to be interrupted. I punch in the code to his quarters without asking for consent.

As soon as the doors close behind us, I grab his jacket and pull him in for a hard kiss. My grip sends sparks through my body and only makes the kiss more urgent. Jim seems to be expecting it this time and reciprocates with equal intensity. I suck on his tongue and faintly taste the aquatic animal meat that had been offered planet side by the priest. If it sickens my stomach, I do not notice. I quickly back him to the bed and push him down. He looks as if he is going to ask a question, but I stop it with my tongue before it can leave his mouth.

I fumble with his jacket and the under layers of his clothing, the gloves causing me to moan and begin to loose concentration. After another moment of attempting to rid him of his clothing by undoing the clasps, I loose my patience and rip open first the inner jacket, then his uniform and under shirts. I swallow Jim's surprised grunt before pulling back to sit on his hips.

I fling the gloves off and roughly caress his warm, smooth chest with my newly naked hands. The contact slams us with each other's arousal through our bond and causes both of us to gasp.

Jim grabs the back of my neck and crashes our mouths together once again. Although I whimper at the loss, I take my hands away and tear off my own clothing. It only takes another moment before we have both divested ourselves of all of our clothing.

Jim pulls me further onto the bed and rolls us over, positioning himself between my legs. He trails his fingers down my chest to my stomach to my thigh, purposefully not touching my swollen cock. He smirks at me. "How long have you had this?"

It is straining and I am so close already I can barely endure it. I reach my hand to stroke myself by he bats it away. "Jim," I hear myself plead, but I am too far-gone to care for my Vulcan pride.

He grabs my thighs and spreads them further apart causing me to squirm slightly. "I wonder how little stimulation I can give you before you come. Probably not much." He bends down low and heaves a hot, moist breath on the shaft.

I hear a whimper that I assume comes from me. I feel another gust of breath against the head. I gasp and shudder against the sensation, gripping the sheets. I feel a small spurt against my stomach.

"Wow," he says surprised, drawing back slightly. "I'm good, great, amazing actually, but I've never even seen that happen before."

"Jim, do not tease me." Each time I am pushed to the edge but I cannot seem to make it over.

"Don't worry, babe," Jim murmurs, kissing my stomach. He looks up at me, smiling. "You've had this quite a while, haven't you? Since before you tried to hump me against that wall." He kisses the inside of my thigh, causing my breath to hitch. "You were such a good boy at the negotiations," he kisses at the junction of my thigh and leg, "waiting." He kisses at the base of my penis. "What got you so turned on?"

"Jim!" I snap angrily.

"That's what I thought," he smirks devilishly before giving a fast, long, full lick to the underside of my cock from the base to the tip.

I clench my eyes shut. I bite down on my wrist to stop me from shouting out as my back arches and I am hit with a strong orgasm that tears through my body and to every nerve. My abdomen is soon covered with my semen. As my climax begins its ride down, all of the muscles in my body completely relax for the first time since beaming down.

I look up at Jim, who hovers over me. He wears a wide grin on his face as he stares down at me lying wanton on the sheets. "Fuck, do you have any idea how beautiful and awesome that was?"

I suddenly catch the scent of my lover as he leans down over me. Lust flares in me again. I put my arms around his neck and pull him down to crash our mouths together again. He happily kisses back. His smooth tongue rubs against mine as I explore his mouth.

Without breaking the kiss, Jim reaches over and grabs the lubricant from the drawer in the bedside table. He covers his fingers and rubs them together to warm the liquid. It takes barely any preparation time before my muscles are relaxed. He mutters praise against my lips for my Vulcan muscle control as he lubricates his cock before positioning himself at my entrance.

"No," I say as I grab his shoulders and shove him to lie on his back. I straddle his hips and look down at him.

He is flushed, smirking up at me. "Man, something's got into you."

"No," I murmur, still breathless. I lean down. "But something will be."

He laughs. "Fuck, Spock."

"Yes, that is the idea." I reach down and grab his cock, giving a strong stroke.

His smirk widens. "You call me a tease."

I position his tip on the relaxed muscle and begin to slide down. As soon as the head is through, I lose my patience, desperate to be full, and slam down quickly so that I am fully penetrated.

He gasps and grips my thighs.

This is rarely a position we utilize, as I am quite content with him taking the lead, so it takes me a few moments before I find the correct angle. Pleasure suddenly rips though me as the tip of his cock hits my prostate. Gripping my hands tight on his shoulders, I begin to bounce in a quick pace with Jim beginning to meet with a shallow, involuntary thrust up. I soon speed up, slamming down and causing the sound of our flesh hitting to fill the room.

I lean down and roughly capture Jim's mouth again. It is partly kissing, partly swallowing each other's pants, and partly breathing each other's air.

After a while, I feel my strength begin to give out. My rhythm becomes slow and erratic until I finally stop, only able to rock slightly now. I break the kiss and move my face to the crook of his neck. I take deep breaths, surrounding myself with Jim's musk. My Vulcan stamina normally lasts much longer than this. I should not be this tired yet. It takes me a moment to realize. I had been tense throughout the negotiations in order to keep my arousal in check; my muscles had been constricted throughout the time I wore the gloves. I did not realize how much energy it had taken.

He licks the shell of my ear, a hot breath filling it, and I exhale sharply. "Aw, you aren't gettin' tired on me now, are you?" Jim whispers against my ear, his cool hands travel from my thighs to my hips. He suddenly thrusts up strongly and I give a small shout in surprise.

He removes his hands from my sides, causing a disapproving groan from me. He uses his arms to push himself up to a sitting position, bringing me up with him.

I put my arms around him. My grip on his neck slips on a sheen of sweat. I can feel the muscles in his back shift under his skin as he lifts me up and slams me down, impaling me deep each time. His arms flex each time he raises me. His rough hands, warmed by my skin, firmly grip the curve of my ass. I can still feel a dull burn in my thighs and back from when I had been the one riding him.

Our chests are flushed against each other. I can feel my newly hardened erection rubbing against his stomach, slick from the semen of my previous release. With each lift, I've begun to let out a small moan.

I can feel his tip nudge just to the side of my prostate. My head falls back. "Jim, please."

I could feel him smile on my neck near my Adam's apple. "Tell me what you want, babe," he murmurs against my skin. His hot breath causes my own to hitch in my throat.

"You," I pant, "you are… are not hitting, ah! Hitting it."

"Oh?" His voice is low and rough and filled with lust. "You're gonna have to tell me where I need to go, babe."

He is teasing me. While Vulcan prostates are placed slightly different than a human's, Jim has full knowledge of where mine is through learned practice. He wants me to ask for it. My pride always prevents me from giving into him right away. Sometimes, if I hold out long enough, Jim will bring himself close to completion before I say it, to which he gives up and fucks me in earnest. Usually, however, my resolve will give out and I will have to beg because I cannot wait.

But I am far too impatient to play his game today. I grab the back of his hair and jerk his head back. He drops me back down and stills. He looks at me with surprise before a smirk covers his face.

"Hit it," I growl.

He obediently slams into it directly and I shout, tightening my grip on his shoulders. He demonstrates the well-practiced skill he enjoys bragging about as he hits it each time from then on. My pleasure builds quickly, faster than I had ever felt before. My mind goes blank. My vision goes pure white as my eyes roll back into the head. I think I hear myself grunting with each slam, but I can't be sure.

My climax hits me in successive, unrelenting waves and I throw my head back in a silent scream. I constrict around him. He thrusts a few more times before I hear him yell and soon feel the strange warmth that means he has climaxed as well. My muscles begin to give out and I feel myself begin to fall backwards onto the bed. Jim's arms wrap around me tighter and pull me against him; my seed smears against both our bodies. He carefully lifts me once again and pulls out before setting me back down on his lap.

I drape my arms around his neck and put his lips to mine. It is gentle and slow and sweet, a quiet postlude to the high passion of the sex that just occurred. We both collapse sideways onto the bed, our legs tangled and our heads missing the pillows.

"Are you gonna let me know what brought that on?" His voice is hoarse and winded, still filled with the aftermath of arousal.

It takes me a few deep breaths before I manage to respond. "No. I do not think I wish tell you."

He grins, his sweaty forehead pressed against mine. "Is this gonna happen again?"

I think of the gloves he gave me, of the fur lining, of his face at orgasm, of the likelihood of visiting another ice planet. "Probably," is all I can manage to say.

Author's note: So, I'm sure a lot of you were expecting Spock to come back and slam into Jim with fervor, but you know what? There is NOT enough bottom!Spock in the world!

Sorry for taking so long... I was kind of procrastinating on this. Do you know how weird it is to write an explicit scene in the first person? It is very strange. Then I was having a conflict as to whether Spock would use dirty words or not. But I hope you enjoyed it and hope it was worth the wait! Let me know what you think.


PS: This is purposefully centered on Spock. He is out of his logical little Vulcan mind with arousal, so he's not really paying attention to Jim. That's why you don't get too much insight as to what Jim is feeling or thinking.