Title: Twelve Days of Christmas
Rating: M - Mature
Genre: Romance, Humor, Holiday
Pairings: Mizena
Warnings: Slash, sex
Summary: With Christmas just around the corner, Miz decides that he and John should do something different this year. John is slowly getting into it...

AN: Okay, so I love Christmas, so this will be a Christmas fic! There are going to be thirteen chapters, including one on the day of Christmas. That's right. I'm going to post one ON Christmas when I'm supposed to be spending time with family. Haha. This is probably going to be short, as far as chapter-length goes, but its okay. I'm just doing this for cuteness, I guess.
Note: This fic was originally Twenty-Five Days of Christmas, but I had to change it. The reasoning behind this is a) one chapter a day is apparently something I cannot keep up with, and b) I really had a problem trying to figure out what these two would be getting each other. So, here is the new fic, though there really aren't any major changes.

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December 12th

Mike watched the sky as they flew in the plane. John was snoozing next to him, which was a plus, since Mike really didn't know what to talk about. He was trying to figure out what to do with John for Christmas. It was their first Christmas together, and he wanted to do something different. His blue eyes moved over to look at John, frowning curiously before sighing and looking back out the window.

He could always gather a few of their friends together and do a Secret Santa thing, but he knew that Jeff was already planning that. Except, that he was actually going to get the entire roster together, including Mark who hated these kinds of things, and going to make them all do the Secret Santa thing. He was probably going to do it tomorrow, knowing Jeff. Mike sighed softly, putting his forehead against the window. He was actually comfortable, for once, but was just bored. He didn't want to read any of the books he had, though they were very good, his iPod battery was dead, and John was asleep. Mike was almost tempted to do something to him, but it wasn't worth it. John was a sweet guy most of the time, but he was mean as a momma grizzly when someone woke him up.

Mike sighed and was about to beat his head on the window when the stewardess came up.

"Mr. Mizanin?" she asked. Mike looked up.

"Yeah?" he asked. She smiled.

"We're about to start serving drinks. Since you're one of our VIP passengers, along with Mr. Cena here, we take yours first. What would you like to drink?" she asked. Mike looked at John and tried to think for a minute.

"Uh... I want a Sprite, and can I get a Coke for John here? He'll probably want it when he wakes up," Mike said. The stewardess smiled and nodded before walking away. Mike pulled out the AirMag that was in the back of the seat in front of him and flipped through it. It talked about Brad and Angelina (boring), Johnny Depp (kind of interesting), and some weird movie that was coming out. Mike wasn't nearly interested enough to pay attention to it. This Christmas thing was still bothering him.

He glanced over, idly looking at all of the other people on the plane when he saw a man present a small box, wrapped in Christmas paper to the woman sitting with him. She laughed, kissed him, and presented him with a box as well. Mike watched them open the boxes, zoning out slightly as he pondered it. It was an interesting idea, but would it work...? He had to make sure that John was willing to go with it.

The stewardess came back, putting two tall plastic cups of ice on the tray that was down in front of Mike. She then put the two sodas on the tray, smiling at him.

"If there's anything else you want, let me know," she said. Mike nodded absently as he opened the Sprite, carefully pouring it into one of the plastic cups. Would he be able to think up the different gifts for John? John wasn't an easy man to shop for at all... He tended to not be that vocal about the things that he liked. He usually just threw out that usual, 'Whatever you get me is fine' excuse. It drove Mike nuts, but there was nothing that he could do to get his lover to tell him what he wanted.

Hell, if anyone could do it, it was Mike. Mike smiled and looked at John, who had his hat pulled over his head. It was so faded and old that Mike couldn't even tell what it was that was supposed to be on the damn hat. Maybe that could be one of the gifts...

"You're staring again, Mike."

John's voice was thick with sleep and the hat was still over his face. Mike snorted, snatching the hat and tucking it between him and the window. John opened one eye and glanced over at Mike.

"Not at you, knuckle head," Mike stated, passing the other cup of ice and the Coke to his lover. "I was staring at a bug on your hat." John laughed, sitting up and stretching out as best he could, pouring the Coke into the cup. He took a drink and looked at Mike.

"What are you thinking so hard about? You were lost in thought before we even got on the plane," John said. Mike sighed, putting down the Sprite.

"This is our first Christmas together," he said, looking at John as blue met blue. "I just think it should be something special. I was trying to think of something to do, and I think I have an idea."

"Okay," John said, situating himself in the seat as though they were at a business meeting. "What've ya got?" Mike rolled his eyes.

"I was thinking we exchange one gift, everyday, until Christmas day."

John was quiet for a minute, and looked at Mike in curiosity.

"Starting tomorrow? Twelve gifts, from December 13th to the 25th?" John asked. Mike nodded.

"Yeah, if you can think up twelve gifts," Mike said, watching him. John shrugged, and nodded.

"Okay," he said, leaning back in his chair. "I'm game."

Mike smiled and looked out the window, thinking about what it was that he could get for John.


AN: Yeah, so that's it for the chapter. Sorry that it got changed so late in the game, but it was impossible for me to keep up with it. Hope you'll like this one just as much!!

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