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December 25th

Christmas Eve was spent in warm, albeit a bit rainy, Tampa. Mike called his parents and talked to them for what felt like hours as he watched John sit in the driver's seat of that beautiful Chevy Corvette that he had been given, putting in the Sirius HD radio. After that, however, Mike had gone inside, staying very secretive, not allowing John to get too close to the door. Apparently, whatever he was dealing with had something to do with John's final present. At least, that was the only reason John could fathom as to why Mike would be so secretive.

So, Christmas Eve came and went, the both of them snuggling and holding one another, telling them how happy they were with Christmas so far. Mike felt loved and cherished in a way he hadn't expected, and John felt warm, even though the Florida temperature had plummeted to an unbelievable thirty-four degrees.

The next morning, John awoke to someone pouncing on him, tackling him and proceeding to bounce. He opened one eye, groggily grunting something that wouldn't even make sense to a baby.

"John!!! Johnny, get up, it's Christmas!" Mike squealed. John blinked a few times, staring at his lover before sitting up.

"It is?" he asked stupidly. Mike stared at him for a minute before swatting at him.

"If you aren't downstairs in twenty minutes, I'm going to come up here and pour coffee in your eyes, okay? Okay."

With that, Mike grabbed some pants and rand down the stairs, pulling the sleeping pants on his body before he launched himself over the stairs. John stared at the door for a minute, considering going back to sleep. Then again, that threat with the coffee sounded a bit too realistic for his tastes, so he convinced himself to get up, merely pulling on a pair of sweats before following his lover down the stairs, yawning.

Instead of being allowed to go directly to make coffee, as he had wanted, John was directed instead to the front door. He was about to object, when Mike shoved him out of the house. Stumbling slightly, John caught his balance in time to nearly fall into a dark black car. John blinked for a moment, running his hands over the frame. He had a lot of cars, but none that were quite like this. He stepped back, one eyebrow arched.

The car was a 1969 Shelby Mustang GT, one of the cars he had yet to get his hands on, but had craved. It was painted a sleek black, a coat of wax having been applied to make it shine brightly. On the hood, in white, were the letters U C and ME. Around the C was a bright red circle, with a slash going through the letter. John blinked a few times and turned, just in time to see Mike hold up the keys.

"Merry Christmas, Johnny," he said. John smiled, moving over to his lover and wrapping his arms around him, kissing him deeply. Mike's mouth immediately opened to John's assault, inviting and enticing John's tongue to taste him. John did so, enveloping Mike's mouth in the kiss. Mike moaned softly, but John pulled back, grinning, his dimples flashing.

"Wait, wait," he said. "Before we get to that, I have to give you your last present," John said. Mike blinked slightly, but nodded curiously. John walked back inside the house, Mike following him and closing the door behind them. John took a small box from on top of the mantle, passing it to Mike. Mike looked at him curiously, but opened the box, ripping the wrapping paper off. Inside, on a plush cushion, sat a silver key. Mike frowned at it, and John took it, walking to the front door. Mike's eyes widened as John slid the key in, locking and then unlocking the door.

"This is now your house too, Mikey," John said. Mike's eyes watered, but he refused to let any tears fall. He took the key, putting it back in the box and putting it back on the mantle. When John looked at him curiously, Mike turned, wrapping his arms around John's neck and kissing, pulling the larger man down to crush their lips together. John growled slightly, shoving Mike's pants off his body. Mike did the same, and their hands were a flurry of movement, feeling the familiar planes and surfaces of one another's bodies.

It came down to Mike writhing and panting under John as his large fingers stretched and teased Mike's tight hole.

"Fuck... John... Fuck me..." Mike groaned, arching into the fingers. John smirked, but looked at him, concern mixing with lust in his blue eyes.

"No lube?" he asked. Mike looked at him.

"Consider it another present, if you want," he stated, his tone sarcastic. John blinked, but grinned, lining his throbbing dick up with Mike's tight hole. As he pushed in, Mike screamed in the mixture of pleasure and pain that he loved. John loved how vocal Mike was during sex, so it just urged him to push in faster. He slammed in, pausing, their breaths mingling as Mike groaned. Mike arched up, causing John to push into him ever so slightly. John smirked, lifting Mike's legs up as he pulled back, beginning a pattern in and out, his pace fast and rough. Mike's moans were escalating in volume, as were his demands.

"John... Faster... God..."

John pulled out, shifting his hips slightly, before he slammed back in. The scream that Mike gave that time nearly made John cum there, but he blocked it.

"Fuck... right there... Right there!"

John grinned, chuckling softly before he began shallow thrusts, teasing his writhing and panting lover. He knew the command for him to continue was coming, but before it did, John had resumed his almost brutal pace, slamming in and out, hitting the prostate full on.

"Fuck... touch me... Touch me... Please John, please..."

John couldn't resist Mike's pleas, so he shifted slightly again, still keeping his throbbing dick slamming into Mike's prostate, but he began to stroke Mike roughly, his hand sliding up and down the thick, hot flesh. Mike couldn't get another word out before he came loudly into John's hand, the scream of John's name causing his voice to go hoarse. John grunted, and came inside Mike, filling his lover to the brim. John pulled out, holding Mike to him as they both lay panting.

"Welcome home," John whispered, pressing his lips to Mike's temple. To Mike, there was never a better place to call home.


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