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This little scenario in particular is rated M due to teenage drug use, not anything sexual.



The noise from the falls was near deafening as we made our way toward the campsite where we'd be spending the night. It was the first Friday night of summer; you would think that these woods would be packed with people eager to party it up campfire-style, but it wasn't.

Alice and Jasper walked a couple of paces ahead, their hands clasped and swinging between them. Every now and then Alice would glance over her shoulder at me, her mouth curved into a sweet, smug smirk. Edward brought up the rear, making his way effortlessly through the grass, completely inaccessible due to the stupid headphones stuck into his ears.

I winced as the strap from my ridiculously heavy, overloaded back pack shifted, the rough material cutting into the softer flesh of my shoulder.

This sucked.

Alice snuck another peek at me, and I stuck my tongue out at her this time, scowling. I loved the girl, really I did, but her sly smiles and knowing eyes were really starting to unsettle me, and I hadn't been too comfortable with camping out tonight to begin with. She was one of the only ones who knew I harbored a massive crush on Edward, something I'd kept secret for years. Well, Jasper knew too – but that was because Alice told him damn near everything.

There were supposed to be three other people here, all of whom had backed out for one reason or another, leaving me with Fork's most affectionate couple…and Edward. If he was uncomfortable by the arrangement, he didn't really show it. In fact, he didn't seem to notice me at all.

I stumbled over a root, cursing inwardly as my cheeks blazed. I knew he'd noticed that. Dammit.

"Here we go," Jasper announced, swinging his gear onto the ground. He rotated his shoulder s a couple times probably trying to work out the kinks, as he evaluated the little meadow we were in.

"Fire wood?" Edward said, dropping his bag. He'd put his iPod away now.

"Let's go," Jasper agreed, nodding toward the tree line a few feet away.

Alice and I busied ourselves with setting up sleeping bags and tents. "I brought marshmallows," she said, unloading a plastic bag full of snack food.

"Nice. And chocolate?" I asked, already drooling.

"Bella," she chided, dangling both graham crackers and chocolate bars in front of my face.

"I love you," I cooed, pulling the zipper on my hoodie up. Now that we'd stopped moving, I wasn't quite as warm as I'd been.

"Good, because I have plans for tonight," she responded cryptically, plopping onto her butt.

"What?" I asked suspiciously, wondering if this had anything to do with her little looks all night.

"I brought a surprise," she whispered, rooting around in her purse.

I leaned over, trying to see in the darkness. "What kind of-"

"Allie, where's the lighter?" Jasper called, his and Edward's boots crunching loudly through the forest as they returned.

"Right here," she called back, standing.

Within minutes we had a hearty fire going, its flames licking enthusiastically toward the sky. I sat as close as I could, craving its warmth, and was pleased when Edward settled not too far away, smiling lazily as he lay his head on a rolled sleeping bag.

"So, have you done this before?" he asked, his head lolling toward me.


"No," he chuckled. "Tripping."

"Tripping?" I repeated, my earlier anxiety coming back tenfold. "You mean like, drugs?"

"Mushrooms," he clarified, obviously amused by my reaction.

"Oh, my - Alice!" I yelped, jumping to my feet. "Alice!"

"What?" she said, looking guilty as sin as she emerged from a tent with Jasper.

"Is tripping on mushrooms the big surprise?" I asked, only mildly hysterical.

Jasper slid his arm around my shoulder. "Relax, Bella. My uncle Peter gave them to me- they're fine. It's a nice mellow."

"Um, that's great, Jazz, but I'm not into that hippy dippy crap," I replied, making a face. We returned to the fire and sat down. Edward was once again fiddling with his iPod.

"Did you bring the speakers, man?" Jasper asked.

Edward nodded, pulling a pair of white ones from his bag. He set the iPod up in a dock, connected it to the speakers; soon quiet sounds were floating out. "I downloaded 'Dark Side of the Moon' earlier," he said.

"Goody," Alice sighed, rubbing her hands together. "Okay, without further adieu…"

She pulled a plastic baggie filled with what looked like dead flowers out of her purse. Working quickly – probably before I could change my mind – she divided the contents into four small piles and handed one to each of us.

My stomach roiled nervously.

"I really don't know about this," I said, imagining my father's face if he ever saw me doing something like this.

"It's not that big a deal, Bella. You'll feel it for a couple of hours, tops, and then you'll float back down and go to sleep. I'll be right here," Edward said suddenly, scooting closer.

I looked at Alice, who was smirking again, this time at the fact that Edward was sitting on my blanket. She knew I'd do it now.

Tossing my hands up, I shook my head. "Okay, fine. What do I do, just eat them?"

Edward handed me a bottle of apple juice. "To wash it down. They taste kind of …earthy."

"They taste gross," Alice retorted, shoving a handful into her mouth and cringing.

"Oh, that's reassuring," I muttered, following suit. Nearly gagging, I drained the entire bottle of juice to chase the taste of the mushrooms.

"Start the music, dude," Jasper said, snuggling down into a mess of blankets with Alice.

Initially I felt nothing, except the urge to pee. That was annoying, so I snuck off to the bushes to take care of business. On the way back, my perceptions began changing, and I suddenly had the inane urge to laugh.

I sat down next to Edward, biting my lip to keep in the giggles. He turned to look at me, grinning. "Just let it out, Bella, I know you want to."

I could hear Alice giggling from across the fire, blending with the lower tones of Jasper as he responded.

Lying back on my blanket, I noticed I wasn't even that cold anymore.

Lights were brighter, and more vivid…but in a serene way. I felt a strange mixture of comfort, euphoria and happiness.

Not so bad after all…

Edward rolled over, pulling a heavy blanket over us. He pointed to the stars, which were suddenly so close they didn't look real. "Look," he whispered.

"I see," I whispered back reverently. "It's like…magic."

He held his lighter up, lighting it, and when he moved it, trails spun out behind it. I gasped, amazed.

"Abracadabra," he teased, passing the lighter back and forth in front of me, enjoying my wide eyed delight.

"Abracadabra," I echoed, my eyes glued to the tiny comet in front of me.

And when he kissed me, that was magic too.