It was beautiful, the whole day and the whole situation was absolutely beautiful. For the first time in my memory I was completely happy. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. No crazed vampire stalkers, no loneliness, no thirst, just joy.

The house was organized and our stuff was there and I was more than ready for my decade of Bella.

It was ten am on a quiet Sunday. The sun was lightly floating through the clouds and into the glorious room through the windows, as if God was smiling upon us. Our skin was sparkling slightly, but not enough that a human would question us. It was like a fairytale with the birds chirping lightly outside and the sounds of the beach faintly reaching my sensitive ears. My family was sitting in the front few pews of the Church, all but Bella, Alice, Jasper and Carlisle. The Denali's were there two though, as well as Kate's new mate. To discover that she had finally found somebody to love had brought me joy, she could finally go through what I went through, she didn't have to be alone anymore either. Garrett was a good guy, and was converting o the animal diet. His eyes were almost gold now.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be here, about to officially make my mate mine for the rest of Eternity then I more than likely would have laughed in your face, or punched you depending on my mood.

Don't get me wrong, the thought of marrying Bella had always been at the back of my mind but was not really anything that I had let myself seriously consider. If you had of told me this time last year that Bella was like me, then I would have tackled you. If you had of told me this time last year that I was the one that had changed Bella you would be missing an arm.

But that's were my life was at right now.

I was standing next to the Priest in the Catholic Church with my family grinning up at me, Esme practically sobbing and the ceremony hadn't even started yet, spying on Jasper trying to get a look at Bella.

The Priest was thinking about how happy I looked, and I had to agree, I don't think that I had ever been this happy.

The music started and my gold eyes snapped to the beginning of the isle. Alice and Jasper were walking towards me, Alice as the maid of honor and Jasper as my best man. I had not been able to decide between my brother so eventually I just got Jasper and Emmett to play scissors paper rock and the winner got to be my best man. In true fashion, they had played twenty eight times and then wrestled afterwards but Jasper still got the position, something that he had been gloating about for the past eight weeks. They each gave me a grin and took their places.

Then the music changed.

Again I looked to the start of the isle and then I saw her.

There were no words.

I needed better words.

Had I even not had enough words before?

She was a vision in her dress, her hair had been let loose but was still naturally wavy. Her make – up was minimal and her dress, that dress, it had a distinct Edwardian style but she pulled it off spectacularly. I knew that she had done this partially for me. On the plus side it matched her ring perfectly.

Her and Carlisle were walking towards me and my breath started to get faster and faster and I wanted to run up and grab her and drag her to stand next to the Minister. But this was tradition, grabbing the bride was not. So I waited.

I was glad that we had chosen this melody, it suited her so well. Her lullaby replaced the traditional wedding march because it was more 'us'.

When she finally go to me and her hand was in mine I felt like a blind man that had regained his sight and an explosion of love and joy blasted through my entire body.

I love you. I said incase she was listing. She grinned and mouthed the words back, letting me know that she was in fact listening.

How I wished that I could hear her to.

The ceremony went so slow yet so quickly at the same time and before I knew what was going on we were saying our vows and slipping rings onto fingers and being told to say 'I Do' and then she was my wife and I was kissing her.

And then I realized that I was wrong before. This right now was the happiest that I had ever been. I hoped that the feeling never ended.

"Don't worry." Bella told me when I pulled away. "I will make sure that it stays this way besides, we have got time."

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