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Today was the day that the dance finally came to an end. School was about to let out for the winter break and my resolve was about to snap. This game had gone on for the first half of the year and the time had finally come for me to stake my claim.

I took extra care in my appearance t. My wild and crazy hair looked extremely sexed up and the way it haphazardly stuck out everywhere made my emerald eyes smolder. My pale skin was played up by my crimson lips and my clean shaven jaw that had sent many a girl into a tizzy. I was told on many occasions that it made you want to lick it from my chin up to my ear and I certainly hoped that was the case for him.

I wore dark denim jeans that hung low on my waist, only held up with a wide leather brown belt. My shirt was a white tee that was a bit more fitted than what I normally wore to school, but I knew it would accent the muscles of my chest and my tight abs. The edges of my tattoo were sticking out from under my sleeve and, hopefully, that teasing glimpse would drive him wild. I had seen hints of ink when he rolled up his sleeves and I couldn't wait to fucking see what hidden treasures were under his clothes.

I slipped on my well worn chucks and was out the door. As I drove to school, I played my 'music to fuck to' playlist, not that I had ever fucked anyone, but it was nice to dream. I had to get myself in the mindset or I would chicken out, and there was no way I was walking out of there today without the taste of him on my tongue in one way or another.

I thought back to when I walked into the first day of my senior year. Everything was the same as always. Jessica, Lauren and Tanya still dressed like sluts and threw themselves at me as soon as I walked into the building. It was a well known fact that I preferred men, but they just wouldn't take the hint. They were bound and determined to make me see 'the light' and had offered there supposed mind-blowing bedroom prowess on many occasions. Even if I were straight, I wouldn't touch those nasty whores with a ten foot pole.

I walked up to Emmett and while we put our shit into our lockers we compared schedules to see which classes we had together. Emmett was my very best friend and had been since we were kids. He was the first person I came out to and was there when I told my parents. They were 100% supportive of me and it wasn't long after that when I told the rest of our friends and pretty soon the whole school knew. I think the girls actually went through a period of mourning or some shit. The skank brigade wore black for a week and had since been plotting on how to get me in bed and turn me straight. Not gonna happen, bitches!

Alice, my baby sister, was a junior and Emmett's girlfriend, Rosalie, was a senior like us. The four of us were inseparable. Emmett and I found out we had Calculus, English and athletics together. For the rest of the day, we were on our own. I headed to my first class, science was such a joke to me, but at least I didn't have to have a lab partner because the class was uneven. I went through the rest of the day like a fucking robot, so ready to get to my last class and be done with it. After athletics I headed to my history class and that was when my world was flipped upside down.

I was sitting at my desk in the front of the class, looking down at my notebook and doodling random shit when I was hit with this intoxicating smell. The delicious aroma of coffee, vanilla and spice hit my nose and made my dick spring to life. 'What the fuck?' I thought and I willed the erection to go away. I looked up to see who had caused the party in my pants and, 'oh my fuck', was the only coherent thought I could form.

The most vibrant, cerulean eyes were staring right at me, piercing my soul with their intensity. His gorgeous, honey colored face was framed with beautiful, wheat curls that were begging to be touched. When I looked down at his mouth, two perfectly formed red lips were parted in a small 'oh'. I could already see that mouth wrapped around my cock and I slammed my eyes shut, willing the images to go away.

When I opened my eyes again, his eyes were no longer locked with mine. He stood in the front of the class to introduce himself, and I finally got to hear him speak.

"Hello class, I am Mr. Whitlock. Welcome to US History and while I know that this subject falls under one of the least favorites, I promise to do all I can to make it interesting for you." He spoke in a smooth, rich voice that caressed my body with each word that came out of his sensual mouth. 'I could tell him what he could do to make it interesting for me,' heh heh heh….my inner pervert chuckled to me.

'Calm down Edward, he is your fucking teacher!' I told myself over and over again. While he stood up there and spoke to us about what to expect this year, I slowly began to memorize his features. His face was exquisite and his jaw was strong - I caught a glimpse of his silky tongue moving behind his gleaming white teeth as he spoke. His throat was long and slender and I could picture my mouth sucking his Adam's apple and then I would dip my tongue into the hollow between his collar bones. I followed the long planes down his torso to the waistband of his pants. I had never been so jealous of a pair of khakis in my entire life. I let my eyes wander down to his shoes and then all the way back up.

When I got back to his face, the crystal blue eyes were concentrated on me and I knew I had been caught. I looked right back at him and smirked and then looked back down at my desk. Trying to get my wits about me, I brought myself back to reality.

He was my teacher.

I was his student.

He probably wasn't gay, but even if he was, nothing could happen.

He had to be at least 6-10 years older than me.


The thoughts were flying around my head and even though I knew that my desire for him was irrational, I also knew that I had never wanted to touch someone so desperately in my entire life. As I left the classroom, I came to one conclusion……I was utterly fucked!

Thus began the three months of torture that had made me come to this decision. I was so ready, school and consequences be damned. I only hoped that I was not alone in my desire. I had seen the way he looked at me. When he thought no one was watching, his eyes would follow me and I could feel the electric lust that permeated the air in between us. I could feel his stare on me while I worked at my desk and it made me crazy.

Last month I got a little bolder in making my intentions to him known. I knew I was taking a risk, but I didn't give a rat shit anymore. The desire exploded through every pore in my body every time I was around him and I felt like I would spontaneously combust.

I was at my desk and had just finished with my test when I decided to fuck with him a little. I pulled a candy stick out of my bag and started to suck on it. I was so nervous that I couldn't bring myself to look at him, sitting at his desk in front of me. I slowly licked it up and down, paying extra attention to the top and made sure to wrap my tongue around it more than once. I closed my eyes and imagined it was his cock in my mouth and my actions got a lot bolder, the licking got even faster. I was hard as a rock and knew I would have to rub one out after class, but it didn't matter to me at that moment.

My eyes flew open when I heard a pencil snap in the quiet room. He was looking at me with a fiery intensity that blazed in his eyes. I stopped what I was doing and looked right back at him. Then I saw his jaw grow taut and his eyes started to smolder with anger.

"Mr. Cullen, there will be no food or drinks in my classroom from now on! That goes for all of you, now finish your exams please." He said in a tight, furious voice. Then he looked back down at his desk and I got up to throw the stick away. Feeling extra daring, I walked up to the trash can next to his desk, dropped it in there, leaned over to him and whispered by his ear, "Sorry Mr. Whitlock, it won't happen again." Then I reached down and adjusted my dick and walked back to my desk.

My heart was beating a million miles per minute, I couldn't believe I had the fucking guts to do it. I looked up at him one more time and he had another poor pencil in a death grip and looked like he was whispering words to himself.

Never in my seventeen years had I been as nervous as I was on that day. I went to the bathroom right before his class and nearly got sick, but knew that if I didn't do anything, he most certainly never would. All of the bad things that could happen went through my mind.

He could lose his job. I could get expelled. He could get arrested. We could be one of those trashy tabloid stories. The worst one of them all was that he would reject me and that is the one thing on the list that I knew would break me. If that were to happen I may not recover.

I gave my head a good shake, rinsed my face and headed to class and to the single-most important moment of my life. I walked into the room, sat at my desk and kept my eyes on him the entire time. I knew he could feel my gaze upon him and he was actually brave enough to meet my lustful stare a few times.

I watched as he unbuttoned his collar as he walked back and forth, telling us about the Civil War. He kept losing his train of thought and I hoped and prayed that it was because of me. My dick had been standing at attention the entire period and when he looked over at me, I gave him a seductive look while I reached down and slid my hand down my cock to adjust myself. He swallowed, visibly, and sat down at his desk.

When the final bell rang, I gathered my things very slowly and when I was the last one left I walked to the door and shut it. He looked up at me and watched my hand reach out and lock it. Then I turned back towards him, dropped my backpack on the ground and sauntered to his desk.

With almost fearful eyes and a wavering voice he looked up at me and gasped harshly, "Edward, what are you doing? Are you insane?" I stopped at his desk and stood behind him. I could hear his heavy breaths escaping his lips and I closed my eyes and put my hands on his shoulders. I leaned into him, put my mouth on his ear lobe and whispered quietly, "What does it look like I'm doing Mr. Whitlock – I am doing what I have wanted to do since the first time I saw you."

I ran my tongue around the shell of his ear and heard him moan out in pleasure. He leaned his head to the side, giving me more access to his long, slender throat. Burying my nose in his throat, I inhaled the sweet vanilla and cinnamon scent that had been haunting my senses for the past few months. My tongue chartered a path up his neck to the soft spot behind his ear and I sucked, hard. My face then rubbed along his amber colored curls and I reached out to touch them. They were as soft as I knew they would be and I couldn't wait to grab onto them while I kissed him repeatedly.

Mr. Whitlock was making the most sensual sounds, and they shot straight to my cock. I ground my dick into the back of his chair to get just a little bit of friction and a loud groan escaped my lips as well. All of a sudden, he jumped up, turned around and grabbed my hands, pinning them to my sides.

"You have to stop this," he rasped. "Please, you have no idea what you are doing…." He turned those stormy, blue eyes to me and they were filled with lust and sorrow.

My eyes locked with his and I could see the silent pleading in his gaze as he waged a war within. I was the north and he was the south, the battle line had been drawn. It was an invisible line and I had every intention of crossing it and making him surrender to me. With that thought in my head I leaned forward, never breaking eye contact and licked his lower lip. He tasted like fucking heaven and hell all at once. Heaven because it was the sweetest nectar to ever lay upon my tongue and hell because it was so illicit.

That was all it took for him to cave and in one magical instant, all my dreams came true. He growled, "Fuck it," and smashed his lips into mine. The inferno that had been nothing but a pile of embers was now racing through every vein in my body as our mouths parted. His silky, soft tongue swept the interior of my mouth and as mine danced with his, we both moaned in unison. His strong, slender hands grabbed my hair and held me in place as he devoured my mouth over and over again.

He groaned into my mouth, "You taste so fucking good…I want to taste every inch of your creamy skin with my tongue. Do you want that, Edward?" I ground my dick into his and gasped, "Fuck yes I want that…but more than anything, Mr. Whitlock, I want your beautiful cock in my mouth and I want to swallow every last drop as you cum down my throat."

"Fuuuccckkkk," he groaned as he ripped the shirt over my head and attacked my neck with brutal force. His tongue and teeth marked and tasted every bit of my throat. I felt his nails scrape down my back and dig into my ass.

He swept the desk clean with one hand and bent me backwards over it. He licked and nipped at my chest and made his way to my nipple where he bit down slightly, causing me to buck up against him. He crawled up on top of me as I leaned back with my elbows on the desk and straddled me.

"It's my fucking turn, Mr. Whitlock," I whispered into his ear as my hands found the buttons of his shirt. I started to unbutton them, but it was taking to fucking long, I needed to feel him against me so bad. Screw it, I thought as I ripped the shirt apart and the buttons went flying everywhere. We struggled to get that and his undershirt off, once his torso was naked and our naked skin touched, it was pure bliss. I buried my face in his neck and kissed my way down to his chest, loving the sounds he made for me. It was like my own personal symphony of Whitlock and it drew me in and held me there.

I licked a trail across his collar bones and stopped to lick the hollow, it was even better than my fantasies. He was perfect in every way and if we were going to hell for this, it would be worth it 100% in the end.

I jumped up off of him and he looked up at me with confusion in his honey-kissed features. I pulled him up to me and kissed him once again. The passion he had when our mouths were joined was mind-blowing. I knew then, that no other man would ever light my soul on fire the way he did.

"Please…" I said to him, "I need to do something." I walked around him and stood behind him. His back was muscled and had a light caramel tone to it. There was a tattoo going down both sides of his spine in thick, black Latin words. He was breath taking. Walking up to him, I started to kiss his shoulder blade and I felt his breath hitch. I trailed my tongue all the way across to his spine and repeated it with the other side. I lightly bit his neck, where it meets his spine and grasped his hips.

I ran my nose all the way up and down his tattoo and lightly bit him from one hip to the other. "What does it say?" I whispered. I heard him whisper to me, "My brother's keeper."

I reached around the front and undid his belt buckle and top button. The fear I had in not knowing what I was doing was trying to come to the surface, but I kept it at bay.

I know I can do this and it will be wonderful. He will be wonderful and I have nothing to be afraid of.

I slowly stood up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He turned in my arms and claimed my mouth as his once again. While his lips were keeping up an assault on mine, his hands quickly rid me of my pants. He whimpered out loud when he realized I had no boxers on. My pants and shoes ended up in a pile by the desk and then Mr. Whitlock did the unexpected.

He gingerly lowered himself to his knees in front of me and whispered, "Fucking beautiful," as he took my cock in his mouth.

"Ahhh...fuuccckkkk," I groaned out loud. I had never had a blow job before and my hand coupled with lube had nothing on Mr. Whitlock's hot, wet mouth. He looked up at me through those long, brown lashes and winked before he started to bob his head back and forth. My hands gripped his hair and he moaned around my dick. I nearly came right then, but held back for a bit more. He licked my shaft from base to tip and then he lifted my dick and took my balls in his mouth.

"Holy. Fuck." I shouted. Watching him suck me off made my knees weak with want for the gorgeous man in front of me. I couldn't believe Mr. Whitlock's mouth was around my cock! He pulled back for a minute, looked up at me and stuck his finger in his mouth. He sensuously moved it in and out until it was good and slick and then dove right back in to sucking my dick. I felt him reach around to my ass and I felt that slippery, wet finger tracing around my hole.

Holy shit, what is he going to do?

Then, I felt that finger slip into my ass and I came hard into his mouth with no warning. The jets of cum burst from my dick in thick spurts down his throat and wouldn't you know he swallowed every bit of it. I was panting hard as I came down from my post-orgasmic high and I pulled him to his feet. I attacked his mouth with exuberance and was shocked to taste myself on his tongue. It was so hot!

I pushed him down on the desk and pulled his pants off of him next. It was my turn to see if all the pornos I had been watching were going to pay off. I stepped in between his legs and leaned over him. Our skin was slick with sweat and touched everywhere from chest groin, I wanted to capture that feeling to take with me when this was over. A wave of sadness threatened to overtake me as I thought about this being the only time we would ever be together.

I leaned down and gently kissed his swollen, red lips and slowly built up the ecstasy that simmered below the surface. As we lay there kissing over and over again, my dick sprang to life once again. I slid my erection along his and he started grinding my hips as he groaned, desperate for friction and a release.

I kissed my way down his body, licking every bead of sweat along the way. He was sweet and salty all at once and it was ambrosia on my tongue. I swirled my tongue in his belly button and then kissed my way down the soft, blond hairs that led the way to what I desired the most.

I sat down in the chair in front of him and proceeded to nuzzle my nose into his sack and lick it from back to front. He grabbed my hair and gasped loudly, "Oh God, Edward, fuck!"

I took that as a good sign and licked him from base to tip, just like had had done me. Then I grabbed the base of his shaft and tentatively flicked my tongue on the head of his dick. I licked the pre-cum from his slit and wrapped my mouth around him. I got my mouth good and wet so that this would be good for him. I coated his cock with my spit and I dragged my mouth up and down it. He was grunting and pulling my hair even harder and it was turning me on so much that I started moaning around his dick.

He guided my head up and down his cock and I sucked and swallowed around it as best I could. We continued doing that for a few minutes before I lightly grabbed his balls and started to roll them into my hands. This caused him to slam his dick into the back of my throat and I nearly gagged, but I kept going.

His moans were getting louder and his movements more restless. I knew his orgasm was near and I was ready.

"Fuck, Edward…cumming…" he whimpered out loud. I felt his body start to convulse and felt him shooting into my mouth and I struggled to swallow it quickly. It was definitely something I would have to get used to.

He slowly sat up and I beamed up at him with pride and happiness at being able to bring him to his knees. "Come here, you beautiful boy," he growled at me. I stood up in front of him and he wrapped his arms around me. I do the same and we stay locked in our embrace for a few minutes before he slowly let go.

He leans over to get his clothes and slowly dresses himself. I don't really know what to do, so I do the same. After we are both fully dressed, he turns to gaze at me with a distressed look.

"Edward, I am so sorry. I never should have let this happen," he says softly to me. "It was unforgivable on my part, I am the grown up and I should have known better damn it!" He was practically shouting at the end.

I felt the tears threatening to spill and I didn't know what he wanted me to say. I couldn't listen to him call us a mistake. The anger started to come forth.

"It wasn't a mistake to me Mr. Whitlock, you can call it whatever you want, but not a fucking mistake!"

He put his hand out to me and I flinched away from him. "Don't you fucking touch me unless you mean it, asshole." I spat at him. I started to pace the room and pull at my hair. He made me feel like what we just did was dirty and evil.

"Edward," he calmly said. "I don't think it was a mistake, but it certainly can not happen again. I need you to understand that. I can have you transferred out of my class if it will make it easier on you."

"Fuck you, Mr. Whitlock. If that is what you need to do to clear your conscience then, fuck you. I am not transferring anywhere. I thought you wanted this as bad as I did. Do you not feel the electricity too? Was it all in my head?" The tears I tried to control were now spilling over my cheeks.

"No," he whispered. "It wasn't all in your head, but it was wrong. You are my student. It was a big error in judgment on my part." He put his head in his hands and leaned down on the desk.

"Let me make this easy on you Mr. Whitlock. No one will ever know about this, I will never speak to you again unless it is imperative for class and you can lay your conscience to rest." I slowly walked over to him and leaned down to his ear. I placed my mouth right against him and said," I will remember this day for the rest of my life. You will always be in my thoughts, for you are like the air that I breathe. If I never touch another man for the rest of my life, I will be happy knowing that in this moment, I had it all with you. Goodbye, love."

I leaned over and grabbed my backpack, kissed him softly on the head and walked out the door with my broken heart in hand.

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