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All We Are

Chapter 1- The Return

Santino received shot after shot from Sheamus. Each time, more damage was inflicted to the funny man of RAW. Sheamus got out of the ring and lifted up the ring skirt, pulling out a folding table. The crowd chanted for Cena as Sheamus set up the table. Santino was unmoving. Sheamus picked Santino up and was prepared to ram him into the table when suddenly—two lithe forms appeared. One, removing the table from the ring. And the other, low-blowing Sheamus from behind.

The Irishman dropped Santino, holding himself in pain. He opened his eyes to see a pair of hazel eyes staring down at him, and a smirk playing on the lips of the mystery person. The crowd was cheering, thankful for someone stopping the bigger man in the ring. The smaller form that had appeared, the one that pulled the table away, was checking on Santino.

"I suggest you get out of here," the voice of the person standing over Sheamus said. The camera picked up the words and the viewers at home recognized the accent. Sheamus, wide-eyed, rolled out of the ring. He stumbled up the ramp, spitting obscenities at the two people who had interrupted his attack.

Lexi and Nova stood in the ring, smirking at the bigger man that they had stopped themselves. The two former women's champs, who started wrestling at the young ages of 21 and 20, were finally back. After a year of absence, where the two women finished college, they had finally come back to defeat the Divas of 2009.

Lexi now had a microphone, as well as her tag team partner Nova. "Well, Nova, it's about damn time!" Lexi said with a huge smile. Nova nodded her head in agreement, "I so agree Lexi, it's been over a year since the WWE Universe has seen us dominate the women's division," Nova said, usually her character wouldn't talk so strongly. Of the two, she was the 'dumb blond.'

Nova's partner nodded as she paced around the ring, "that's a long time," she mused. "Mmhmm," Nova replied making Lexi chuckle. "Well then, I guess...we should give the fans what they've been waiting for," Lexi said and the crowd cheered louder.

"See, Nova and I talked to tonight's guest host, Verne Troyer, earlier tonight," Lexi started and Nova cut it, "he's was so sweet," she gushed and Lexi rolled her eyes. There it was, Nova was getting into character now. "Right Nova, back to the point. Well, he made a match for the two of us, next week." the crowd booed and Lexi nodded, "I know, I know. You wanted to see us in action tonight, right?" the crowd cheered at that.

"Sadly, for some reason, they don't have time for us. I guess there was some match with these two blonds against...Melina, and Gail!" Nova said, twirling a strand of her blond locks around her finger, her eyes brightening with her friends names. "Yeah...that's what we were told. That because of their match, we couldn't compete. Because..I guess on RAW, that's pretty much all the Divas that really wrestle," Lexi shrugged and Nova giggled.

"But we had to show our faces, so when we saw Santino getting attacked by..what's his name?" Lexi asked, glancing at her blond friend. Nova shrugged, "I dunno." Lexi shrugged, "anyway, when we saw the guy with tall red hair and no skin color beating up on Santino, we had to come help him out." she finished. "Because Santino is our friend," Nova said, with a beaming smile at the still prone body of Santino.

"Uh, Lexi, he isn't getting up," the blond said as she crouched beside the Italian man. Lexi tilted her head to the side, studying him, then she shrugged, "that's probably not good," she muttered before she walked over to her friend and Santino. "Do you think I should give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?" Nova asked in her innocent voice. Lexi rolled her eyes, "No Hun, I think he'll be fine. C'mon," she said, tugging on her friends arm until the blond was standing straight.

"So, I guess we'll see you all next week. Until then," she said trialling off. "'Fight tough. Love hard. Be you.'" "Lucha resistente. Amor dificilmente. Es usted." the two women said in unison, Nova in English and Lexi in Spanish. Then Hey Baby by No Doubt blared through the speakers as the two women rolled out of the ring and walked around to where Santino was slowly 'coming to.'

They helped him backstage, to the cheers of the fans.

Team Lexi & Nova was back