A/N Thought this would be a fun little story. Italics are direct thoughts. :)

"Azerath...Metrion...Zinthos....Azerath...Beast Boy..." Raven was sweating ridiculously at this point. She couldn't even concentrate on her meditation. She let out a sigh. "Azerath...Met...ri...on," she sighed again.

She could hear the dull thump thump coming from Beast Boy's stereo through the wall that separated the two rooms. She knew that he tried to keep it low, so as to not wake anyone up, but she could still hear it.

She knocked on the wall. The music got noticeably louder, though not enough to wake anyone. Raven rolled her eyes at his immaturity. She put a portal up and poked her head through the wall and into Beast Boy's room.

Beast Boy was dancing around in his pajamas (though she knew he was probably wearing his uniform underneath in case of an emergency) and singing into his comb. Raven fought her smile. She couldn't laugh or he'd think that she thought that he was funny (A/N hope that you understood that). She watching him for a moment, drinking all in and wishing she had a camcorder.

"Wow. You are sooo talented." She interrupted blandly. Perfect. Just the right amount of annoyance and boredom. Beast Boy spun, dropping the comb and letting a blush rise to his cheeks. Again Raven pushed away a giggle at the horrified expression on his face. She glared at him, "turn the music down."

"What's the magic word, Rae?" He recovered from his embarrassment and gave her that obnoxious toothy grin again. She gritted her teeth.


"Okay, sorry." He seemed perfectly cheerful, though she knew he turned it up just to annoy her.

Raven rolled her eyes at him, muttered a quick and annoyed "thanks", and phased back into her room. She was still sweating.

She glanced at the wall for a moment, as if maybe she could see him. Then she traipsed into the hallway and up to the beautiful thermostat. "88.6 F. What's he trying to do? Burn me alive?"(A/N I don't know how to put the little degree mark in. If you know how message me please.)

What was Beast Boy thinking?! She was about to sweat to death! She knew that it would take a while for the air to turn on if she didn't do something drastic. She glanced up and down the hallway.

"46.8 F. A bit drastic, but it should do the job." With that done, she marched back to her room for meditation. She already felt a bit better.

Beast Boy woke up shivering. Raven! She must have messed with the thermostat. Again.He thought, wrapping his blankets tighter around himself. Where did she grow up? A freezer?!

He slipped out of bed and out into the hall, pulling the covers with him. As he shuffled to the thermostat, wrapped like an Eskimo in blankets, he heard footsteps approaching from down the hall. He wasn't suspicious. He was more...annoyed. He knew who it was, and couldn't help but wonder how Raven could go to bed after him and still wake up before. It was always a coin toss on who went to sleep first, but Raven always woke up first. Didn't she ever sleep?!

He glanced at the thermostat in desperation. "46.8!" He squeaked, "what's she trying to do? Freeze me alive?!" He reached forward. He had to change it before she rounded the corner and saw him.

He heard her footsteps getting closer every second. He reached forward, quickly changing it to 87 F and hustled back to his room with his blanket trailing behind him. He shut his door just as Raven rounded the corner, and lay down to go back to sleep.

When Robin awoke in the middle of the night, he was sweating profusely. He kicked off his blankets, rolled his eyes, and glared at the ceiling for a moment. Only ten minutes ago he'd been shivering. He took a deep breath. Raven and Beast Boy are messing with the thermostat. Again. He sighed, flopped out of bed, and slipped silently down the hall in search of a glass of water.

This wasn't unusual for them. They both stayed up late and woke up early, and they had a constant battle over the temperature of the tower. It wasn't as bad during the daytime, for they each had their own place with their own suitable temperature, and the temperature in the common room was, for some strange reason, always a different -and perfect- temperature than the rest of the tower. Robin knew though, that it the silent war on the thermostat- was worse at night because of the convenience.

There was one hallway where the all of the Titans' rooms were located. It was isolated temperature-wise, and there was only one thermostat. Beast Boy was used to the sweltering heat of Africa, while Raven was used to the frozen calm composure of Azerath.

The two, of course, refused to compromise on anything. As a result, when it was late, and the Titans were trying to sleep, they had to grow accustomed to the constant alterations between extreme hot and cold.

What made the problem so difficult to deal with at night, and so convenient for the two to fight over, was the thermostats' actual placement; directly across the hall from the wall that separated Raven and Beast Boys' rooms. This placed the two clashing Titans equa-distance from the temperature-altering device. Which made it fair game to whoever won the silent thermostat wars.