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"I told you that I'm fine." Raven growled through her teeth. She looked up at her teammates from her place on the couch, feeling very much betrayed.

"Beast Boy said that-" Robin started hesitantly.

"Beast Boy? You're really going to listen to something that he said?" The empath felt like she was drowning in frustration. She wanted to lash out; though, there wasn't much to lash out at. She felt claustrophobic as her team stood in a small semi-circle around her.

"Hey!" Aforementioned green boy shouted indignantly. "I saw you get sick!" He pointed an accusatory finger in her direction and she felt the bottom of her stomach drop in guilt. She'd been caught. She wondered, momentarily, how she had not known he was there?

"I don't know what you're talking about. You're just bored and making up stories about people." She forced out, in the calmest voice possible.

Beast Boy looked flabbergasted. They both knew that he saw her get sick. Yet, there she sat, lying to his face, and in front of the team to boot. Plus, she knew she was making him look like the bad guy.

His eyes went flat and cold with anger, and Raven could no longer see what he was thinking. She hated it when he did that. It was so…not Beast Boy. It was almost frightening, because she knew who it reminded her of, and she hated it. When Beast Boy closed off like that, shutting away his anger and whatever other emotions he was feeling, he reminded her dangerously of herself.

"Fine," he said in an emotionless voice. He turned on his heel and stalked out of the room without another word, leaving the rest of the team in shock, and Raven feeling like the lowest creature on Earth. She sighed, bringing everyone's eyes to herself, sitting miserably on the couch.

"I'll go talk to him." She said, and left without waiting for a response.

Raven found herself standing awkwardly outside his door, wondering if she should wait until he cooled down first. What if he never forgives me? She thought worriedly. I mean, I've done plenty of things that are worse to him. In fact, I've done enough mean things to him, that if I were him, there's no way I would even talk to me. Raven felt an all-too-familiar pang of guilt.

"I know you're standing there, Raven. You can come in." Beast Boy called through the door, and she was surprised to hear that he didn't sound angry at all. The dark girl opened the door, and stepped into his room cautiously.

One was never sure when it came to Beast Boy's room. Some days it was disastrous: Covered in dirty uniforms, papers, video game cases, and various other items. Once, Cyborg even happened upon an old, moldy, pizza box.

Yet, some days, it was spotless. Not an item out of place. Today was one of those days. The top bunk was made, the sheets pulled taught and the pillows setting gracefully atop. His video games were stacked in a neat pile by his desk, on which sat another orderly pile consisting of comic books. His CD rack was in perfect order, each case facing the same direction –with the title showing. Some clothes, folded with care, rested on his dresser. Even his shoes were lined up in perfectly tidy pairs, in front of his closed closet door.

"Hello-o? Raven? Still with us?" Beast Boy asked, pulling her out of her observations. He was lounging on the bottom bunk, a comic book sitting next to him. She answered him unconsciously with an articulated, "huh?" and he chuckled for a moment. "Did you come visit me for a reason? Or did you just want to spend time with the team's hottest member?" Raven rolled her eyes.

"Yes Beast Boy, you've caught me. I can no longer contain my incredible love of your body. Have me, please."

Beast Boy grinned, ignoring her obvious sarcasm. "I so knew it!"

I scoffed at him. "Look, I came to apolog-"

"Could it be? The Raven! Apologizing to me?" He gasped, in mock astonishment and Raven grit her teeth. He could be so annoying!

"Look grass stain –I can hurt you in so many different ways. You wouldn't even be able to fight back." She clenched her fists at her sides as Rage piqued an interest in their conversation. She usually did when Raven threatened bodily harm to someone.

"Been there, heard that threat." The green teenager responded, shifting so that he was more comfortable. He pulled a smirk, and Raven felt her stomach drop. No matter how adora- his smirks were never a good thing. "Besides Ravey, you owe me for your lies."

The empath raised an eyebrow.

Suddenly, before she could react, he leapt towards her and she was enveloped in darkness. She immediately lashed out, struggling against an unknown object that had pinned her arms and legs to her side. She could hear items crashing around the room as she fought desperately. Whatever it was, it was itchy and hot.

"Stop struggling, Raven!" Beast Boy cried. Raven ignored him, kicked out as far as she could, and heard a muffled "oof" in response. The encasing object slipped away from her eyes, and she could see Beast Boy holding his shin in pain. "OW!" He whined, jumping up and down on his other foot. His previously clean room had been destroyed by her haywire powers.

Raven looked down to find herself tightly wrapped in a thick blanket. She continued trying to free her arms, finding it well secured about her body. She flailed my arms in an effort to escape, but couldn't seem to concentrate long enough as the claustrophobia escalated.

"Let me out!" She found herself yelling in desperation. She could hear the panic in her own voice, and couldn't spare the calmness to be ashamed.

"Raven, you need to calm down." Beast Boy said, regaining his own composure as the stack of comic books went flying over his head.

"No! Let me out! Beast Boy, I swear I'm going to send you to another dimension! Let me out of this thing, right now!" Raven continued to scream threats at him, while begging him to release her of the blasted piece of cloth. She gasped for a moment of air, feeling like she was suffocating in the dratted thing. It was so hot! She briefly thought to herself that of all the people that could have discovered her fear of small spaces, it had to be Beast Boy!

He wrapped his arms around her middle in a semi-hug. "Raven, you have to calm down or I can't help you."

The panicked girl took a deep breath of air, and pulled her appendages back towards her body. Beast Boy fidgeted for a moment before pulling the accursed thing away, and she lurched to the farthest possible corner of the room, gasping for air and trying to regain her poise. Finally, when her breath was even again, she glared up at the offending green boy. He had dropped the blanket and was cowering from her with guilt.

"Raven, I'm sorry! It was just a joke! I was trying to get you to cover up…ya know? So you would feel better!" Raven took a menacing step forward, and he took a frightened step back. Suddenly, she had a better idea. "Why are you smiling like that?" He asked nervously.

"You'll find out." Raven brushed past him, and out of the room, without another word. He would pay for this.

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