Kutner had been very quiet for the past hour. Simply sitting at the main table; his head tilted to the side, his eyes wandering, tracing, drawing items before him in the air. Taub raised a brow in question. Normally his co-worker would be talking about something; a new case, a new game, damn even a new convention. But no, his co-worker simply sat and stared.

This bothered Taub.

Stirring his coffee, he walked over and took his spot beside Kutner, eyes narrowed. "So... cat got your tongue?" Kutner jerked a little, as if shocked to see Taub beside him. Figures, he was so lost in thought he didn't even hear Taub approach. The young man gave a grin before nodding to his co-worker, turning his attention back to the front. "Something got your eye?" Taub asked, sipping his cup, watching Kutner nod and point to a spot before him, his main focus for the past hour. Glancing up, he let out an annoyed sigh, his free hand reaching up to rub his forehead.

Kutner was watching House and Wilson on the balcony through the window.

House and Wilson had their backs to them, their bodies leaning, watching idly over the rock ledge at the busy entrance below that was their hospital. They didn't seem to be talking, but simply enjoying each other's company. That wasn't strange. No, what WAS strange was the fact that someone seems to have taken House's old drawing boards, the clear see -through one, out of storage and lined it up perfectly so you could see the two men through both its surface AND the window. To make facts even MORE off the wall, someone had taken a black dry erase marker and drawn on the gloss surface... The person had drawn wings on both of the men's backs.

Taub joined Kutner in his head tilt, his eyes wide. Where Wilson leaned, the drawing had it looking as though Angelic wings of gentle feathers were spread out above him, blocking him in shade, while House held a simple set of black bat wings folded on his back.

"Nice huh?" Kutner grinned; proud of his work. Taub blinked before muttering. "You did that? What? Were you that bored? Though I will admit, you got them right. House is the devil and Wilson does have the powers of a saint to stay friends with him."

Kutner nodded, lacing his fingers together under his chin. "What would you say if I told you that House and Wilson are not who they say they are? They are not like us, no, they are something greater! Why, Wilson and House have been friends even before you and I were born! What would you say to that??"

"Step back on the sane train, what are you talking about?"

Taub watched Kutner reach down and pick up his back pack, digging into it happily. "I got bored a few days ago and started to write a story about House and Wilson. A story about how they are not human, but angels and demons! House is a demon and Wilson is an angel and they find each other! I wrote all about it, their friendship, their powers, even how they ended up like they are today; so far it's a hit on the internet."

"You need to cut back on your sugar in take." Taub muttered only to 'oof' when the hand made book was shoved into his chest, forcing him to grab it before it fell. Taub stuttered as he looked at the book but Kutner was already up and half way out the door.

"Read it and tell me what you think! Its time for House's clinic hours and I drew the short straw today. I think I'm going to talk with a British accent, you know, just for shits and giggles. Later!"

Taub sat there dumbstruck, his eyes wide in disbelief. With a statement of childishness, he tossed the book onto the glass table. He had better things to do with his time then read a silly book Kutner wrote. He could be helping out Foreman, he could be looking for a new case to give to his boss. Hell he could be taking a nap!! Putting his mug down, he pushed himself up. Perhaps he could swing by the lunch room and pick up a small snack before he headed to the ER.

His fingers squeezed the back of the chair he had sat on, his eyes narrowing at the handmade book, his foot tapping lightly.

"Damn it."

Pulling the chair out, Taub settled himself back down and reached for the book, flipping the cover open.

Let's see what Kutner cooked up.

It was such a beautiful day. The skies were blue, the white clouds were so perfect, like they were painted on. The warm air danced with a gentle breeze that made the green blades of grass sway to their lazy rhythm. This was the kind of day one could lay upon the Earth's surface and simply embrace the sun and its gentle kisses.

A day one could look upon and admire.

But that wasn't the case.

James flinched at the sight before him, his fingers curled in his effort to remain calm, to keep his composure. But the dismay before him was too hard to ignore.

Before him laid a town, souls cluttered upon the streets, lost, dying. Blood spattering out with every cough they endured. Families sobbed and struggled to save one another, mothers hugged their sick children while men yelled and fought, blaming one another for such a fate.

But James knew what was going on. He stood with his two fellow friends, his care-takers so to speak. When he was born, Matthew and Albert were given the task of raising him in their ways and teaching him all the rules a 'Miracle' like him would need to know and live.

James folded his pure white, feathered wings upon his back, wanting to block the image. His chest tightened and twisted with pain and guilt. Those souls were suffering, they were dying.

"Stop it I beg you." He whispered, his brown eyes looking up to his eldest in a plea. Albert only kept his stance, his face calm and emotionless, his black hair slicked back, away from his pale face.

"I can not." He answered lightly. "We were sent here with a task, to spread this fate upon them. You must learn James, 'HE' always has a plan and we never question it. You must learn, upon this world, that there is a balance. For every life Matthew makes, I must take away another."

"But like this?" James hissed, his eyes closing tightly, his hands reaching up to cover his ears from the screams, but his arms were grabbed, pushing them back down to his side. Matthew held him tightly, trying to comfort him, to smooth away the pain.

"They must learn." Matthew whispered, his hands stroking James' thick hair back.

"Let me cure them. Let me find a soul and whisper the way, let me end this!" James shouted, only to go still at the cold gaze Albert gave him.

"They must learn on their own, James." He stated clearly. "Their souls are in danger of belonging to the 'Dark One' and this is a way for them to embrace us once again. There will be good from this, I assure you. Mothers will bond with their children more and not leave them behind like before. Fathers will love their families besides curse them. Men can look upon other men and not blame one another for their likes or dislikes. They will be at peace as soon as this ends."

"How can peace come from so much death?"

"Our creator works in mysterious ways, young one. Even I do not fully understand, but I will not question him; that is a cry for punishment." Reaching out, his fingers touched James' chin, lifting his face to look upon his own, to let their eyes meet.

"Do not worry. 'HE' will give you the order to return to this Earth and find the man whom can cure them all. Soon you can give them... a miracle." James watched him helplessly, watching Albert turn back to the town and wave his hand, sending another wave of death upon the living.

"I can not watch... I must leave. I must leave!" He jerked but Matthew held on, his voice covered in worry. "James you must stay. You were ordered to keep beside us. You do not know this mortal world well enough yet to fly on your own."

"I am not a child, I could pass as an adult here." James protested, facing his second keeper. Matthew, who held blond hair and green eyes. "But your mind does not know enough my boy. You have been at home for half of your life, you only know the Heavens' grounds and rules. Things are different here. Demons are here and they will try to hunt down any angel who dares to be left alone."

"Then take me home! I do not wish to stay and watch this. They are dying and I can not stand here and pretend 'tis alright. It's not!"

Matthew gasped as Albert's hand struck out, smacking James quickly across the face, knocking him back.

"Never utter such a statement!"

James touched his red cheek slowly, his eyes wide in disbelief. He looked to his keepers; Matthew rolled his coat tail tightly in hands worriedly as Albert glared upon him.

"Never question our command, NEVER James!"

Shaking, he could not take it. "Forgive me... But I can not!" With a shove, he rushed away from them, Matthew's voice shouting in protest, his hands reaching out to stop him. But James moved quickly. Thrusting his wings wide, he stroked them down and took off into the air, leaving them behind, running away from the death and dismay.

Matthew covered his mouth in panic, turning to Albert.

"He will be punished," he whispered, watching Albert give a slow nod. "Find him. Bring him back." The blond angel watched his young friend fly, watching his body grow smaller and smaller with every flap of his wing.

"Albert... perhaps we should not have brought him here."

"He must learn Matthew, and now he must understand the result to his choice. Find him and bring him back. If you find him quickly, they might have mercy on him..."


He could still hear them. The screams, the crying. His hands covered his ears at the gust of wind that hit him in his flight, wiped away his fallen tears. He could have saved them, he had the power to save them! But he just stood there and let one life after another fall. This was his fault, he should have ran out and told his secret to a soul, he should have whispered the cure. He should have done SOMETHING to stop that pain.

His didn't know how long he had been flying; everything was rushing by so fast at the moment. He didn't care. He just wanted to get away, he wanted to hide. He wanted to go back home. Opening his eyes, he watched as the white clouds that loomed over head begin to gray, rolls of thunder starting to echo. His eyes widened slowly, fear clenching his heart.


The Heavens knew he ran away from his task. They knew and they were searching for him. Grabbed by fear, he searched for a place to hide. Stopping his flight, letting himself hover, he glanced in panic. There was nothing but a long stretch of trees, a forest below him. The skies were turning black, lightning flashing across the surface like bony claws reaching out to grab him. What was he going to do? He sobbed lightly, what was he going to do?

Pain suddenly struck his back. Quickly he turned, fearing one of the angels that were sent to catch him had finally done just that. He was met with nothing but air. He frowned confused. Another hit, this time to the back of the head, jerking him forward, causing him to yell and turn, his wings spread wide to knock who ever or what ever was hitting him but yet again, there was nothing there. Thunder roared louder as drop-lets of rain began to fall.

'Oh no.'

He needed to take shelter quickly. The wind began to pick up and his wings started to struggle to keep right; the wet feathers clopping together, weighing him down, keeping him at a stand still.

They were going to find him. They were going to drag him back to that town and force him to watch, to understand their way, their rules. He must obey, he must follow them.

A scream ripped from his throat when his right wing was suddenly grabbed and yanked down. It felt like someone was trying to rip it from his shoulder blade.

"Let me go!" He shouted but the grip only tightened, he felt nails sinking into the wet feathers, pinching the skin underneath. James pulled but whatever had him was strong and with one final pull, James' body began to fall towards the Earth's surface. His left wing flapped and tried to right himself, tried to pull himself away but he was tugged harder, being forcing down. His body impacted with branches when he was flung into the woods below, the twigs scratching and cutting him all the way down until hit the dirt covered ground, the solid earth knocking the wind from his lungs.

The grip on his wing was gone, laying upon the floor, his eyes wide in shock. His body trembled lightly, struggling to regain that lost breath, his wings stretching, trying to relieve the pain. He was found.... The angels were weakening him down before dragging him back to the Heavens for his punishment. Droplets of rain began to fall and landed upon his idle face, while watching the hole he had made from his fall give way to the sky above, letting him see through the trees, through the leafs and brushes.

He was lost...

Closing his eyes, taking the breath that was robbed from him, he gave up, letting his body go limp, awaiting. As he waited, the rain drops brushed their cold lips across his face and torso, soaking his clothing, grounding his wings to the mud. It took him a moment, but he finally noticed that the water was no longer touching his face.

Opening his eyes, he looked to see what was amiss. He could still hear the rain, he could still feel it on his legs but his face and chest no longer felt its soft patter. Looking up, his eyes snapped wide at the answer.

A pair of wings, stretched out above him, blocking the falling rain. His eyes traced , fearful yet curious. Those wings... they were not like his own nor the others'. No. They were of pure black, they were long, and sharp as though the bones themselves were visible. Veins pulsed slowly along the leather-like skin, twitching every now and then.

Unable to stop himself, he reached up, letting his dirt-covered hands touch them. He never seen such wings before, they were ugly yet they were... beautiful. They seemed more like they had been burned... His fingers touched the rough surface and traced along one of the veins, startled at the grunt that came out.

Snatching his hand back, his head tilted up, following the sound. What he was greeted with made his mouth part in awe. A man stood above him, an amused grin on his face. A pair of blue eyes... soft deep blue eyes that sank into James' very soul; stared at him. This man... He was older, wrinkles lingered along his forehead and under his eyes, aging him but never placing him to be unpleasant to look upon. Little hairs lingered along those hollow cheeks and across his mouth, only adding to his rough look. James had been around so many others who were clean and composed. To find another being like he, rough, dirty. Beat up and rugged. It made his muscles tighten and his teeth clench. It was new, it was scary and yet.... It was thrilling at the same time.

"Hey there."

James gasped a little, his voice. The man's voice was deep, husky. It made his bones melt and his ears beg for another word. Never had he heard such a voice in his home. Nay. James let his eyes trail up, looking up at his wet hair; it was short and choppy, brown with bits of gray and white spread through out. It didn't make him look old, but wiser. James cheeks began to turn pink, finding out he was placing this stranger to be very beautiful.

Until he spotted them.

His eyes widened and his pupils shrank as fear once again took hold. He saw them, sticking out from the short hair. James let out a whimper, his fingers curling, digging into the mud under him, trying to keep himself calm.

Horns... Two black pointy horns.

"Demon.." He mouthed to himself. That caused the man above him to smirk and let out a deep chuckle. James was staring at, and for the first time meeting face to face with, a real Demon.

"How nice of you to 'drop' by."

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