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"You're NOT ending it like that!"

Kutner jerked back from the sudden loud 'bang' ringing in his ears. Lowering his half filled cup of soda, he stared up at his fuming team mate, Taub, who stood beside him annoyed, hands plastered to his hips. Kutner looked down at the glass table of their conference room, where up to that moment, he was enjoying his lunch. He stared at a stack of papers, pages littering all around.

Pushing his drink aside, he lifted one of the pages, a sad pout on his lips. This was his finale chapter to his story. He just gave Taub this yesterday. "I thought it was a good ending!" He whined, looking hurt. "It took me months to pick that end! You know how many alternate ending I had? Five and that one was the best!"

"It leaves to many questions!" Taub snapped, shoving an empty chair out to sit himself. "Like here." Snatching the page from Kutners hand, he pointed at one of the words grimly. " You made Stacy a fallen."


"WHY is she a fallen? How does she know Greg? How did Lucas come to know her?"

"Your not seriously asking me why I added an extra character are you?"

"It makes no sense Kutner!" Taub tossed the pages back on the table. "I can get by on that but this ending! You can't leave it like that!"

"It's called ROMANCE!" Kutner argued, his arms crossing in front of his chest. "I thought it would be sweet to end it on a light note. Greg and James are going to be together. Greg got his tail and James kind of stayed an angel."

"So you're not going to write another chapter of him waking up?"

"I don't see the point. You can kinda guess what will happen." Taub covered his face in irritation. How can it be, that Kutner was blessed in the art's of writing and story telling and yet he was a moron when it came to details. "Kutner, your readers are going to be pissed if you don't add another chapter."

"I wasn't going to write another chapter cause I was planning on writing another book." Kutner admitted, giving a sheepish shrug. "I wanted to end it with an opening, you know, with a small hint that someone else might come."

"Oh….. So, what's you're idea?" Taub bent in closer, his brows shot up. He didn't know that part, if he squeezed just right, he might be able to get some juicy details out of his friend. Kutner pressed his lips in thought, toying with his sandwich. "Alright, I'm not going to lie. I have no idea."

"You have.. no idea…?"

"I'm having the worse writers block okay?" Kutner admitted sadly, his fingers quick to rub his forehead. "I want to write more but I don't know what about. I could just go on from where James wakes up but then it'll feel like its dragging on. No one will want to read it. I just did the most dramatic thing I could think of, what else is there!"

"… How about where their at now?"

Kutner frowned at that, staring at Taub confused. "What?"

Taub cleared his throat a little, his eyes wondering away. "You know… now… Right now."

"Are you talking about House and Wilson?"

"Maybe." Taub shrugged.

Kutner thought about it, his fingers lacing under his chin. "… Now that you mention it, I've been tossing around with that idea. I figured it was stupid and out played but tell me what you think." Taub grabbed his chair and turned it full to his friend, leaning back to listen.

"I was thinking." Kutner began, lifting his arms in the arm, as thou he was going to paint the scene out. "The next story could be told about how James and Greg got to be House and Wilson." Taub rose a brow making Kutner quickly wave his hands. "Hear me out! Wouldn't it be amazing if you found out that your boss and his best friend were 'really' an angel and demon?"

"Why would they turn into humans?" Taub asked, tapping his forefinger on his chin. "Angels and Demons are more powerful. It doesn't seem like Greg to willing become mortal."

"That's where I kept getting stuck. There has to be a reason for everything. There has to be a BIG thing, an event, just something to trigger it."

They sat in silence, just staring at one another. Kutner sighed deeply, tilting his head back in sorrow. His story, he was so proud of it and yet he wanted to weep. There were still so many ideas he wanted to do, to write but he had no idea how to start or where to go with it. Like if you gave an carpenter every supply and tools he needed to build a master piece of a building but he didn't know where to begin.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Taub stiff before his friend suddenly sat up right. Looking over, he watched Taubs face turn pink to bright red, his hand quick to cover his mouth in a snort.

"What did you just think?" Kutner asked slowly.

Taub gave a grin before quickly wiping it away. "…I have an idea." He muttered, waving his hand idly. "Just…bare with me okay?"

Kutner nodded, watching his friend smile to himself. "Lets say… The fall, the one James had, didn't completely turn him."


"Alright, Greg took the full force of the fall, from your chapter." Pointing at the pages, he mused, "All James seemed to have suffered was a slightly scarred wing and a broken grace."

"The halo, basically the grace, isn't completely broken, just cracked in half."

"Alright, lets say, because of what Greg did, James still has his powers of being a miracle."

"..Okay." Kutner looked away, picturing the idea.

"Now just picture it. Lets say, because he didn't fully fall, he is still half an angel. Which means…." Taubs face went red a little more before pointing both his fingers down to his lap. "He still…doesn't have anything."


"Come on, you wrote this stuff! Jame's still an angel, which means he doesn't have anything."

"Oh….OH!" Kutners eyes went wide when he made sense of them. "He still looks like a Ken doll." Taub grinned, nodding happily. "How about, James wants to… you know.. Sleep with Greg like everyone else does."

"But James is an innocent, he doesn't know about sex yet."

"Then base it after a couple of years of them being together, James has to find out at some point, I'm pretty sure Greg isn't holding back that sex drive."

"You have a point. Alright so, James wants the 'equipment' that Greg has in order to fully be one with him."

"How would you do it?"

"Well, falling from Grace normally does it because your body is no longer pure."

"But James didn't fully fall."

"I guess if you turned into a complete Demon, you would get the male organs."

"Greg wouldn't let James become one and I highly doubt James would go willing to hell just so Greg could fuck him."

Kutner snorted at the choice of words, the mere image popping in his head making his cheeks go pink. "Or would he?"

Taub glared at him before smacking his arm, "Focus Kutner!"

His friend laughed out, waving his hand helplessly. "Sorry! Sorry. Alright, how can we solve this?"

Taub rested his elbows on the table, his mind swimming with thoughts. What would make most sense? He never really thought this far out of the box. It was rare he liked writing, what scared him more was the fact he was dead set on not letting the story end unless it was the perfect finally.

"I got it!" Kutner yelled, pushing himself to his feet. Taub rose too, standing shocked as Kutner ran to his bag that lingered on the other side of the table. He watched his friend dig around before pulling out one of his spiral notebooks. "I know what can happen, dude! Its perfect!"


"James has to bind to a human!"

Taub blinked, watching his friend open his notebook to an empty sheet. "Think about it! Humans were made in gods image. What if we were created based off what other angels looked like? What if the only other way to have an angels body turn is to bind itself to one? Its perfect! It opens a new window of drama!"

"How so?"

Putting his note book down, he tore pages out, lining them up along the table. "Alright, here." Taking out his pen, he began to write on the firsts page. "It can be, James tells Greg he wants to lay with him like the others do. Like men and women do. Greg could do the whole, 'it's fine what we're doing now' knowing full well. Its not. But James refuses to accept it." Kutner let out a little squeal before writing on the second sheet. "They go to Lucas and ask him if he knows any ideas. Lucas confesses that he had heard a rumor that there was a way to have ones body molded into another but the risks were very high."

"What are the risks."

"That's the drama I'm looking for." Kutner whispered. "Lucas tells them, they have to find the mortal that was created based of them. Once they find that mortal, James must share its soul. Combining into one, his body becomes the mortals body. After a period of time, James body will change and when he leaves the mortals, or I guess vessel, his body would basically be a copy!"

"Like a butterfly from a cocoon?"

"Just like one!" He moved onto the third sheet, trying to move his hand faster to catch all of his ideas. "James and Greg go and search for James vessel. They find him, a young man in his late twenties, a rising scholar to premed!


Kutner pointed at Taub happily. "Our Wilson!" Taub sat back down, piecing the notes together. Taub heart began to race at the idea, a while new story line, a new insight. "What are the risk?"

"How long it would take to completely change is unknown." Kutner mused, "James has to enter the vessels body and bind with him. But two souls can not live in one body, so the risk runs, 'Either the Angel controls the body and mind or the vessel, the human, stays in controls. If the Angel controls, then the processes will take longer but if the Vessel takes control, the Angel runs a risk of being locked inside."

"Locked inside?"

"Yup! If the vessel takes control, James could be locked inside of his body and won't be able to break out."

"And I take it, the only way for him to get out is if he finds a way to get back into control or if the person dies?"


"Where's Greg in all this."

"Oh I love this already!" Kutner picked up the fourth sheet of paper, turning it over to write. "We can have Greg finding James vessel. Greg tells James, if he keeps control over the body, then he would be able to see him still. Like a ghost. To other peoples eyes, Greg is not there. James takes the risks and enters the vessels body. A chapter could talk about James advantages in the meat suit and going out to use his powers for good. He follows medical school like his vessel was, basically carrying on the guys life and goes under oncology to whisper the cure for all those incurable cases. "

"Wait, James can still cure people?"

"Yup! He's still an angel after all. Now, lets say, after a while, Greg starts to notice that James is becoming different. Every other day, when James wakes up, he can't see Greg, even if he's standing right in front of him."

"James is losing the fight with the vessel."

Kutner nodded, "Greg see's this and tries to get James to get out of the body but it's to late. The vessel wakes up and Greg see's that his James was gone. Locked away inside."

"Oh man…" Taub frowned at that idea, poor Greg. "What happens to him?"

"Well Greg becomes distress of course! He needs to get James out of that body but James is the only person who can do it. Greg struggles to find ways, he even thinks about purposely killing the vessel just to get his lover out."

"James wouldn't let him do that!"

"My point." Kutner grinned, "That's why he doesn't. There's nothing Greg can do. He just has to sit back and watch and wait for that vessel to die or for James to take back control."

"His waiting turns to days…"

"Days turn into months, turn into years and Greg has watched his lovers vessel grow and marry someone else. Greg has watched his lovers vessel kiss, hold, love someone else."

"Wilson's first wife?"

"Greg can not stand the sight of it! He ends up taking matters into his own hands and tries to cause an event that would trigger James awakening. He causes Wilson and his wife to get a divorce."

"But it doesn't work." Taub added quickly.

"It doesn't, Wilson just becomes depressed and James get locked away deeper inside. Greg becomes lost, crazy with grief and rage. How can he get his lover back when the vessel could not see him?"

"Don't tell me…"

Kutner holds up the sixth sheet of paper, holding it out to Taub proudly.

"Greg goes and finds his own."

"Gregory House…."

"He finds House. He jumps into his vessel and bolts to the conference center where James is at. He finds Wilson at that bar, sad and depressed and before he could get to him, Wilson starts that whole bar fight thing and goes to Jail."

"Then Greg, being in House, goes to the jail and bails him out and tries to get him to recognize himself."

"But it doesn't work, James is locked to deep that Greg's vessel is not enough to wake him. So Greg keeps control and spends years trying to get James to wake up."

"That would explain why he keeps driving Wilson crazy.."

"Its all Greg! The demon! He keeps saying there is no God, in hope that James would wake up to argue with him. He sleeps with women, does drugs, he gambles, cheats, curses and ruins Wilson's life."

"In hope that his James would wake up and slap him a new one."

"Greg's puts his life on the line in hope knowing he might die would trigger something."

"Like his leg!"

"Exactly! Greg could feel every second of pain but he didn't want his leg cut off, not because it was his leg, it was because Wilson wasn't there. If he waited until Wilson showed up, maybe the sight of Greg in that much pain calling for him would wake James up and James could use his powers and heal him!"

"But Stacy was there."

"And Stacy ordered the removal of his muscle before Wilson could arrival, ruining everything."

"So Greg was basically screwed. He's done everything he could think of to get his lover back."

"Now all he can do is just wait. Stay as close as he can to James vessel, be friends with him, bug him and try day after day to get his lover to wake up."

"Its sad… and romantic… I like it."

Kutner and Taub smiled at each other, pleased with their ideas.

"What are you guys doing?"

Kutner and Taub jumped straight to their feet, their eyes wide in fear. Wilson stood in the door way, his head tilted in question. Kutner strutted while Taub was quick to pick up the pages from the table. "N-Nothing, just an old case."

"Is that the story that's been going around?" Wilson grinned excitedly, "Can I see it?"

"No!" Taub and Kutner yelled in unionism cause Wilson to blink, taken back from the sudden refusal.

"Uh….Gotta go!" Kutner snatched Taub arm quickly as he passed by, yanking his friend out of the room before Wilson could ask anymore questions.

"What is up with those two?" Wilson let out a deep sigh, slightly sad that he couldn't get his hands on the story that seemed to be driving House crazy, Chase had mentioned that the story was becoming a hit with the nurses and yet every time he tried to snag a copy, they would hide it or tell them they didn't have it anymore. It was getting unfair, he could understand not letting House see it but him? He began to turn to go back into his friends office, figuring he could try again with the internet when something white caught his attention.

It seemed, in the rush of picking up. Taub knocked one of the pages onto the floor. Looking around a little to make sure they were gone, he walked over along the length of the table, picking it up, a grin on his lips. "Lets see what this is all about."

Greg looked down at his friend and simply stared. James laid there, asleep. His face relax and clean of any scars and tears. His cheek pressed into Greg's lap, his wings laying spread out along him. Greg couldn't help but smile. He looked beautiful. Resting his back a little against the dirt wall, he felt something snatch his hand weakly. Looking down, a wave of love and joy spreader along his gut and chest. James's hand held his own gently, weakly. Lacing their fingers together, Greg rose them, bringing them closer to his face. Once his friend woke up, they would finally be together. It was over.

"He's a miracle." Greg simply stated, pressing his lips lovingly to James fingers.

"My Miracle."

Wilson's eye's widen slowly at the words, his lips parting in shock. "What is this?" He muttered. Was Kutner writing a story about them?

His body stiffen when his vision suddenly became blurry, making him lose focus on the sheet in hand. Lifting one of his hand, he touched his face, feeling trails of wetness on his skin..

Was he crying?

The sheet slipped from his fingers when he felt his chest tighten. Pressure was building on his rib cage causing Wilson to shake worriedly. Suddenly, as if on its own, his body smacked into the glass table as he grabbed his vest, his lungs tightening. He couldn't breath. He heard someone else gasp and his felt as thou the air was robbed from airway. Opening his mouth, he tried to breath it back but he was given no relief. Throwing his arm out, he tried to signal for help. He couldn't breath!

'*gasp* G-Greg?'

Sweet air suddenly filled his chest making him collapse to the floor, his body jerking with his coughs. Something was wrong, he swore he just heard someone speak. Lifting his head slowly, his vision began to blur again, his head suddenly becoming dizzy. His body was shaking violently, something was wrong, he was losing control. His hands were moving on their own, padding along the ground, searching for something. "H-House?" He coughed.


"House!" He yelled, he needed help. His body pushed itself to his hands and knees steadily, he fought to get back his strength. He began to crawl towards the glass wall, needing to find support.

Something cracked in him making him stiffen and gasp. Something was ripping inside of him. Closing his eyes tightly, he yelled out when the pressure grew in his chest, traveling up to his back. Someone was craving into him, trying to rip his spine out. He was having a heart attack, it had to be! "H-Help!"

"What the hells going on?"

Wilson looked up weakly at the voice, his lips breaking into a panicked smile. House stood in the door way, his eyes wide with alarm. "Wilson what's wrong?" He demanded.

"I-I cant bre-breath, my chest, it hurts!"

House limped over quickly. Once he got himself to kneel, he touched his friends face, trailing to his throat to find his pulse, trying to get him to relax. Wilson jerk away suddenly, his hand quick to grab his own throat. House stared at him confused before reaching out again. Wilson batted his hand away yelling, "Don't touch me!"

"Wilson calm down!"

"Don't touch me! Shut up! Stop it!" Wilson covered his ears, tears falling from his eyes. This was starting to scare House, Wilson was babbling to himself, his body bowing forward, trying to curl in on itself, trying to hide. Grabbing his arms, House tried to pry his hands away but Wilson kept fighting him. "Wilson tell me what's wrong!"

"He wont shut up!"

"Who wont? Talk to me! Tell me what your systems!"

"I don't know! I don't know! House make him stop! Tell him to stop!"

House snarled and snatched Wilson's face in both of his hands quickly. Tightening his hold, he lifted his friends face and yelled, demanding. "Wilson! Open your eyes and tell me what he's saying!"

Those eyes snapped open and stared up into his blue orbs. House scared at him worriedly, his eyes searching, what he found made his gut drop. Those eyes, they were almost black with panic but there was something else, like he was looking into someone else's eyes. Wilson sat there still and frighten before his trembling lips moved, whispering out one simple word.


Wilson body felt as thou he was falling backwards into a pool, everything seemed so slow, so muffled. One second he sat there holding onto his friend, the next he fell limp to his back.

House lowered his shaking hands, his eyes wide in disbelief. Before him, Wilson lay limp on the floor and yet at the same time, he wasn't. Another being looked up at him with sad brown eyes, thick brown locks brushing along his youthful face. House fell backwards, landing on his rump, pushing away.

The young man looked around himself, frowning and scared. House jaw dropped when he noticed the white and black wings that lingered on the young mans back. In front of him sat an angel, an angel who looked just like his friend. A river of memories suddenly poured onto House's brain, making him whisper out the one name that screamed in his head.


James snapped his gaze back to the other. Quickly he crawled over, his hands reaching out, cupping the older mans face. He looked into his eyes and searched, seeking. Those blue eyes glowed lightly making James laugh out in pure joy and in a raw need, James pushed himself forward and slammed his lips into the others.

House's body jerked and arched. Just like the time he stuck a pocket knife into a light socket, his body felt zapped. With a heavy 'thud;' his body fell on the carpet.



Everything was muffled, dark, opening his eyes weakly, Greg blinked for a moment, trying to get his vision to focus. He tried to talk but something kept stopping him, kept muffling him. Someone was making it harder then it was suppose to be. Looking down, he noticed James was smothering him in kisses, arms wrapped around his neck tightly. So that's why, every time his lips parted to speak, James just whimpered and sank in, deepening his eager kisses, Closing his eyes tightly, he returned every one, his arms quick to wrap around the younger mans back. He pulled him close, pressed their bodies together, needing him closer, needing to remind himself that yes, James was there. James whispered out and Greg could not hold back. He waited so long, he finally had him back. He finally got him back.

Breaking the kiss, James cried out when he was pushed onto the floor. Opening his eyes, he looked up and the sight made him laugh so happily. Greg laid over him, lips bruised from their kisses. James reached up and touched his face, tracing every line, trailing through his short hair, even giggling when he felt those sharp horns. "Greg." He whispered, tears filling his eyes. Greg bowed his head, his lips brushing along the others chest making him wither and whimper. How tempting it was. They both laid there naked, skin pressed against skin, scent mixed with scent.

James reached and touched Gregs wings, feeling the rough leather, a reminder that this was real. With a yank, he pulled Greg to face him again, letting their lips reattach, needing to remind himself to the taste.

"I'm so sorry." James hiccupped into the others lips, his fingers curling, tightening into his shoulders. "Forgive me, I didn't mean to fall asleep."

"Its okay." Greg whispered, burying his face into his lovers neck, nipping at his warm flesh. "Your back, that's all that matters."

"I made you suffer so much because I was weak!"

"No!" Greg looked up, locking his eyes with the other. "It was a risk that we both knew. You couldn't help it like I couldn't. You have nothing to be sorry for."


"James… We waited over a century for you to finally have this body can we PLEASE do something with it instead of crying?"

He stared up at Greg stun silent for a moment before a slow smile touched his face. Leaning up, he brushed his nose's with the other lightly before whispering, his fingers trailing down along his demons spine making the other grunt and press closer.

"Greg… Love me, please."

"With pleasure."

They looked upon one another for a moment, their eyes shining with love, with need but more importantly, they both smiled with pure joy and happiness. Wrapping his arms around James body, they give each other one tender kiss that spoke louder then anything else. Finally after all of their ordeal, after all of their hardships. All those years of waiting, playing, seeking.

They finally had each other and this time, they would not let go.



His head hurt. Groaning out lightly, Wilson opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling confusedly. His body felt drain, worn out. Did he just run a marathon and had forgotten about it? He tried to sit up but his body only protested. His body was zapped dry of energy. Groaning again, He tilted his head to the side, glancing to see where he was. He noticed the other person laying beside him and he frowned worried. House was passed out.

Gritting his teeth, he rolled over onto his side, moving himself a little bit closer before reaching out, shaking his friends arm lightly. "House," He rasped weakly. "House, wake up."

His friend mumbled, those tried eyes finally opening to stare glaringly at him. Wilson gave a small smile, whispering lightly, "Hey."

"Wilson… why are we on the ground?"

"Don't know."



"Do you feel like… you just woke up from a really long dream?"

"Kind of." Wilson bowed his head, letting out a deep sigh. "It feels more… like a outer body kind of thing."

"Why does my leg hurt?"

Wilson glanced back, watching his friend frown and grab his right leg tightly. "House, you're leg always hurts."

His friend's face showed confusion, his hand rubbing his thigh lightly. "Oh… I forgot."

"Come on." Pushing himself up steadily, he offered his hand.

House stared up at him silently for a moment before taking his help. "I need a drink… I feel different."

"I do too. What's different with you?"

"I don't know..."

"Do you feel the need to be nicer?"

"Fuck you."

Wilson chuckled lightly, giving his friend's hand a gentle squeeze. House gave a small smile back before pulling his hand away.

"Wilson… Do you remember why we're in my office?"

Wilson paused for a moment in his walk, his eyes narrowed as he thought. He tried to remember but the only thing he got was blank. "No, do you?"

"I remember… you yelling." House mused, looking back over his shoulder. "I can't remember but you were yelling. Everything else is blank."

"What was I yelling?"

"I think it was my name. Wait, Wilson we're you masturbating in my office again?" His friends face went suddenly red, his steps quick to move away. "I-I wasn't and I would never do that!" House gave a slow grin before giving chase, his voice echoing, "You were moaning my name weren't you?"

"I don't remember! I mean I didn't!"

"Aw Jimmy, if it makes you feel better I jerk off to you too!"

"It doesn't!"

House chuckled lightly before giving one last glance over his shoulder. It still confused him to why Wilson and himself could not remember the last ten minutes in that room but for some reason, he felt at ease. Like he had said. He felt different. Maybe he'll remember it one day or perhaps he wont. He wouldn't dwell on it but for some reason, he needed to be by Wilson, like something was pulling him, tugging him along.

It was a strange feeling but House didn't mind it. He actually kind of enjoyed it. So with a smile, he entering the awaiting elevator with his friend.

"So Lunch?" Wilson offered.

"You buying?"

"When don't I?"

House grinned before wrapping his arm around Wilson's shoulder, giving him a tight squeeze. "That's why you're my friend."

Wilson blinked, shocked at the affection House was showing him but it made him smile. For a quick moment, he grabbed House's arm that wrapped around him and gave a squeeze, suddenly wanting House to hold him closer. But he let go, poking his friend in the side as the doors slide open.

"I don't remember the last time I got a hug from you."

"What can I say, I'm in a giving mood right now."

"Really? You going to hug everyone else?"

"Well, only for you."

"My god, it's a miracle isn't?"

"Don't get use to it."

Wilson looked back to his friend, giving him a small smile. Everything felt different, but he was okay with it. As long as House was there to cause chaos , Wilson was sure everything would be fine.

"Lets eat."